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My girls January 12, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, my two girls, Zara, Zaria.

Zaria has entered into week 2, and as a new born we can see that she’s very much different from Zara.
Zara wailed for her milk when she was younger. And if we were a bit slow, she wailed until she turned all black.
Zaria just shuffles about, making ‘ek, ek, ek’ sound, when she wants milk. And patiently waits for us to feed her.

Zara dislikes wet or soil diaper even when she was an infant. When she cried, we have to go through a check list : 1) fed? 2) burped? 3) diaper wet/soiled?
Zaria is just not bothered with her diaper, if it’s on, if it’s wet or if it’s soiled.

We think she’ll have more patient than Zara, and probably better temprament. Maybe it’s just the ‘any thing also ok’ attitute of a Capricorn. We shall see.


Zara over night has grown quite a fair bit. Suddenly, we noticed she speaks better, using the accent she acquires from her TV program. She will shout for me from the stair case in the night, “Come on mum. It’s bed time. Let’s go upstairs.” And when Daddy leaves the room without saying goodnight to her, she’ll say, “I want daddy, daddy didn’t say good night to you (me).”

She’s also very direct nowdays. If we talked too loud when she’s watching her TV program, she’ll say “Shh.. Don’t talk so loud.” If she saw the CL siting there watching her TV program with her, she’ll say, “Aunty, close your eyes, don’t watch. This is Zara’s show.” Since she’s not very fond of the CL.

She’s very good with Zaria though. She is very gentle around her. “Mei mei very fragile, Zara must be careful, yeah.” she reminds herself every time she’s near Zaria. She likes to stroke and sniff Zaria’s hair, her way of showing her affection to Zaria. 
Girls together in the morning



1. Syn (rye li's mummy) - January 12, 2007

wow, zaria looks like she has grown. soon, the baby fat will come in and fill her arms and thighs…this is the good thing about BM. And zara can really pose ya…she’s growing into a pretty young lady.

i hear when no.2 comes along, the elder tends to mature overnight like my niece was when my nephew was delivered. her speech improved tremendously but she did behave like a baby again, a sign she wants all the attention too like baby bro.

i have to say you’re making me feel like having no. 2 soon too. 😀

out of curiosity, wht was zara’s reaction when she saw you BF for 1st time?

2. simple american - January 12, 2007

So the CL is still there. Does she close her eyes. haha Good for Zara.

The girls are looking good. Hope you are stronger and healthy too. Regards to your mister.

3. 2littlefellas' mom - January 12, 2007

zaria has the same birthdate as my elder son, Matt (28 Dec) and i must say Matt was less fussy compared to Brad as a newbown i.e. the ‘ek ek ek’ sound when he wants his milk while Brad will wail like nobody business and have to be “NOW” and not a minute later.
Capricon attitude???…hmmm…

anyway, Zara & Zaria look so alike. so pretty and sweet!!!

4. llceva - January 12, 2007

Wah, Zara and Zaria is so cute. Zaria look so diff now look chubby. You take care ok 🙂

5. yl - January 12, 2007

“Aunty, close your eyes, don’t watch. This is Zara’s show.”—>hahaha!!! that is good!!! must train her to say, “Aunty, go and work, don’t sit there… This is Zara’s show and your work place!!” 😛

aunty yl bad bad, teach Zara all the bad things!!! hehehe… 😛

6. Vien - January 13, 2007

The big jie jie mode kicked in, huh? That’s good! Now you really have a good “assistant”.

7. LB - January 13, 2007

Yeah? That is good, no? Ying and Yang.. balancing each other..

8. Annie Tan - January 13, 2007

So good to hear that Zz clicks & Zaria is easy to handle. Hehe.. u also have to 2 xtreme…. … Dun know why I like to look at babies legs…. Have been looking at yours! It’s making me miss my boy too..

9. sesame - January 13, 2007

She sounds easy to care for. Good for you. But I didn’t know anything about easy going being assoicated with a Capricorn. My boy is a Capricorn and I don’t think he’s anything like that at all.

Zara will make a very intelligent and sharp witted zie-zie. She sounds very protective of her sis too.

10. Shannon - January 13, 2007

ahh, now that’s proof to the older generation that NO, we did no spoil our kids and cause their hot tempers… it’s in born!!! wahaha…
I get that kinda remarks a lot, saying Rachel’s temperament is because we spoilt her… *rool eyes*

Zara really really does not seem like a 2 ++ years old… it’s so sweet when u describe about how she like to sniff Zaria’s hair… aww.. MUACKS for zara… 😀

11. Ms Fair Face - January 13, 2007


you have 2 pretty girls! Zara seems to be really mature for her age. She takes such good care of Zaria and that is so sweet!

12. shoppingmum and kids - January 13, 2007

Do you feel that Zara’s more mature after Zaria comes along? I mean she’s showing the jie jie side which wasn’t there before and all the worries about how she’s coping with the new baby just vanished like that?
I got that feelings for Justin when Isabelle was a newborn.

13. Gene - January 14, 2007

Congratulations dear! on the safe delivery. Take a lot of rest 🙂

Zaria looks like daddy rite now..but they will change again later..hehehe…She is so adorable..makes me wanna have another one..kekekek 😉
Zara very good che che…

14. Tracy - January 14, 2007

The 2nd one is always the easier one to take care of? Dat’s what I hear from 2nd round mommies.

So sweet of Zara. I’m sure she’ll love and protect her mei mei very much.

15. earthember - January 14, 2007

Time flies. I didn’t think I was away for that long. Your baby is already 2 weeks old. Congratulations! Zaria looks beautiful!

16. dancing queen - January 14, 2007

It’s true how easy second-borns tend to be. Mine took BM so well and my milk just overflowed until I had to pour some away while expressing it at work cos bottle not big enough. She also slept better. Wonder why…?

BTW, congrats again! Actually your girls look pretty alike – prettier by the day. Soon ppl will mistake them as twins, just like mine. Just you wait and see. 🙂

Have a good rest and enjoy the bonding! 🙂

17. 1+2mom - January 15, 2007

Got jie jie to takecare, Zaria sure feel happy 🙂 Got gal first better then boy cause last time Carter just go play his own seldom go near to his sis and we scare he so ‘chou lou’ to trade his sis.

18. egghead - January 15, 2007

their eyes and mouth are very similar!

19. Sasha - January 15, 2007

WOW! Zara look like grown up so much. and Zaria..*sniff sniff zaria’s leg* so cute..

20. WMD - January 15, 2007

Zara is so loving to her sister and wow…her speech, fantastic. Never fails to amaze me.

RE and JE is the opposite of Zara and Zaria. JE is the impatient one. So you can imagine our “kelam kabutness” to handle JE. RE was smiley, calm, patient and a no fuss baby, JE is the opposite.

21. geetha - January 15, 2007

When she told CL to close her eyes, I thought she was practising something you tell her when she should not watch unsensored movies 😉

Yeap, the elder sibling would be very mature when has a younger sibling.. but don’t forget to catch her developments 🙂

They both look so alike.. so cute 🙂

22. RIna - January 15, 2007

oops, looks like i posted the comment in the wrong post (your previous entry)

23. eileen2 - January 15, 2007

Zara takes on the role of jiejie very well! Glad to know that both girls are doing fine!

Yup, i’ve heard that 2nd one normally easier to take care. Hopefully this theory applies for mine too..hehe.. 😛

I’m always very amazed by Zara’s speech…next time she can teach meimei.. 🙂

24. michelle - January 15, 2007

Sounds like Zara is learning to be a real bossy jie jie. Hehehe “Shh.. Don’t talk so loud.” 😛

And sounds like you have a easy baby gal. 😛

25. zara's mama - January 15, 2007

I’m already seeing this happening. Her arms and legs are plumped up already.
I thought Zara would ask to be breast fed as well when I first fed BB, but she didn’t. 🙂

Simple American,
CL is still here. I’m still ‘tolerating’. 😛
I’m stronger and healthier ok. The mister is spared from night feed. Lucky him.

2littlefellas’s mom,
Really? Matt and Zaria share the same birthday?
My sis’ daughter Tasha is also a Capricorn, and she seems to be very mild temper too, taking things easier than a Sagittarius, i.e. Zara.

Yeah, babies fattened up real fast. 😛

Wah.. you giving me ideas now. I should teach her how to say those things hor?

Yes, my assistant is getting very good.. 😛

Of course it’s good. Especially if you have experienced the fierce tempered than the mild tempered. 😛

Aiyo.. so fast miss your boy being a baby liao? Going for no. 3 or not? Hee hee.

Oops.. so not all Capricorns are like that. I was just saying to 2littlefellas’s mom, my sis’ daughter Tasha is also a Capricorn and she’s very easy and mild tempered.
Oh well, maybe not all born under the same star sign are the same.
She’s protective, but started to be a bit jealous already. Will blog about it later.

Haha.. yeah.. my in-laws like to think that it’s some of my doing that make Zara like what she is. I think some things we can train, but others, it’s what they are born with.

Ms Fair Face,

She’s slightly more mature. But there are the –ve side of her as well, which I will blog later. I think Justin and Isabelle’s age gap is closer, so probably Justin will cope better.

They both look like Daddy actually, my girls. Hey, you should try for another one, for Ryan to have a play mate and for you to re-live the days caring for a new born. 😛

I hope Zara will protective of her meimei but we started to see some streaks for jealousy in her already.

Thanks.. 🙂 Yes, you have been away for a loooooong time.

Dancing queen,
Wow.. you have so much milk? What a waste pouring the liquid gold away.
Yeah, now that Zaria has put on some weight, she does look like Zara.

Actually Zara is also chou lou, she doesn’t know what she’s capable of and how strong she is. There were times we saw her trying to sit down on her mei-mei. Gave us a fright. So I think girl or boy it’ll be the same.

Yeah.. like daddy. 😦

Aiks, how come mummies all like baby’s legs?

Oh boy, so you have the calm and patient baby earlier and then the impatient one? So I should count my blessing because I was expecting a baby like Zara and was so happy when I see Zaria is the opposite. 😛

Haha.. we seldom watch our movies in her presence (actually we seldom watch TV fullstop), so there’s nothing we need to sensor. 😛

Never mind. 🙂

That’s what we’ve been telling her, she can teach meimei how to speak later. Hopefully she’ll have some patience then.

26. zara's mama - January 15, 2007

Haha.. yeah.. The jiejie will be a bossy one..

27. Angeline - January 15, 2007

hi, congrats on yr new bundle of joy. nice temp. take care and rest well..

28. simple american - January 16, 2007

Hey. It’s hard for guys to help with breast feeding la. Save him the diapers. 😉

29. laundryamah - January 16, 2007

wow new name and new blog! good for you zara is sooo sweet….wish my kieran is not so rough but…but…can continue wishing la…

30. KittyCat - January 17, 2007

Zaria is starting to fill out nicely ya…her photos sure bring back a lot of memories for me 🙂 I’m also starting to feel what Syn’s feeling he he he

31. twin - January 17, 2007

CONGRATS again!!! Zara has definitely grown .. talk really well too. I think Zaria look more like Daddy.

32. Jason - January 17, 2007

Hehe, I thought whose new blog linked to me. 😀

Congrats again! I hope you did get my SMS on the day of delivery after I heard the news from Egghead. 😉

33. Sabrina - January 17, 2007

So sweet. Zaria is a Capricone like me..Hehe…

34. nadia - January 17, 2007

She’s sooo adorable. She has the same star I do too.. =) Looks like Zara has become more matured, ey? How are you coping by the way? Is the CL still around? Get Zara to annoy her since she doesn’t like the Aunty too. Hahahaha!

35. jazzmint - January 18, 2007

don’t worry too much..there’s always enough love to go around for the 2, i’m sure :)..gotta teach zara patience…that’s all;)

36. helen - January 18, 2007

It’s usually like this. Siblings are usually different from each other.

Zaria is adorable!! I can see Zara has grown. Now covering up with towel…:-P

37. Jessie - January 31, 2007

Gosh exactly wat is happening to me during my confinement month ..

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