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Reality Check January 18, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, parenting, Zara.

Since I go to bed the same time as Zara (and luckily Zaria goes to bed the same time too), I started praying together with her lying down on my bed. I’ll ask her to put her hands together, and I’ll say the prayer, it goes some thing like this : “Mummy ask Jesus to protect Zara and meimei, so that Zara and meimei will be strong and healthy. Mummy ask Jesus to teach mummy to be a good mummy.”

Yesterday, after I’d finished the above prayer, Zara added, “Mummy ask Jesus to teach mummy to be a good mummy, so that mummy will not scold Zara so much yeah?”

Oh boy, her ‘prayer’ tickled me but at the same time made me realise I must be quite harsh on her most of the time. I have to learn from this young lady, to use more positive words when I give out instructions or comments to Zara.

So God, help me to be a better mum, that I will not scold my kids (or sound as though I’m scolding them) so much. Amen.



1. mott - January 18, 2007

Psstttttt!!! Even if you find yourself scolding..don’t be too harsh on yourself yar…you’re only human..and Zara will understand!

2. sesame - January 18, 2007

Well, at least you know now. But probably also because you’re finding yourself too stretched this period.

3. helen - January 18, 2007

Hahahhaha Zara’s so cute and honest. 😛

I love the look of your new blog.

Will be back to read your previous posts! *muaks!*

4. yl - January 18, 2007

oops… i hope this *ahem ahem ahem* young lady is not being a smartass… since she is not the one to face with two very young kids almost 24×7, it is rather easy for her to airily pass comments, you see…

5. Simple American - January 19, 2007

Nice to hear your prayers with Zara.

Positive is good. But just don’t go to far extreme. Sometimes you just have to say no. There are some folks that just let their kids run wild and those kids need a good (and probably a whack on the bum too).

6. Mama BoK - January 19, 2007

Hehehe!! it sometimes.. takes a tot.. to remind us.. about what we are doing.. eh..?? they are way too cute..!

7. Hijackqueen - January 19, 2007

Gee…. maybe I should put that in my prayer too. Not only I scold my kids. I yell at them!

8. geetha - January 19, 2007

So innocently said.. Hmm, makes you wonder whether you have scolded her too much, huh? 🙂

So far my boys have followed my version of the prayer.. wonder when they will modify it for their demands!

9. allyfeel - January 19, 2007

Mommy really scold zara all the time? I guess u are just too concern about her not doing the right thing.

10. Annie Tan - January 19, 2007

Your Zara is good at side kick hor!!

11. Sasha - January 19, 2007

Hahahaha like my niece..praying.. “please guide me to a smarter girl so i can avoid to get scolding from my mama”

12. Tracy - January 19, 2007

I guess Zara felt dat ur attention for her has been diverted mostly to meimei cos last time ur attention was given to only her but now anything’s concerning meimei, she has to share. Slowly, slowly, I’m sure she’ll learn, she’s still so young.

13. michelle - January 19, 2007

Maybe it is time to teach her how to pray. Tim say a prayer before he goes to bed and also give thanks for the food. 😛

14. zara's mama - January 19, 2007

Thanks huh..

I think I have been quite harsh on Zara, sometimes I guess we don’t treat her as a two year old and expect too much from her. 😦

Yeah, kids are too honest huh?

Hey, but you do give me some good advice from an outsider standpoint (e.g. a teacher).

Simple American,
Yeah, I know. Have to try to balance that. But I think sometimes we’re expecting too much from a two year old.

Mama Bok,
Yeah.. that’s so true, because they are so very honest.

I do that too.. yelling. I really have to ‘control’ myself.

Haha.. maybe you are so gentle with them, they don’t have to create their own version.

Yeah.. *guiltily nod head*

Hee hee.. but also good for bringing mummy back to her two feet.

Aiyo.. your niece also so ‘cham’?

Thanks huh. I hope so too.. hope that she’ll learn and we don’t expect too much from her.

I’m trying.. slowly we’ll get there. Hopefully.

15. Vien - January 20, 2007

So tactful. Did you laugh after you heard her say that?

16. Ms Fair Face - January 20, 2007

While it is difficult to manage 2 kids at a time, I am sure you will get by! Hang in there and your Zara is really so cute!

17. LB - January 21, 2007

Must be hard. Must be difficult.. But I think you’re doin a great job.. So touching, that Zara’s addition!

18. may - January 21, 2007

I can’t for the life of me figure out how come I’ve not been getting any RSS from your site, eeks! *scolds Reader*

you’re doing well, from what I see! Zara’s a wonderful child, and I’m sure if you do need to scold your girls, it’d be out of necessity. we know our Mothers love us when they do that… *grin*

19. laundryamah - January 22, 2007

wah liddat i’m really bad mummy leh…actually come to think of it, i scold kieran more after kylie arrived…so i sometimes can’t blame him for bullying her…

20. twin - January 22, 2007

i’m sure in due time she will understand that you love her the same too. Try hard to be patient .. I’m also learning .. sometimes I also feel like tearing my hair out!!!!

21. Angeline - January 22, 2007

hi, aiyoh, we are human ma, sure got temper ler. dont worry, zara will understand that she’ll have to share some of the love with zaria… love them as much as you can and as equally as you can.

22. huisia - January 23, 2007

But i always feel like you’re a great mother..
i looked over your blogspot just now, Zaria so cute le…congrats!!

23. Immomsdaughter - January 23, 2007

I admit, I am less patient with the 1st one when the 2nd one arrived. So, you are not alone but that does not mean we are right. I guess we all need to learn to be fair to both and more tolerant to the older one too as they need just as much attention.

24. zara's mama - January 23, 2007

I tried to stifle my laugh, but at the same time felt a bit ashamed also.. I must have been so harsh on her.

Ms Fair Face,
Thank you.. that’s really encouraging.

Thanks LB.. I sure hope I am.

Ooops.. WordPress screwed up?
Actually, I’m quite fierce with her, especially if I’m so stressed out. Poor child.

Faster faster asked Kieren to pray with you, see if he said the same thing as Zara or not. 😛

She knows I love her too, of course, but she knows she can’t mess with mummy as well.
Being parents, you are always learning right?

Thank you thank you.. I hope so too.. 😛

I’m learning, but I think I could have been better, because sometimes I just lack the patient. 😦 Hey, you still in KK?

Yes, I’m constantly learning from them. And yes, I know I shouldn’t expect her to grow up overnight. Thanks for the reminder. 😛

25. geetha - January 24, 2007

Ooo, no. I am definitely very strict with them. I spank them too (when necessary). I guess they didn’t know that Jesus can grant them their wishes 😉

26. seefei - January 25, 2007

it is never easy to be a mum. glad you find solace in HIM.

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