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My Wedding Band March 6, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, myself, Zara.

Since Zara was born, my knuckles became bigger and I could not put on my wedding band any longer. Of course my knuckles did not miraculously shrunk after Zaria’s birth, no matter how much I wish for. I can’t resize my ring since the jeweller we bought the ring from can’t do it as the ring was imported from New Zealand. I asked Daddy to get me a new ring for this reason, and he agreed, giving me a RM400 budget. Hence, the hunt began.

Gold prices have gone up 100% since we got married 9years ago. His RM400 budget probably could get me a ring as thick as a wire band, so I just ignored his set budget. Our original ring was a platinum + 750 gold band. What used to cost us RM750, now it’s going for around RM2000. I was contemplating whether to go for one which is the same design as ours, or go for one which is totally different. It was a long hunt and I’d been dragging Zara along visiting jewelry shops.

Last Saturday, we finally made the purchase, I got myself a puny small eternity ring instead.


On Sunday morning, upon seeing the ring on my finger, Zara commented, “Mummy buy (bought) mummy’s ring already.”
I responded, “Yeah. Zara leh? Zara got ring or not?
Zara replied, “No. I have no ring. When I big girl already, I get married. Then I get pregnant. Then when doctor take baby out already, I buy ring.”

Let’s hope she stick to the get-married-then-get-pregnant part, the ring can come earlier I don’t mind.



1. egghead - March 6, 2007

I will sounds my son on that ๐Ÿ˜›

2. mom2ashley - March 6, 2007

wah…sequence of events abit terbalik..hahahah

3. sasha - March 6, 2007

HAAHAHAH abit terbalik. But luckily she knows that must married only can have baby ar..

4. sesame - March 6, 2007

Nice! Having babies indeed have its privileges…and Zara is learning fast!

5. domestic rat - March 6, 2007

You put me to shame. I don’t even wear my wedding band anymore, partly cos I’m not a ring person and with the housework I do everyday, I cant imagine putting it on and taking off every minute!

6. babykhong - March 6, 2007

That’s a nice ring. Simple yet nice. I didn’t manage to put on my wedding ring since I got pregnant with Brae until now. Daddykhong said can resize wor but I doubt it.

7. L B - March 6, 2007

Hahaha at Zara!!! Well said! I couldn’t have put it better myself..

8. sue - March 6, 2007

Very nice ring ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t been wearing a wedding band since I got Ivan ๐Ÿ˜›

9. chooi peng - March 6, 2007

LLS untung la, get the ring later… LOL
Nice ring, but why daddy so guhon giv the RM400 budget only?! ๐Ÿ™‚

10. dancing queen - March 6, 2007

Same here – can’t wear my wedding ring anymore. And recently, hubby lost his ring, so we’re planning to get a new pair. BTW, how much would yours cost, if you don’t mind telling? ๐Ÿ™‚

11. Ms Fair Face - March 6, 2007

zara’s thoughts are sooo funny yet innocent!

12. Desperate Mummy - March 6, 2007

๐Ÿ˜€ Zara is so cute she know that she need to get married first then only she can wear the ring. She’s so mature compare to my girl.

13. Simple American - March 6, 2007

I foresee a change of opinion. No way any girl will let her man off from the ring purchase. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nice choice too. The things a baby does to a woman’s body. Can we see a picture of your old ring?

You know you might consider getting a nice necklace and wear the old ring round your neck.

14. may - March 7, 2007

LOL!! your girl does say the darnest things sometimes. she can have lots of rings later when she’s done that marriage-then-kids thing… *wink*

15. Mama Bok - March 7, 2007

Love the ring..! wished Zara can come and teach the gals here in this town.. that gotta get married first.. and then pregnant..! Even Zara knows better.. and the gals here.. *sigh*.. donch know what to think about the gals here.

16. Etcetera~Mummy - March 7, 2007

Aiyah.. I can wear back my wedding ring wor.. So, no excuse to buy new ring. *slap head*. Love your new ring.. where you bought…??

17. Shannon - March 7, 2007

yeah yeah… a bit terbalik…
mommy’s fault to be showing her this sequence eh?? hahahaha….
I bet when she grow up, she’ll be laffing also reading about this….
actually, i wore my wedding band all through pregnancy til now… is that lucky or unlucky leh? WAHAHA…

18. Eileen - March 7, 2007

Nice ring! And Zara is so observant huh…though the sequence abit off..haha..but at least she knows must get married first then get pregnant..so you’re safe on that! ๐Ÿ˜›

19. allyfeel - March 7, 2007

This little girl has got vision yea…very nice and elegant ring.

I can’t wear mine either now. Hopefully it can fit into my finger once again after the 2nd pop. Or else gonna be “pok kai” also. So expensive now the platinum?

20. Malaika's mummy - March 7, 2007

Zara is so cute with her comment, as always. She is very smart too.

I still can wear mine. Hmm.. perhaps later you can wear your old one.

21. WMD - March 7, 2007

So cute to see how she connect events.

Btw, nice ring. Luckily mine can be resized.

22. my2lovelyrays - March 7, 2007

alamak, if she really goes the other way, think you faintz…kekeke

23. nadia - March 7, 2007

Hahahahah! Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? Btw, the ring looks good. And it’s not punylah! Ish! =)

24. cp1 - March 7, 2007

*shock* waaaaaa she can really put all in order .. *phew* cute really cute

25. eve - March 7, 2007

aiyo..RM 400 where got enough? I have one like yours , so now we are like twins , same ring and same pendant..LOL

26. jean - March 7, 2007

A nice ring! Zara can really speak in sentences now huh. Clever girl!

27. syn - March 7, 2007

i like your new ring… simple yet sophisticated… lucky for me (so far), i still can wear my rings. i’m not into jewelry so to go hunting for a ring again will be more of a pain. hehe…

28. beckysmum - March 7, 2007

I can’t stop laughing at Zara’s comment! She is clever ler…
I like your new ring, simple and nice! My wedding ring still can fit in my finger but I have sensitive hands, cannot wear ring for long term… haiyaa…

29. michelle - March 8, 2007

You should highlight “the get-married-then-get-pregnant part” with big font, next them you can remind her of it when she reads your blog. Nice ring. I wish I can give excuse like that to get a new ring….:P

30. shoppingmum - March 8, 2007

LOL! Like the sequence, ๐Ÿ™‚
I may be thinking too much, but I’m worried about the sequence thing too ever since I have a girl!

31. isabellekry - March 8, 2007

Zara does say the darnest things, and at the most appropriate times too!
I can still wear my wedding band, but not my engagement ring anymore. Sigh… any bright excuses to get the hubby to buy another diamond ring? ๐Ÿ˜‰

32. jazzmint - March 8, 2007

wahh…new wedding band. me oredi give up lorr…keep my ring at one side

33. Pink Cotton - March 8, 2007

hahaha…i gez thats every parents’ worry ๐Ÿ˜›

i’ve read all ur posts since b4 the delivery of ur 2nd bb right up to this post all at one time…ur posts brought laughters to me esp the many antics of little zara ๐Ÿ™‚

2 very cute gals u’ve got there…and good luck in parenting..reading ur posts made me realise its not easy to be a parent at all!

34. chanelwong - March 9, 2007

so shinning lar your ring..
hi hi Zara got the sequence correct, get married then pregnant…

35. Angeline - March 10, 2007

haha, my wedding ring can’t fit into my fatty fingers anymore too. been bugging hubby to get me a new one and all he ever reply was “you go see la… then i pay la” mana ada shiok wan lidat!!!

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