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Breast Feeding Zaria January 23, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in breastfeeding, development, language, my two girls, Zara, Zaria.

It’s nice to see that Zaria is getting a bit chubby, and I feel proud knowing that all this was the result of her drinking the milk I produced.

She latched on well since day one which makes breastfeeding her easy. She now drinks 3 to 4 hourly, and I think she should be drinking about 3oz. In the day, when she wants milk, she’ll just give us a shout (yeah, a shout, like “Ehhhh”); and in the night (she probably knows this since the room is dark), she only makes the “Eh Ugh” sound or shuffles in her sleep when it’s time for her feed. Once she ‘informs’ us she wants her milk, she patiently awaits for us to feed her. What a nice baby she is.

She’s now nick named Chubby Cheeks at home.

Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks asleep

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

Since Zara only weaned off from the breast at 18 months, she remembers those breast feeding days. I initially thought I will probably need to do tandem feeding when Zaria was born, but she was proud to have been ‘promoted’ to jiejie, and she thinks only babies drink from breast.

On the first night after we were back from the hospital, I was feeding Zaria, and realised that it’s also milk time for Zara. I asked “Zara, you want milk?” (actually asking if she wanted me to make her milk for her). She looked at me with this funny expression, and pointed to her teeth, “Zara got teeth already, cannot drink milk from the breast.” :-I

There are other times when she proudly says, “Mei mei baby, drink milk from mummy’s breast. Zara jiejie already, drink bottle milk only.” or “Last time Zara baby, Zara drink breast milk, now Zara big girl already, drink milk from bottle only”

She’s so proud to be all big and grown up now. 😛



1. helen - January 23, 2007

Hey, your milk manufacturing asset is really keeping production steady hor? Zaria definitely has the contented tummy full look. So cute!! lol

2. michelle - January 23, 2007

That’s what Emily say about pacifier. I asked her whether she wants a pacifier, she said she is a big gal, pacifier for baby.

3. LB - January 23, 2007

Oh yeah! Yum Sing, Zara!!! *grin*

4. simple american - January 23, 2007

Zara has such a good attitude. And Zaria is getting those pinchable cheeks. hehe

5. sesame - January 23, 2007

Chubby Cheeks does sound like a very easy going baby. Sounds like Zara will really make her mark as the jie jie.

6. may - January 23, 2007

oooh yes, Zaria sure does have chubby cheeks! oooooh!!
*I must refrain from pinching…*
*I must refrain from pinching…*

7. syn - January 23, 2007

wow, so fast! come to think of it, rye li was an easy baby too, very similiar to how zaria is now…she doesn’t cry for milk, just make those ‘egh, eh, eh’ sounds…and rye li is also a capricorn. so capricorns are easier to handle as babies eh?! they’re also independent…

zara is behaving really well as jie jie…she understands the concept of ‘grown up’. not many kids her age behave that well when their younger siblings are born. well done!

8. KittyCat - January 23, 2007

Hello Chubby Cheeks! You’re so, so, so CUUUUUTTTTTEEE I just want to scoop her in my arms and hug, hug, hug her!!! Yikes…must be the biological clock going boing-boing again – all your fault you know, ZMM 🙂

Hey…are you going to change your name to ZzMama soon? Don’t forget the little z!

Zara never ceases to amaze me with her reasoning powers. She’s also very cute when she talks in such a grown-up way.

9. KittyCat - January 23, 2007

Hello Chubby Cheeks! You’re so CUUUUUUTE I just want to scoop her in my arms and hug, hug, hug her =) Yikes, must be the b-clock going boing-boing again. All your fault, you know, ZMM

Hey…I just realize that you’re still ZMM! Are you going to change your name to ZzMama to include the new, little z? 😉

Zara never ceases to amaze me with her reasoning power! She’s gonna be a lawyer, I bet

10. jazzmint - January 23, 2007

wah lucky u lerr got easy baby to jaga hehe…and I’m sure Zara is very helpful as well as the big jie jie

11. Vien - January 24, 2007

She looks soooo small..oh, I miss those days.

12. Shannon - January 24, 2007

Zaria so patient!!!!! envy envy…
Next time got chance, you see Rachel eat u will prolly stare with disbelieve! Wait is not in her vocab… haha

Chubby cheeks is really cute ADORABLE leh… and she really does resemble Zara A LOT… 😀

13. Sasha - January 24, 2007

wah looked so different from the last time i met her. too bad she’s sleeping at that time and zara too. Otherwise sure snap pictures!

14. dancing queen - January 24, 2007

Awww, Zaria looks so cute while sleeping! Babies are so angelic when they’re asleep!

I breastfed No. 3 until she was 2 years plus, so I’m sure you will do it unless you’re pregnant again before that! 🙂

15. contented mum - January 24, 2007

When I look at Zaria, it brings smile to my face, baby is just so sweet. My Qi Yu is also a chubby baby from mama’s milk! 🙂
Like Zara, Qi Ning will tell me breast is for Qi Yu, she big girl drink from bottle!
Is challenging to balance the attention between two but is such joys to have them both right!

16. domestic rat - January 24, 2007

I love to see babies frown, the way Zaria frowned in the second picture. They look like little old men. Heehee… adorable.

17. huisia - January 24, 2007

Zara always can express herself very well..:)
Chubby cheeks…ya, Zaria does have it, so cute!

18. dawn - January 24, 2007

Zaira is a cutie with those cheeks”I’m tempted to pinch!” and the patience she has…pretty easy going girl. Oh Zara is really a big girl now. Her conversations tickles me.

19. Bernard - January 24, 2007

Woww.. new site liao. I just heard from eve. The cheeks really do look chubby.

20. eve - January 24, 2007

fuiyoh..if Zaria is chubby cheeks hor..then Cayden ..i dunno wat u will call him la..he is sooooo..err….FAT..daddy calls him ‘neckless’..his double n triple chin is overflowing n hides the neck darn well..

21. RIna - January 24, 2007

Second babies normally are easier probably since we are more experienced.’wink’.Yup, Zaria has those cute lil chubby cheeks. She really does look like Zara.

22. Eileen - January 24, 2007

Wow…love those chubby cheeks…must resist not to pinch them..hehe..

And Zara is so proud to be a jiejie now huh…good girl! 🙂

23. shoppingmum and kids - January 24, 2007

Oh gosh! Zaria’s so cute!!! Actually, once they weaned off, it’s hard to “demote” to bf huh? I asked Justin the same question too, and he gave the same answer like Zara’s, only jie jie changed to koh koh. 🙂

24. seefei - January 25, 2007

i am disappointed. tot will have a glimpse of those size-D milk factory.


25. zara's mama - January 25, 2007

Not just producing milk, it became enhanced as well.. *ahem*.. but once I stop, it’ll shrink. 😦

Good huh? Once they weaned off something, they always say those things are for babies. I’m trying to convince Zara diapers are for babies but no luck yet.

Uncle LB,
*raise milk bottle* Cheers

Simple American,
Does it make you want to want another? 😛

I hope she’ll stay easy going for a while.

I can’t refrain as well, I like to pinch her cheeks.. but lightly of course. 😛

I heard Capricorn makes easy going babies.. I hope she’ll be independent too.
She understands the concept of grown up according to her ‘needs’. As a jiejie, she still refuses to use the potty or toilet bowl but insists on using her diaper. *slap head*

Kitty Cat,
Err.. can go for no. 2 already you.. Nice gap you know with Lucas.
No lar. I’m going stay with ZMM, since both my girls are Z. Can be Zaria or Zara. 😛
Yeah, Zara is really lawyer buruk.

Lucky for now, not sure in future if she’s going to be easy too.

She’s growing very fast through, can see she’s filling up those 0-3 months clothes real quickly. But of course, she’s still small compared to our toddlers. 😛

Haha.. Rachel so impatient ah?
We really still can’t figure out whom she looks like because sometimes she looks like Zara but sometimes we just scratched our head wondering whom she resembles.

Quite fast huh? They grow? Every different size and look. 😛

Dancing Queen,
Yeah. All babies look like angels when they sleep. I’ll definitely won’t get myself pregnant again because I want to stop at 2. Wow, you breast fed no. 2 till she was 2? I hope at least I will do it for Zaria until she’s 18mths, just like I did for Zara (to be fair), but beyond that, not so sure. 😛

Contented Mum,
Still waiting for you to share Qi Yu’s photos. I thought you’ll more likely be tandem feeding because you still breast fed Qi Ning even when you were pregnant. But luckily Qi Ning realized the breasts now are reserved for meimei.
Yeah, it’s really challenging now handling two.

Domestic Rat,
Oh yeah. They have the smoothest skin but sometimes they can look like little old ladies and old men too.. 😛

Hey, soon, you’ll have your own chubby cheeks.

I hope Zaria’ll be easy going when she’s bigger too.
Yeah, sometimes Zara talk so much like an adult we end up treating her like one and expecting lots from her.

Thanks for visiting.. Haven’t seen you around for a while. 😛

Hee hee, you should send me some of his photos, then I’ll post them next to Zaria’s. Wait, maybe can do it in your full moon party.

Haha.. you think so? I hope so actually that we’re more experienced and hence know how to handle them better.

Your turn coming soon.. 😛
Yeah.. proud to be jiejie but doesn’t want to be diaperless.

Haha.. they are clever huh? They are jiejie/kohkoh when they see fit, and then become small girl/boy in other situations pulak.

Size D milk factory was posted earlier, but Simple American commented so I quickly removed them. 😛

26. allyfeel - January 25, 2007

Chubby cheeks look so contented. 🙂 You must be so proud of both. I hope my no2. is that easy to handle too.

27. 2littlefellas' mom - January 26, 2007

zara is very mature.
whenever i asked Brad “Are you a Big boy or small boy?”
he will replied “Big Boy” for any other occasion except when he wants me to breastfeed him…he will sheepishly replied “small boy”.

i’m struggling to wean him off….very hard.

28. 2littlefellas' mom - January 26, 2007

btw, little Zaria not only a chubby cheek but a rosy chubby cheek. beautiful!

29. Sloggi - January 28, 2007

One look is all it takes to know Zaria & Zara are sisters! You have beautiful girls, and your newborn is sooooooooo cute!

You inspire me to have more babies! 😉

30. Simple American - January 31, 2007


31. seefei - February 3, 2007

sei chai pao simple american! now i will go on with this life with the regret of not having a glimpse of the factory before its closure.


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