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Weekend Parties December 19, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, pregnancy, Zara.

Tasha (my eldest sis’ daughter) celebrated her 1st birthday on Saturday in Cocca Restaurant.

The thing is, Zara never wanted to admit it’s Tasha’s birthday. When we told her we’re going for Tasha’s birthday party, she said, “No, it’s Zara’s birthday!”. When we asked her to pass the present to Tasha, she said, “No, it’s Zara’s one!”. She didn’t want to give Tasha a hug, or wish her Happy Birthday. She didn’t even want to join in the other children for a group photo.

Hmm.. at this age, she is really not showing much interest to kids her age or younger than her. Maybe it’s the competition (for attention) she finds unsettling. She stuck to her older cousins all the time, joining in their games.

Playing with her cousins; Tasha with BIL and sis; Tasha and her Tinkerbell Cake; Zara attacking the sugar flower on the cake.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Sunday, we were invited to my neighbor’s daughter, Cayley’s full moon party. My neighbor’s older daughter Chloe (the same age as Zara), is Zara’s play mate. They seem to have this love hate relationship. They want to play with each other, and yet, they can’t share toys, and sometimes even have the occasional shouting bout. E.g. “It’s mine!” “I take (took) first!” etc.

Before we left for Chloe’s house, Zara herself was telling me, “Go Chloe’s house, no fighting yeah? No snatching toys yeah? Must share share, yeah?”

Daddy and I were busy stuffing ourselves silly with all the lovely home cooked food, while Zara made herself at home playing with Chloe’s toys (she’s been to Chloe’s house a few times, and knew where Chloe’s toys were kept). And true enough, to my relieve, she didn’t do any snatching or fighting with Chloe.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m trying to get all my cravings fulfilled before I give birth and start the herbs, wine and ginger confinement diet (blech). The next item on my list, Turkey!

I’ll be starting my leave next week, back at work on April 1st. Lots to clear up before the long leave!



1. L B - December 19, 2006

Waaaa!!! HUGE CAKE with nice Tinkerbelle!

Happy Leave! Hugs!!

2. -allykins- - December 19, 2006

at least she joined to group photo in the end..

3. huisia - December 19, 2006

Sure Zara will be very happy if Sam jiejie holding a party. Wah, break till April 1st? How many annual leave you have?

4. domestic rat - December 19, 2006

Whoopee! That’s a nice long break! How many months of maternity leave in Malaysia?

5. Shannon - December 19, 2006

ooo… VERY long leave….
make sure u update us yeah… 😀

6. immomsdaughter - December 19, 2006

Good good, go satisfy your cravings 🙂

7. may - December 19, 2006

probably given time, she’ll warm up to other kids, especially with a new baby sister around… 🙂

8. kat - December 19, 2006

That was one of the reason we waiting 5 years before having our 2nd one. But that’s just us. Zara seems like such a loving little girl, I’m sure she’ll be a fantastic sister. Wish you a safe and speedy delivery, ZMM!

The cake looks sooo pweety! Where to order ah, if you don’t mind me asking?

Wish you a very blessed Christmas and happy new year, ZMM!

9. chooi peng - December 19, 2006

Wah, u combine annual leave and maternity leave ah ? so good.

mind to share where to order the cake?

10. mott - December 19, 2006

Think it’s normal for her to look for older playmates. After all, she’s quite makcik nenek eh? HEE HEE..kidding! She’s a cute makcik nenek!

11. sesame - December 19, 2006

So fast Tasha is one? I think it’s quite normal the way Zara behaves. I find my boy also prefers older kids and not kids his age.

Yeah, must eat, must eat. Now got good excuse with pregnancy and X’mas. The rest can wait. 🙂

12. jazzmint - December 19, 2006

good that she can remember what she said and kept to her words..i gotta keep reminding faythe of what she had promised.

whoa..that’s very long leave!!! Unpaid for a month? we sure gonna miss ya

13. ryeli - December 19, 2006

wah, long leave eh…the 2 months given definitely not enuf. lucky ur employer allow u to take 3 months. envious!

enjoy your break and gets loads of rest if u can before baby comes. tk care!

14. Vien - December 20, 2006

Just turkey?? Nothing else? 😛

15. Simple American - December 20, 2006

Hope you get some turkey. I can send global overnight. 🙂

Good for Zara. Sharing with Chloe will be good for her.

Maybe you call Zara a jie-jie and she thinks she needs to be with the big kids too. 😉

16. Irene - December 20, 2006

Eat away…

Zara is threatened of her title being stripped away as the Queen of the Family. Only normal. Hahaha.

17. chanelwong - December 20, 2006

Wah so many days off until April 2007…Have a good rest…

18. Nadia - December 20, 2006

Eat everything you crave for! And have a good time off. Quite a long one, I must say. =) I’m sure Zara will be happy having you around. Take care!

19. Vyvy - December 20, 2006

awwww i think she enjoys celebrating her own birthday so much.

At her age I guess it’s quite normal to feel insecure when other kids are around.

20. Zara's Mama - December 20, 2006

HUGE yeah? 😛 Thanks.. will enjoy my leave definitely!

Nope she didn’t. Remember?

Yeah, I believe if it’s Sam’s birthday, she’ll be happy to celebrate with Sam. Annual leave 18days a year.

Domestic Rat,
60days in M’sia. I know Singapore has 3mths. So unfair huh?

Of course I will.

So many cravings.. so few days left.

I hope so too, but right now, even if you put her in the same room with smaller or kids her age group, she just doesn’t show much interested. If it’s in a group of older jiejie, she’ll definitely go and talk to them.

Aaah.. I heard 4 to 5yrs is a good gap. The cake is order from Lilian. I’ll leave her contact in your blog ok?

Choi Peng,
Yeah, combining annual and maternity.
I’ll leave the cake contact on your blog yeah.

Yeah wor.. maybe she think smaller kids are not so fun since they are not as ‘old’ as her.

Yeah, so fast yeah? It’s been a year. I think it’s quite normal for kids to behave this way when they are younger.
True.. eat eat eat.. don’t care about the weight. Wait till after I pop.. thn I worry. 😛

Sometimes she remembers what she promised but sometimes she won’t. I think depends on her mood. 😛
No lar, annual leave.

I wish I could take 1yr ler. 😛

Er.. actually a lot of others.. the list is never ending.. but now.. let me attack the Turkey first. 😛

Simple American,
I wanted to roast one, but our family is so small, I wonder how many weeks it’ll take for me to finish it off.
Haha.. she thinks she’s too ‘mature’ or ‘old’ for the younger kids.

Yes yes.. How’s Hailey behaving?

Thank you. It’s more of to spend time with the kids before I get back to work again.

21. Zara's Mama - December 20, 2006

Actually I’m a bit worried when I have to go back to work.. she’ll be super clingy since I’d been home with her for such a long time.

Yes, I think that insecurity is quite common too.

22. HMom - December 20, 2006

2 year olds have this thing about bdays and think its all theirs!!!

23. michelle - December 20, 2006

Same with my children, anyone’s birthday is their birthday. I asked daddy, what cake he likes for his birthday, the children will yell their fav cake. *faint*

24. geetha - December 20, 2006

That’s a long leave, huh? You got so many days of annual leave ah? But you would love the break ;P

Hehehe.. Champion would also be beside the cake when the cake cuttin time… but so far, he hasn’t tried to blow out other people’s birthday candles, unless asked to. He just standsthere, sings and claps to join in their celebration.. different huh 😉

25. Simple American - December 21, 2006

Hey ZM. My missus does a lot with the turkey. We have the bones for conji. She’ll make some turkey pies. We have turkey fried rice. If you could use chicken, replace with a turkey. 😉

Hey if the new arrival is born Christmas day have you considered Zanta? 😉

26. 荦怡 - December 26, 2006

Wah!another beautiful cake!

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