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Photos – Baby, Girls’ moment January 8, 2007

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, my two girls, Zaria.

Who does she look like? She has Daddy’s eye lids, but my big pupils. Daddy’s nose, and sharper face

Looking pretty serious here.

Zara’s pretty loving towards meimei the minute they met. She wants to ‘sayang’ meimei every time when meimei cries or frets by stroking and singing to meimei. She likes to hug meimei for no reason. Drinking milk together in the night.

Meimei’s small hands compared to mine.

Update on Zara
When we asked Zara what we should call meimei since we have already shortlisted to 2 names, and we wanted her to choose one, she just said “mei mei’s name is mei mei.”

Zara has also started to ask the Why question. E.g. “Why the korkor (Chinese : big brother) nose like that one” when she saw a picture of a boy with big longish nose.

Zara’s is getting better in reasoning.
Daddy asked her to walk when all she wanted was to be carried when they go for their park trip. She told daddy, “Daddy carry Zara. Daddy need(s) excercise.”
I told her to stay away from meimei since she is not fully recovered from chicken pox and she told me, “I’m feeling better already. I eat (ate) my chicken pox medicine already.”

And she started calling Daddy “Dad” and me “Mum”. I have no idea where she learn that (TV maybe?).



1. Simple American - January 8, 2007

I’m first. Yay. πŸ™‚

What a pretty baby. And she looks so alert.

Smiling or gas in that one shot? Sweet no matter what.

My missus would have killed me if I even touched a camera while feeding our babes. Y’all more open minded hor?

Glad you are doing well and Zara is a good jie jie and mei-mei has joined your family. πŸ™‚

2. Msau - January 8, 2007

She definitely look like Zara..haha..is real lah..she look like Zara..very small baby ahh…Congratulations!

3. Desperate Mummy - January 8, 2007

Congratulations! at last u can take a deep breath now. Mei-Mei so cute look like Jie-Jie lar. How are u? Do keep us upated ok !

4. Jenn - January 8, 2007

Congrats, mommy! Welcome to the world of two kids. It’s hell on earth. You’re gonna love it πŸ™‚

5. Sasha - January 8, 2007

She looks like ZARA very much la!!!

6. Harimau - January 8, 2007

Congratulations! Beautiful baby and smiling already, cute!

7. Anonymous - January 8, 2007

COngrats! i’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months already.. finally i can see Zara’s Mei Mei.. i think she’s very very pretty. As i always have this in mind that those new borns are skinny and scary..but mei mei is very very pretty and alert! πŸ™‚

8. may - January 8, 2007

such a sweet babe! I’m never really good at seeing whether the baby looks more like the mom or dad, heheh… she looks like… hmmm… she looks like the both of you from where I could see. gorgeous!

9. Rose Lau - January 8, 2007

Congratulations! Mei-Mei so cute look like Jie-Jie, Zara! Mei-Mei looks very pretty and happy baby. Await for further update later.

10. Georgia - January 8, 2007

She’s so cute. I’m very happy for you. You’re so lucky..2 beautiful daughters!!

11. Vyvy - January 8, 2007

oooooo the baby is so pretty….. envious envious!!

12. Shannon - January 8, 2007

wei wei, u know, the photo that meimei is smiling, (first set, bottom left pic), resembles Zara a lot leh…. So sweet… πŸ˜€

It’s nice to see how affectionate Zara is with MeiMei…

13. Vien - January 8, 2007

She smiles like Zara but she’s definitely her daddy’s girl. She is so pretty! Makes me wanna make a baby tonite! LOL!

14. mama bok - January 8, 2007

Very pretty baby indeed..! congrats again..! and definitely looks like Zara.. πŸ™‚
Chloe started recently too.. to call her Daddy .. “dad” .. when she says “Thanks” .. she would say.. “thanks . .dad!” .. funny eh..??

15. Allyfeel - January 8, 2007

Congrats on the arrival of meimei, I think she looks very much like Zara, she looks so pretty and alert. πŸ™‚

Her hands are like “siew jie” hand eh? So fine and sharp.

I hope you have a good rest and dun worry abt blog hoping.

16. Anonymous - January 8, 2007

congrats! I love mei mei ‘s smile! so cute!

17. Mother Superior - January 8, 2007

Congrats, ZMM! Despite my absence on blogosphere, I have been thinking of you and your birth. Mei Mei is so very cute. What would her name be? Any of those I suggested some time back? Girls are good, always. I have two like you now.

18. Annie - January 8, 2007

Mei mei is beautiful!

Congrats to u & family. Enjoy your confinement…..

19. sesame - January 8, 2007

Congrats! Mei mei is pretty! Can’t tell who she looks like now lah. Probably when she’s older. But she’s definitely one alert looking baby!

And Zara is good huh?

Btw, confinement ladies are like that. They won’t do anything except for the newborn. And they can be very bossy. That’s why I didn’t want to deal with one, especially with my hot temperament. But if you’re going to close shop after this, just bear with her as long as she can take good care of you and the baby.

20. Anonymous - January 8, 2007

I’m so happy to see Zara’s mei-mei, well and healthy. I’m so happy to see Zara so happy and being a big Jie-Jie. I’m so happy for you and your husband!!!

You were once so worried abt loving Mei-Mei..Now I think u know what it means to have so much love in your heart..you never knew you had it in you!

Really really happy! Don’t worry too much abt the CL la…only a couple more weeks..then she’s outta your home!!!!!!

21. mott - January 8, 2007

Opps..that comment above was from me!!!

22. beckysmum - January 8, 2007

You looks great~
And baby so cute! I specially like the pic Zara hug her mei-mei. Adorable girl!

23. 2crazydogs - January 8, 2007

Baby is so cute and she already smiling for the camera. Zara, ohh… she is just adorable with mei mei.

24. jazzmint - January 8, 2007

wah she got the looks of zara oso leh πŸ™‚

25. Gene - January 8, 2007

Hey congrats!!! ;p

Meimei looks like Zara, really sweet! You rest well too!

26. Mummy - January 8, 2007

Hi!! Been a fan of your blog for a while now. Mei-mei is really pretty and cute just like jie-jie. Congratulations again and do rest more!! Take good care and awaiting your next blog entry!

27. yl - January 8, 2007

what’s the two final shortlisted names??? wanna share here??? take a vote here lah… we vote on behalf of Zara, can??? πŸ˜€

28. yenchiew - January 8, 2007

i’ve been reading your blog for some time now.. and have been checking for updates on little mei mei..
congrats again~! and she’s beautiful.. πŸ™‚

29. jean - January 8, 2007

ya, mei mei does looks like Zara! So cute!! Her fingers very long… nice!

30. L B - January 9, 2007

Pretty! Pretty! Very pretty! Good to see all these pics.. Congrats again!!

31. Irene - January 9, 2007

She is absolutely beautiful. Zara is doing a great job being a big sister. And you look awesome!

32. Samm - January 9, 2007

Ohmygod!!! She’s sooooooooo beautiful. Those big-big eyes, lucky you. I WANT A GIRL… I WANT A GIRL… I WANT A GIRL…

And i’m glad that Zara loves her mei-mei so much πŸ™‚ Hugs to all!!

33. Jesslyn - January 9, 2007

Me another one say meimei look like Zara! really….pretty gal too!

34. domesticgoddess - January 9, 2007

Congrats!! She looks adorable, just like Zara! Well, hope Zara will decide a name for meimei soon πŸ˜‰

35. domestic rat - January 9, 2007

Seems like most newborns look like daddy and later more like Mommy. Adorable. She’s a mini version of everyone in the family! Her name next!

36. fannie - January 9, 2007

she’s lovely! She does looks a li’ like Zara πŸ™‚

37. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter - January 9, 2007

I think mei-mei has some of Zara’s features. It is so nice to see that you have captured those sisterly moments from the very beginning. It is very heartwarming to see those pictures.

Now awaiting eagerly for the announcement of mei-mei’s name.

38. syn (ryeli's mummy) - January 10, 2007

yea, finally get to see Zaria…very pretty name and she’s really pretty too. how you managed to get her smiling while her eyes are opened??? so nice…hearing your stories and looking at her pictures making me all broody and wanting another one! hehe…

ZMM : have another one then. Ryeli will ask for a mei-mei or di-di soon. πŸ˜›

39. Ricket - January 10, 2007

Best wishes and well being for you and your new born. Congrats again.

ZMM : Thanks Ricket.

40. Tracy - January 11, 2007

Eiks! What happened to my comment? I forgot what I commented *duh*

I think it was something like: ‘Congrats! Take care, rest more and eat as much as u can’.

ZMM : thanks.. resting.. don’t worry. πŸ˜›

41. RIna - January 12, 2007

Congratulations! Zaria is beautiful. You take care and rest well. Having 2 girls is such a blessing and can brighten up the darkest days.

ZMM : Thanks.. I hope so too.. πŸ™‚

42. Sabrina - January 17, 2007

Zaria looks like Zara. So cute. Looks like I have to work hard for my 2nd baby..Hehe

43. Marianne Leiber - September 6, 2007

You should post some of these great moment’s at White Cloud’s Mom & Baby Moment’s contest at:


There are lots of great photos, stories and prizes.

44. kamaria - January 17, 2008

this is an amazing point in time

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