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Kids’ figure of speech March 1, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

Besides Kunci Farting, here are some of the other words that Zara uses to replace words she’s not familiar with:

Sauce –> Horse as in Soya Horse; Tomato Horse; Chilli Horse(this has been going on for a while, and we still can’t make her say ‘sauce’)
Remote Countrol –> Vomit Control
Scab –> Raisin Thingy. i.e. while trying to scratch off the scab from my knee she said “Mummy, I scratch off your raisin thingy from your leg. The mosquito bite there.”

The other day, a 4 year old from our neighbour pointed to Zara and told her mum this when we walked past her house, “Mummy, the little girl looks like (she) have(has) spiders on her eyes. The eyes got long long hair one.” She actually meant Zara’s dark long lashes.


1. sue - March 1, 2007

LOL! She’s such a darling 😀

And “spiders on her eyes”, don’t kids just say the darnedest things! *haha*

2. cp1 - March 1, 2007

khi khi khi long lashes means spider cute cute cutie

3. sasha - March 1, 2007

long spider? that’s very creative …heheheh

4. Feon-rabbit - March 1, 2007

Raisin thingy? Woah, very creative also hor Zara.

5. Ms Fair Face - March 1, 2007

raisin thingy? because the mosquito bite looks like a raisin in skin color?

so cute!

6. may - March 1, 2007

LOL @ raisin thingy!! I couldn’t have described it better myself.

7. L B - March 1, 2007

LOLOL!!! Hahaha, I need to adopt a kid!

8. Ivy - March 1, 2007

whahahaha so funny!! Kids really describe things so creatively and “funnily”

9. Malaika's mummy - March 1, 2007

Zara is so creative. LOL.

10. Mama Bok - March 1, 2007

She is really smart for her age.. 😉 chloe didn’t start talking this well till she was almost 3 yrs old.. 😉 and not in full sentence.

11. Simple American - March 2, 2007

Spider eyes. haha She has pretty eyes.

I like horse with my food too. Just darling. I wish I would have had a blog to record all of the cute things my kids said. I just don’t have the memory for this kind of thing. 😦

12. jazzmint - March 2, 2007

zara is very creative 😉

13. Vien - March 2, 2007

i would love to hear her pronounce horseradish sauce..hehe..

14. beckysmum - March 2, 2007

So cute!

15. chenyeng2706 - March 2, 2007

Lol! Almost like how I misinterpreted my cousin, Gordon, saying THIS as TITS..

Samm’s my Aunt, so Gordon’s the lil’ cousin..

He was going around saying THIS..THIS.. in front of the computer monitor. And I thought he was saying TITS..TITS all along..

16. my2lovelyrays - March 2, 2007

horse for sauce…kekeke

dark long lashes are supposed to be a nice and good thing but the way the 4 year old kid described, sounds like something scary……kekekeke

17. Shannon - March 2, 2007

it takes mothers to understand the kiddo eh? i find the tomato horse farnee… hehehe…

18. eve - March 2, 2007

Karen till now still cannot pronounce mosquito properly..she calls it mochito..

19. mom2ashley - March 2, 2007

LOL! Spiders on the eyes! LOL!

20. contented mum - March 2, 2007

LOL so fun listening to kiddos’s own way of making words up.

21. miche - March 2, 2007

she so sute and smart but what is raisin thingy? i can’t imagine it.

22. greenapple - March 2, 2007

kunci farting is so special … spiders on the eyes? good for Zara as mine is really short!

23. michelle - March 2, 2007

Very good imagination, better than Barney…kekeke.

24. laundryamah - March 3, 2007

eh nobody has commented that kieran’s eyelashes as spiders! so so so adorable lor ur Zara…ayo must bring my Kylie to stay with you la…then maybe she can start talking leh,,

25. jesslyn - March 3, 2007

is zaria’s eye look like zara as well? if yes, then u got 2 pretty girls then! 🙂

26. Irene - March 4, 2007

Hahahaha. No words. Just hahahaha.

27. allyfeel - March 5, 2007

Wah very seldom I hear kids connect words lidat. Wah, spider webs, that’s a creative comments. hehe!

28. Bernard - March 5, 2007

Cute.. she’s descriptive. I think that’s great.

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