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Zaria at 2 months March 9, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zaria.

2 months came and went and Zaria is growing well, feeding well.

At 2 months +, these are things she can do :
~ supporting her head for a few minutes
~ putting her fist into her mouth and licking it (I think she’s planning to suck her thumb, but her aim is not so accurate yet)
~ rubbing her eyes with her hands
~ moving her head and eyes to follow person’s voice or face
~ raising her legs high up
~ hitting and kicking the items on her baby gym (not sure if she did this intentionally or unintentionally)
~ sleeping through the night (YIPPIE for ME!)

She is still purely on breast milk, drinking 3 hourly during the day. I try to fix her feeding time to be around 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and then 10pm, and she seems to be adjusting to this timing too. She’s taking about 3.5oz.

She hates the heat and fusses frequently in the house (since our house is not fully air-conditioned), but once we’re in the mall, she is very happy and cheerful and able to takes longer naps. The good thing is, no matter how fussy she is in the day, once she has her last feed, she settles down and falls asleep on her own (with Zara, I used to carry and rock her until she’s asleep; and even now, she needs me to be by her side or she won’t be able to fall asleep) pretty easily (the air-condition turned on probably helps).

Babies they grow up so fast, and mummies, their maternity leave just zooms by so quickly too.

Zaria first few days at homeFirst few days after she was born

Recent PhotosThese are her more recent photos, see how much she’s grown compared to the1st set of photos?

Tricks she knowsTricks she knows : Raising her hands and legs; Cooing to her mobile, sucking her fist, supporting her neck

I still have about 20 odd days to go before I go back to work! *big big sigh* And boy, I must say, the feeling of not working but still getting an income is oh so great! I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.



1. L B - March 9, 2007

Definitely growing! And so fast too.. Time zooms, eh, when you’re having fun, staying at home, not working…!!

2. chooi peng - March 9, 2007

Zaria was so chubby now and i noticed that she has he same skin tone with Zara huh…
Your 3 mths leave pass really fast….

3. mamaseah - March 9, 2007

Zaria has “puffed” up alot and I notice she is pretty tan just like Zara.

4. Malaika's mummy - March 10, 2007

She can sleep thru the night at 2 months old. Wow…. that’s great. Mine just leant how to sleep thru the night at 9 months old!!

U got 3 months materity leave. Which co do u work for? So good one.

5. simple american - March 10, 2007

She is getting bigger. Little froggie kicks. So cute.

Sorry that the leave is coming to an end. Imagine all of the email you’ll have and voice mails. kkkkkkkkk!!! One is from me. πŸ˜›

6. Mama BoK - March 10, 2007

Maternity leave is a year here in Canada.. and you get fully paid. The baby also get a baby allowance from the government.
In singapore .. Maternity leave is 1 month.. you get paid your usual salary.. but nothing from the government..
You are so lucky.. that Zaria sleeps thru’ the nite.. Chloe still doesn’t sleep thru’ the nite.. and she sleeps late… !

7. Vien - March 10, 2007

She looks like Zara when she was a few days old..now, she is all chubby and her face has changed a little..no longer like Zara.

8. may - March 10, 2007

I can see the resemblance at 2 months! between her and Zara, I mean. so sisterly… awwww…

9. dancing queen - March 10, 2007

Zaria sounds like a real easy baby to take care of. I think no. 2’s are easier somehow. Mine too. They feed better, they sleep better, they don’t cry that much. My no. 1 had trouble sleeping and breastfeeding. Maybe also Mummy not so experienced lah. πŸ™‚

Keep up the breastfeeding! My no. 3 had it up to 2 years plus. Good for the kid but tiring for the mum. πŸ™‚

10. Ms Fair Face - March 10, 2007

Zaria is growing fast and healthy. I wouldn’t bear to start work even if I were to be given a year’s maternity!

11. Shannon - March 10, 2007

So fast! 2 months oledi!!!
We should all move to holland… My fwen said that her colleagues got 1 year maternity leave!!! πŸ˜€

Zaria is growing more and more like Zara leh….

12. mom2ashley - March 10, 2007

yea she has grown so much already! happy 2 months!

13. sue - March 10, 2007

Wow, they really grow up fast huh, and just the thought of going back to work soon is so teruk πŸ˜›

14. jazzmint - March 10, 2007

wahh time flies eh…now gonna go back work soon hehe..

she’s chubby πŸ™‚

15. KittyCat - March 10, 2007

Check out those cheeks! Really, really cute. I’ve been hearing that the second child is usually easier to handle coz mum/dad is experienced already (rather than it’s a more ‘kuai’ kid than the elder one). Do you feel that way?

16. Desperate Mummy - March 11, 2007

OMG, Zaria really grown so much and she’s so chubby πŸ™‚

17. CL - March 11, 2007

Hi Zara mama,

can I have your email address or something where I can contact you?

I would like to find out more info on BF. My BF with Malaika wasnt going too well. I am just more fact finding so that I can BF my No 2 more successsfully.

I am a bit kan cheong. I have not even conceived No 2 yet. Planning stage now.


18. shoppingmum - March 11, 2007

You are so lucky! My baby is still yet to sleep through the night as I’m still the pacifier to her. 😦
Well, I’m not sure if it’s the same with other moms, but I feel that the second one is easier than the first. Maybe I’m more experienced already.
In the mean time, enjoy your leave!

19. sasha - March 12, 2007

WUAH. big difference wei! So lucky u!

20. chanelwong - March 12, 2007

Zaria can sleep throughout the night…yahoo for you…

21. mott - March 12, 2007

hee hee hee..she looks nice and chubby!!!!!!!

u doing a really great job!!!!

22. grv15 - March 12, 2007

She sleeps through the nights already? Good lah.. good training πŸ˜‰
Wah, you got 3 months leave ah? So nice!
Yeah, time really flies.. enjoy your time with the girls πŸ™‚

23. domestic rat - March 12, 2007

A baby suckles every 3 hours? Even through the night, it’s still 3 hrs?

ZMM : It depends on the baby actually. Some 3 hourly, some 2 hourly. The newer the baby, the more frequent he/she will suckle, and the older the baby, the least frequent she/she will suckle (4hourly? 5hourly?).

And for Zaria, yes, she drank 3 hourly even during the night when she was younger. At 2 months, she stopped waking up in the night for feeds and she gets her last feed at about 10pm, and sleeps through, waking up at about 7am for her next feed. She can actually not suckle for 9hours straight. This ‘sleeping through’ very much depends on the child. Zara slept through at 6 weeks, but she could only last ‘shorter’, her last feed had to be at 12am, then she woke up at about 5am or 6am for her next feed.

This will get better as the child grows.

24. sesame - March 12, 2007

You think the first child is more sticky to the mummy? Zara sounds like my boy in terms of sleeping at night. I have to be near him too.

25. contended mum - March 12, 2007

I envy you loh, Zaria is sleeping thru’ the night. My Qi Yu is still waking up two, three time for feed and Qi Ning will also wake up often to look for mummy. So I am having panda eyes all the time!

26. laundryamah - March 12, 2007

yeah to the sleeping thru the nite!!! well done mummy and good girl zaria!

27. Etcetera~Mummy - March 12, 2007

Aiyoh.. I thought I just read abt your confinement lady not long ago, now Zaria 2 months already.

Happy 2 months Zaria!!!

28. beckysmum - March 13, 2007

So fast Zaria is 2 months already. Enjoy the rest of your holidays! πŸ™‚

29. nadia - March 13, 2007

Wow! 2 months have flown by, ey? Zaria looks soooo chubby now. And you’re lucky that she sleeps through the night now. Irfan only does that when he’s really really tired. And she sleeps on her own too? I envy you! =P

30. pf - March 13, 2007

3 months of maternity? i’m soo soooo envious :p i’m already back at work yesterday, BUT fell sick today. am on MC. ha ha ha. my baby’s taking 6oz of milk now. no more on breastmilk, he went into a state of confusion. can sometimes sleep thru the night…can sometimes sleep on his own. i’ll just keep my fingers crossed πŸ™‚ btw, at 2 mths he weighs 7.2kg O_o

31. azrin - March 20, 2007

One thing I must add: The Baby gets the most attention during Nappy Changing time and as parents, we should enjoy that too, cos that is the time they gave us their best.(*or so to speak)

azrin @ http://www.azrin.net

32. allyfeel - March 23, 2007

Yoo….she is so chubby now.

33. a mom's diary - March 27, 2007

discovered your blog many moons ago but only recently had a chance to read all your posts, over several days. your posts are always a good read…makes me feel like i know zara personally.

so good for you…both zara and zaria sleep through the night at such a young age. mine only started sleeping thru recently. at 16 months. even then, she still wakes up occassionally. sigh!

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