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Chinese New Year 2007 – Photos February 23, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, my two girls.

This Chinese New Year is just like any Chinese new year, it’s HOT HOT HOT! And just like every year, there’s some some visiting to do and dinner with family and friends.

The creative Zara has created her own Chinese New Year greetings unknowingly. Her way of saying GONG XI FA CAI is KUNCI (Malay : key, a Malay word she knows) FARTING since she doesn’t know Chinese, this is her way of remembering foreign sounding words using words she knows.

Girls' clothes

The girls’ new clothes for the New Year

Zaria clutching her angpow

Zaria clutching her first ang pow from ma-ma (Chinese : paternal grandma)

CNY Tradition

Our family’s Chinese New Year tradition, the younger generations offering tea to the older generation and receiving ang pows or red packets in return

Zara in the Curve

Zara in The Curve. I like the Chinese New Year decorations there.

Chloe's party

Besides the normal visiting, Zara also attending our neighbour’s Chloe’sย birthday party



1. may - February 23, 2007

oooh, Zara has a new hair-do! she looks really sweet in the picture at the Curve.

koochi-koochi-coo Zaria… share angpow with me, want? teehee! *hugs and pinches*

Happy Happy Gong Xi Piggy New Year!

2. L B - February 23, 2007

Kunci Farting?!!! Almost as good as our Nyamuk Pusing!!!
Happy New Year!! *I spy stardust*

3. mom2ashley - February 23, 2007

Kunci Farting???? LOL!!! that’s very creative of her…

4. llceva - February 23, 2007

Aiyo baby Zaria really very cute lar ๐Ÿ™‚

5. mamaseah - February 24, 2007

hahahha that sounds sooooooo sooooo crude. anyway good try lah. BB zaria sooo cute leh! and of course not forgetting Zara who is still pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ very big eyes she’s got.

6. Irene - February 24, 2007

my, they grow fast. Zara is looking lovelier and lovelier. And Zaria is growing quite big!

Happy CNY,.

7. Annie Tan - February 24, 2007

Kunci Farting! Kunci Farting! to you all of you! hahahaha…..

8. Domestic Rat - February 24, 2007

That is very traditional indeed. Offering tea for angbaos. The least we do is offer mandarin oranges but not tea. I like Zara in red. She looks very good in that colour!

9. eve - February 24, 2007

Ohhhhh..Zara in a red dress…..pretty…and Zaria is the split image of her Daddy…

10. chooi peng - February 24, 2007

Kunci Farting to all of you too…. LOL
You all so creative !! Love the pic of Zara inThe Curve, so sweet!!

11. jazzmint - February 24, 2007

oo i love the deco in the curve too very sweet eh…

12. Shannon - February 24, 2007

(gong xi fa chai)

I wanted to start the tradition u guys having too, but no one seem to cooperate, cuz they wake up at different times… *roll eyes*

13. WMD - February 25, 2007

It is funny to see how Kong Xi Fa Cai turns into Kunci Farting. So cute.

14. sesame - February 25, 2007

Zara so creative ah? She went round with those greetings and still get angpows? haha…

15. fannie - February 25, 2007

Kunci Farting to ur family! ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s a very unique way to remember the words!

16. yl - February 25, 2007

WAHAHAHahahahahaha… i just bent double in laughter over vyvy’s Declan in sexy pointy heels… now its your Zara’s turn to make me laugh all over again over the farting key!! ๐Ÿ˜›

17. miche - February 26, 2007
18. Jan (My lovely Rays) - February 26, 2007


Happy new year to you and all at home….

Zara’s looking really happy and pretty in the pic in the Curve……Zaria’s looking as calm as ever…..

19. cp1 - February 26, 2007

KUNCI FARTING .. *Giglling*

20. sasha - February 26, 2007

apa kunci farting? Alamak!

21. Eileen - February 26, 2007

Zara is very creative indeed….haha…farting?!! LOL..

Here’s wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Piggy Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

22. shoppingmum and kids - February 27, 2007

I know I’m late, but Happy Chinese New Year to you and your girls!

23. Simple American - February 27, 2007

Kunci Farting? What is Kunci? I think I know what farting is. ๐Ÿ™‚

With my superb Chinese accent sometimes when I say my CNY greeting it sounds like Happy Birthday. haha

The girls are looking so cute. Imagine my kids serving tea. I think I’ll have more gray hair first. haha

24. laundryamah - February 27, 2007

o so cute la the girls..hey one question…err…sorry ah..how do u load your pictures in wordpress and like so nice one???

25. michelle - February 27, 2007

Kunci Kunci..sorry no farting here. Your little Zaria is so adorable in her dress.

26. Ms Fair Face - February 27, 2007

Zara is getting prettier each day, and very photogenic too!

27. kat - February 27, 2007


Your girls are growing up so beautifully. And you are still as faithfully charting their growth! Really tabik!!

I wasn’t sure when the gift would arrive at your doorstep, so I thought I’d better get you something that won’t be outgrown for a long time!! Can put both their pixes in different heights! And yeah, can start with Zara first (didn’t want to get a gift solely for Zaria!).

28. allyfeel - March 1, 2007

Hahaha….Kunci Farting? Zara is so farny la. ๐Ÿ™‚ I let bb listen to those Cina CNY song, he cld say quite a fair bit of Chinese words now. kekekeke….

Gong xi gong xi. Sweet girl with sweet decorations.

29. Kids’ figure of speech « All About Zara and Zaria - March 1, 2007

[…] figure of speech March 1, 2007 Posted by Zara’s Mama in Zara. trackback Besides Kunci Farting, here are some of the other words that Zara uses to replace words she’s not familiar […]

30. whoisbaby - March 3, 2007

kunci farting (happy chinese new year) to you and all in the family. zara looks so pretty in her spagetti strapped red dressie and with her hair tucked by the ears.

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