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Confinement – Over January 30, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, my two girls, parenting.

Confinement is finally over!!

Actually it was over for me on Friday, when Daddy and I left the girls with the CL and Tuyam and went for dinner. Just the two of us. The first time we did this in 26months! Yes, since Zara was born, we never gone out for a dinner without her. Sad eh?
When we got back, Zara was asleep. Tuyam told us Zara was hugging my bolster and pillow crying, “Mummy sorry, mummy, sayang (Malay : stroke, love) you (me)”; and she cried so long that she tired herself and dozed off. She thought I went out because I was angry with her, even though I’d told her we’d gone out for dinner with my boss and children are not supposed to go  (a lie, I know) . I felt so sorry.

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

Daddy sent the CL off with RM20 ang pow and full pay on Saturday. When Daddy told her about not giving her a big ang pow, the CL said she understood and she was sorry about the kitchen top.
To be fair to the CL, although she was not very helpful with other chores ourside of her ‘job description’ (if they have one) and being so forgetful and careless, she was good to Zaria. That was why we kept her for the full 30days.
No matter how many times I woke her up in the night to change Zaria’s diaper (if I knew it was soiled), she woke up willingly, never once sounded impatient and talked to Zaria softly while changing her.
She called Zaria by her name and always spoke to her gently (my first CL told me she never called the babies under her care by their names, preferring to call them ah-boy or ah-girl). Before she left, she kissed Zaria on the cheek (Ew!) and told her to be good.

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria had her fullmoon celebration in Dragon I on Saturday, just a family event. She was very well behaved with so many people taking turns to carry her.

On Sunday, it was Daddy and my first trip bringing the two girls out. We just went out in the evening to the Lake Gardens, and then for dinner. To get everybody ready, it took 2hrs!
Zaria slept througout the time we were in Lake Gardens and by dinner time she was awake and fussing. Dinner was total chaos. We have Zaria crying (which is getting more common after the CL left) in my arms; Zara on Daddy’s lap refusing to have her dinner and making a mess of everything on the table. Both of us were eating with one hand, while holding on to each girl with the other.
Other diners were throwing glances at us, probably saying to themselves “Thank God for contraceptive!”. *sigh*


1. egghead - January 30, 2007

got your “Get Out of Jail Card” already? Congratulations!
and Happy Full Moon to Zaria!!

2. contented mum - January 30, 2007

So fast eh, full moon oledi. Happy full moon to Zaria. Nice to be able to sneak out and “pak toh”ya! 🙂 Hope you can do that again!

3. my2lovelyrays - January 30, 2007

Time flies eh….so fast full month liao hor!

So sad to hear Zara say that hor….heart pain ah

Some couple time is Good.

4. Eileen - January 30, 2007

Happy full month to Zaria..time flies huh!

Glad to know that you managed to steal some time out and went pak tor with hubby..must have felt good right? 🙂

Haha…your description of your dinner with the two girls..i guess i have to prepare myself for that! 😛

5. Sasha - January 30, 2007

hahahah total havoc in the restaurant. Aiyo…can imagine Zara crying and saying sorry..So poor thing!
U just reminded me about my CL…she was hugging and kissing Jayden for 2 days before she left! and after she went home, we still send her pictures of him. *sniff*

6. Feon-rabbit - January 30, 2007

Happy full moon to Zaria!

7. mamaseah - January 30, 2007

Finally it’s over!! finally you get that careless CL out of ur house!! Finally Zaria is 1 month old!!!

I can imagine the chaos with 2 little ones to handle! for me, i’ve only got one and I’ve already invited fair share of icy stares when my boy misbehaves in public………

8. kingswife - January 30, 2007

Bring the maid out lor. Keep her at home for what? She’s probably lying down, eating peanuts, watching TV, while you are having a hard time outside!

9. Yvonne - January 30, 2007

Poor Zara. Why she had tt thought tt u were angry wif her?

Oh, those unwanted stares. I had my share last weekend when Ryan refused to sit on stroller.. Tough tough..

Happy Full Moon to Zaria!!

10. mott - January 30, 2007

Happy Happy Happy Happy Full Moon to Zaria…what a happy occasion altho a bit chaotic!!! In time, the dust will settle..and you will have a wonderful time going out as a foursome!!!!!!!!!

Aiya..don’t worry abt ppl staring la… Maybe they understd ur position..it is quite tough to go out with 2 babies!!!

11. Rachel - January 30, 2007

Happy Full Moon to Zaria …

Love to read your blog. Hang in there, it does get better. Speaking from the experience of a mother of a 6 year old and a pair of 3 year twins!

12. LB - January 30, 2007

Got red eggs? Happy Full MOON!!! I have actually forgotten all about Full Moons.. Been so long since I was at anyone’s… *sigh* Maybe have to make my own to experience another again…

13. may - January 30, 2007

yippee!! Happy Full Moon, Zaria! must be a great relief to be out of confinement. so nice to be able to go here and there once again, hor?

14. Desperate Mummy - January 30, 2007

Happy Full Moon! At last u can go gai-gai 🙂

15. dawn - January 30, 2007

Happy Full Moon to Zaria! Wow, one month already. Red eggs and pickled ginger – yummy!!

Yeah, bring your maid out with you guys, an extra pair of hands help out with the girls. will relieve some stress from mummy and daddy.

16. passingsights - January 30, 2007

and i thought you had just shared with us the good news of your pregnancy… time really flies… 😐

17. jazzmint - January 30, 2007

wah so fast eh…no worries, I’m sure you’ll get used to taking the 2 kids, but make sure bring kids. I never leave home with 2 kids without maid…

18. Jolenesiah - January 30, 2007

Happy fullmoon to Zaria… 😀

19. Simple American - January 31, 2007

Ah you poor old folks. keke

I remember those days. Fond memories never to be retravelled. But fond. Wrote it twice so it must be true. 😉

Sweet that you had a diner with your mister. Long overdue hor?

Sounds like Zara needs a special hour or two with you if Zaria allows. Hope she becomes a loving jie jie.

20. Vien - January 31, 2007

One month already? Wow..time flies. Didn’t you bring Tuyam to dinner? At least can get extra helping hands.

21. Mama BoK - January 31, 2007

Happy full moon.. Zaria..!

22. Irene - January 31, 2007

Happy Full Moon, Zaria!

And well done on your first outing. I still have to brave it with 2 girls. I’ll watch you do it first lah, okay? Hahaha.

23. Angeline - January 31, 2007

happy full moon zaria! aiyoh… you poor thing. bring both the kids out and they make you go crazy ah? but it takes time la, last time it took me 2hrs also to get just one oscar ready for our outing, so you shld count yr blessing la…. haha…

24. dancing queen - January 31, 2007

Happy Full Moon, Zaria!

You should have brought Tuyam along. Now that you have 2 kids, you just have to bring her wherever you go. Otherwise, I tell you, you can go CRAZY! 🙂

Anyhow, enjoy your girls!

25. RIna - January 31, 2007

Congrats! on the full moon!

Wah – you so adventurous going to Lake Gardens. I went there 2 weeks ago with the 2 kiddos and it was soooo hot! So Rowena just sat and watched in the pram, while Harvynna was running all over the place.

Going out with 2 kids is just a matter of getting used to. It was difficult at first for me but now its second nature. I dont have a maid and have survived – even ventured out taking them shopping by myself. I just tell Harvynna, ‘mummy is alone today, so please be good, or we will go home’.

26. jesslyn - January 31, 2007

Happy Fullmoon ya!
Now just in time Zaria can collect ang pow hor! 😛
No worry lar, after some times u will get use to hv 2 gals hanging ard u liao!

27. Annie Tan - January 31, 2007

Alas, how come I felt that your confinement is very long one???…Anyway, Happy Full Moon to baby Zaria.
If I’m one of the diners there, I would stare too. Hehe…but with understanding lor. I can see myself in that situation also. Not easy to care for babies leh. One baby sometime also cannot kautim…whatmore 2!! You very keng chau…. for me, I would probably stay in the jail for another 3 months at least!!

28. isabellekry - January 31, 2007

Happy Full Moon, Zaria!

29. fannie - January 31, 2007

great to be out and spend some quality time as a couple! 🙂

Congrats to u and Zaria!!! Time sure passes fast!!! Have a wonderful time with ur 2 girls!

30. shoppingmum and kids - January 31, 2007

The air outside smells better huh? 🙂
Oh boy, your description of having dinner with your 2 girls are the same as mine! But I can use 2 high chair now. 🙂

31. Shannon - January 31, 2007

ahaha, i can totally imagine…. 1 oni i also havoc liao, now u have 2…

i felt my heart kenapinch a bit when u say about Zara cried hugging the bolster and pillow… aiyo… kesian leh….

32. laundryamah - January 31, 2007

i guess Zara is feeling kinda insecure, same case as kieran when kylie came along..in fact till today ler…sigh & “roll eyes”. Anyways..happy full moon to Zaria and toast to good riddance of the CL! aiya..why didn’t ask her to compensate! cheh, summore give ang pow of RM20! RM1 can oledi ler!

33. Tracy - January 31, 2007

HAPPY FULL MOON to Little Zaria!

Finally ‘fong kum’ oredi and got rid of of ur CL … Yoohoo!

Poor Zara, I can imagine how sad she was and poor girl cried herself to sleep summore. Thinking of compensating her?

34. babykhong - January 31, 2007

Congrats!!! Finally your confinement is over! You must be very happy to get out of the house. I’m still waiting for my turn. Daddykhong is pestering me to go out liao.

35. just a mummy - January 31, 2007

Congratulations on your gorgeous new baby! I’ve recently discovered your blog and really enjoy reading it. My daughter is about Zara’s age so I can really identify with what you’ve written. It’s such a wonderful age isn’t it? And life just gets better and better!
I’ve decided to start blogging too. Can I add you to my link? (once I figure out how to do it)

36. Greenapple - January 31, 2007

Happy 1 month old Zaria! Can’t wait to share more of your two girls stories. Zara is such a mummy’s girl huh? I felt her love for you … she must have melted your heart a lot …

37. Annie Q - February 1, 2007

happy full moon Zaria!

38. sesame - February 1, 2007

Wow, so nice, to finally enjoy a dinner with your hubby without the kids. Your last para about the 4 of you is quite amusing…I can just picture it and imagine your silent exasperation.

39. 1+2mom - February 1, 2007

Happy Fullmoon to Zaria and Happy Full confiment to you too 🙂
Last time we took our meal b4 we go out cause we know it very hard to takecare the babies and a active boy. If really cant take meal at home we will take turn to have our meal, very ‘charm’ and tired.

40. Samm - February 1, 2007

WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!! Happy fullmoon to Zaria girl!!!!

Waaahh, so fast, go gai-gai adi, hah. Me, aitelyu, everytime go out… HEADACHE!!! PENGSAN!!!! Outside…. i couldnt care less anymore abt what others think of my family. Have fun enjoying it. Soooon, you’ll turn pro handling two girls. Boys….. aye yai yai…. you wouldnt want to hear.

41. sue - February 2, 2007

Wowee… happy full moon to lil Zaria!

And now you know la, preparing to go out with 1 kid is bad enough, 2 is horrendous! That’s why when people tell me they dunno why I take so long getting ready to go just for an outing, I wish they have 2 kids themselves! And dun even bother to mention about last minute outings… gawd!! And can you believe it, my hubs actually complains that he’s always waiting for me (that bugger!) when everytime we go out he wants to kids to go along, I’d rather stay at home LOL…

42. Immomsdaughter - February 2, 2007

Happy Full Moon and to FREEEEEDOM! Heh heh caouldn’t help smiling at your “EW” comment on your CL kissing Zaria. Like Samm said, welcome to the club of 2….you’ll find out the FUN soooon….nyek nyek….I’m so evil

43. cp1 - February 2, 2007

hope it is not too late for me to wish congrats and happy full moon to zaria ..

phew read your CL’s story .. wonder how you ‘tahan’ .. but it is all over now

44. Jessie - February 6, 2007

oh my so CUTE leh … little Zaria …

45. allyfeel - February 6, 2007

Happy Fullmoon to Zaria.

Poor Zara, thought you were angry with her. Why don’t you bring your maid along for outings to help out?

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