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Sisterly love? March 5, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, my two girls.

Sisterly love
Zaria was crying the other day.

First time, Zara came and consoled her, stroke her head and said “Mei mei good girl huh, don’t cry, jiejie sayang”
Zaria stopped for a moment. Then cried again.

Zara again walked over to Zaria, stroke her and said, “Hush Hush, mei mei, don’t cry. Jiejie sayang you ok?”
Zaria again stopped for a moment. Then started crying once more.

This time, Zara stomped over the rocking chair, poke her finger at Zaria’s forehead and said, “I said don’t cry, you don’t know how to stop meh?”

Such sisterly love.


1. WMD - March 5, 2007

So cute…for her last comment. Hmm looks like big sister, finally lost her patience huh??

2. fannie - March 5, 2007

she lost her patience when Zaria didn’t stop after 2 consoles! She’s so cute! And I love seeing pics of them together!

3. L B - March 5, 2007

These are gorgeous pictures!!! And a gorgeous moment…

4. sasha - March 5, 2007

Hahaha she’s very funny u know? Wah yr bed so many vegetables wan ..hehe

5. Vien - March 5, 2007

Hahahaha..this jie jie so garang already.

6. Kikare - March 5, 2007

Hahaha, this one is classic!
Zara sounds like a natural leader. When I was young, my mom always gave us chance to commit a same mistake three times. After that came punishment. Seems like Zara is ‘ruling’ Zaria by this ‘law’! Cute!

7. sesame - March 5, 2007

Wah, Zara is quite impatient huh? But the young lady seems to have quite a mind of her own too. Good that she’s the big sis!

8. babykhong - March 5, 2007

So sweet! But after a while Zara got very ‘mang jang’ hor.

9. beckysmum - March 5, 2007

Zara big sister edi… Talk like big girl, hahaha…

10. may - March 5, 2007

sweeetest moments evah!! muacks to your two girls!

11. michelle - March 5, 2007

Hahaha….Zara showing her big sisterly love.

12. seefei - March 5, 2007

zara will be a good sister and a very helpful elder daughter when she grow up. it is the way she expressed herself

13. greenapple - March 5, 2007

haha … so cute … i am sure this is not funny to Zara and Zaria but to all of us this is so … real, and funny …

perhaps it’s time to tell her ‘you were once like this too … and you have grown up and learned so much … ‘

have fun bringing up 2 girls!

14. simple american - March 5, 2007

Zara is something else. Only so much sayang? keke

15. Ms Fair Face - March 5, 2007

Zara is soo gungho! She seems like a protective sis as well πŸ™‚

16. mom2ashley - March 5, 2007

LOL! So funny when i read the last part..

17. sue - March 6, 2007

Aww.. so loving, she’s quickly getting into the role of big sister hoh. Ivan also, like to tell his brother to do things.

18. Irene - March 6, 2007

The last part was hilarious! But it proves again what a good big sister she is!

19. chooi peng - March 6, 2007

The jiejie so garang huh ?? LOL

20. Shannon - March 6, 2007

wow wow… at least jiejie showed patience a bit bit lor… so farnee… hahaha… you must be laughing at that time yeah… hahaha…. must be wondering how come this meimei so notty, dun listen to instructions… hahaha

I like the photo Zara kissing meimei… so sweet… πŸ˜€

21. nadia - March 6, 2007

Love those photos. But I guess after a while Zara tak tahan already, ey? Oh well, at least you know she sayang her adik. =)

22. Eileen - March 6, 2007

Hahaha…i was laughing hard at the last sentence…Zara is so cute! πŸ™‚

And the picture of Zara kissing Zaris is so heartwarming…i believe she’ll be a very good jiejie next time, loving but perhaps firm at the same time! πŸ˜‰

23. cp1 - March 6, 2007

LOL .. “…. you dont know how to stop meh” she is charmingly innocent jie jie .. and funny too

24. domestic rat - March 6, 2007

This is funny! Zara is growing up well and outspoken. πŸ™‚

25. mott - March 6, 2007

hee heee……. so cute! your daughter is learning so many adult ways already!!!!!!

26. isabellekry - March 6, 2007

The fact that Zara tried consoling her lil sis before losing her patience is amazing for a 2+ yr old. I hope Isabelle will show same love and compassion for her future younger siblings just like Zara. πŸ™‚

27. laundryamah - March 6, 2007

oh my goodnesss! zara is soooooo cute! hahahaha…ya kieran is like that too..hahahaha…

28. jazzmint - March 6, 2007

haha…poor zaria kena scolded

29. allyfeel - March 7, 2007

Hahaha…the big boss is in the act. So cute…..;)

30. RIna - March 7, 2007

Sounds like Harvynna. But Harvynna has an alter ego too – the one that whacks Rowena!!

31. Immomsdaughter - March 7, 2007

Ha ha..Zara is so funny and your Zaria hor, so chubbylah….I wanna pinch her cheeks!!!

32. jean - March 7, 2007

oh my! Zara is really fierce huh… her action is lilke an adult πŸ™‚

33. Yvy - March 7, 2007

OMG!!! congrats on the little one. πŸ™‚ goes to show how long i’ve not visited u. :))))) lovely pix….

34. chanelwong - March 9, 2007

so nice to see siblings soo loving loving..Zara indeed has grown more mature

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