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Photos February 2, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in my two girls, Zara, Zaria.

Zaria sleeping

Chubby Cheeks a.k.a Sleepy Head

Girls together

The girls together. Zaria seems to be in a bit of a shock as this is the first time we propped her up like that

Fullmoon things

Prezzies from blogging friends, Sasha‘s blankie, Cocka‘s bear (which is 3 times bigger than Zaria), Kat’s height and photo chart; Zaria’s full moon pack out to friends

Fullmoon things

Sometimes Zara wants the same treatment as Zaria (i.e. lie on mummy’s lap) when she takes her milk


Zara getting ready to ‘nurse’ her lamb (something she does very often when I’m nursing Zaria); Zara and her cow boy costume; Zara wanting to look like the Chinese Four Princess tying her hair like that.

Zaria, the next bond girl

Zaria, 2026 bond girl, started practicing for her audition.



1. isabellekry - February 2, 2007

Lovely photos… Zaria’s soooooooo cute!
And Zara’s getting prettier every day.
How about both sisters as Bond girls in 2026?

2. shoppingmum and kids - February 2, 2007

So cute!!! Zaria does look big for a one month old. Mommy has lots of milk huh? 🙂

3. greenapple - February 2, 2007

very heart warming. Zara is getting prettier by each day … I am sure Zaria will be another pretty princess too …

so happy for you … =)

4. LB - February 2, 2007

Hhaha!! Love the 2026 Bond Girl stance!!!

5. Yvonne - February 2, 2007

Zaria looked sooooooooo peaceful in her sleep. 🙂

Yeah yeah,, Bond Girl in the making…..:D

6. Jo - February 2, 2007

Zaria looks so cute! So is Zara.. she is getting prettier each day 😉

7. mott - February 2, 2007

Both Z&Z look sooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aiyoo…the boys will be breaking the doors down!

8. sasha - February 2, 2007

wah soon she wil catch up with jie jie alreaady and cool pose!

9. beckysmum - February 2, 2007

Aiyooo… the Bond Girl photo so cool lar…

10. Feon-rabbit - February 2, 2007

aiyo the last pic so the very the many kiut leh! Haha! So yao yeng liddat!

11. Desperate Mummy - February 2, 2007

Wah, so cute lar baby Zaria really can see she look so different now. Jie-jie Zara also not bad so “Yau Yeng” 🙂

12. simple american - February 2, 2007

All of the girls are looking good. Your little cow girl is adorable. Yee Hawwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a Bond girl too. I better behave. 😛

13. passingsights - February 2, 2007

i just realised how versatile Zara could be… can be those wear fisherman’s hat sweet sweet Japanese-like girl, can be the 帅气cowgirl type, can be the capable strong protective jie jie type also…

btw, the last picture… your Zaria is showing you the V-sign wor… yeah yeah yeah!!! she is the VICTORY SPERM!!!! 😛

14. jazzmint - February 3, 2007

wahh..zara looks really like a big jie jie…

15. piggy - February 3, 2007

Both your girls are growing up beautifully 😀 I think it will not be long before Daddy has to perform “interrogation” on boys that wanted to date his girls. Keke…

16. dawn - February 3, 2007

Zaria is getting cuter, and the future bond girl? Atta girl, get er done.

Zara, she is still as pretty.

17. michelle - February 3, 2007

Zaria, happy 1 month old!

18. Irene - February 3, 2007

Goodness. Look at those cheeks! Begging for a pinch. Hugs for both girls.

19. melissa - February 3, 2007

hi, came to your webby thru fannie’s link. juz wanna say tat i can’t help laffing when i saw zara getting ready to nurse her lamb photo. my girl does tat too, except tat hers is a bear 🙂 and love zaria’s chubby cheeks.. feels like giving a pinch :p

20. Priscilla - February 3, 2007

Look at Zaria’s chubby cheeks, so cute. You are doing great nursing her. And Zara looks cute in the little “cowgirl” outfit.

21. laundryamah - February 3, 2007

wow! zaria can be propped up for a photo!! sooooo adorable…pssst i oso wanna visit u la…heard that we live in the same suburb leh…

22. babykhong - February 3, 2007

Love the two girls posing together photo. Zaria as a Bond girl…nice photo!

23. chooi peng - February 3, 2007

Zaria look so chubby and Zara look like a big jie jie when her hair was tie up!
I like the idea of your full moon pack, Ferrero Rocher and eggs!!

24. sesame - February 3, 2007

Both your girls are star quality! One cowgirl and another Bond girl! Haha…btw, your full moon pack is cool!

25. Angeline - February 3, 2007

haha, yr bond girl in the making already? wow, zaria is really strong. oscar use to show me his funny face when i propped him up like this last time when he is a few months old. hehe… zara looked so cute in the cowboy vest…

26. jean - February 3, 2007

Zaria starts to have her own look. A lil different from the initial days. I find Zara tall for her age huh? She got long legs… I like the last pic of Zaria so cute… can do the bond girl sign already 🙂

27. Jason - February 4, 2007

How in the world did Zaria do the hand sign in like less than 2 months? Or was it 3 months? *amused*

28. may - February 4, 2007

I absolutely love that Bond Girl pose!! she’s such a natural… *grin*

29. syn - February 4, 2007

aw…your girls never cease to amaze me with their poses. very natural at photo-taking sessions….future models?! hehe

30. Ms Fair Face - February 4, 2007

oh your girls are gorgeous! i love the last pic! 🙂

31. my2lovelyrays - February 5, 2007

I nearly flipped off my chair when I saw the bond girl pose leh……kekeke…nontheless, lovely photos and lovely girls.

Think Zara wants to share a part of mummy with Zaria, hence explains why she wants to drink her milk on mummy’s lap….give her some time, she will learn to let go and accept.

32. Eileen - February 5, 2007

Haha…love the bond girl picture…got star quality! 😛

Ya, when baby is here, the elder one somehow wants to be cuddle like the little one too! Cute huh? 😉

33. geetha - February 5, 2007

Ooo, the bond pose is real spontanious! Nice.

As expected.. Champion too wanted to be cuddled like a baby.. even till now. He will call out to us saying, “Carry me like baby” and now lilttle one is following suit.

Zara looks liek she is growing up real fast huh!

34. fannie - February 6, 2007

like the bond girl pic 🙂

35. RIna - February 6, 2007

very nice pics expecially of the 2 girls together

36. Zaria at 3 1/2 months « All About Zara and Zaria - April 13, 2007

[…] 3 1/2 months : She’s not as chubby as she used to be (but haven’t weighed or measured her yet). The 0-3months clothes fit snugly now, and […]

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