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Christmas Spirit December 15, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

Most of the evenings after dinner (especially now when it’s close to Christmas, and she sees Christmas trees every where), Zara will ask us to play the Christmas Karaoke VCD for her. She only selects a few songs she wants to listen to or have interesting videos.

These are her demands when she’s watching the video.
“Mummy come, sit near near Zara, Zara scared with (of) Santa Clause (which appears in the Jingle Bell video)”
“I don’t want Fer lis na we dah (Feliz Navidad).”
“I want Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer only.”

“I want Pram-pam-pam one (Drummer Boy).”
“I want the one got horse pulling carriage one.”
While playing one video, sometimes, “I don’t want the next one, I’m scared with (of) the statue.”

Since I’m the one who’s familiar with the VCD (which songs have which scene etc.), I have to sit with her the whole time she watches the VCD.

One of her favourite video in the VCD is Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer, and after a few listening, she started to be able to sing some part of the song. Here’s her singing, with me helping out. (Half way through, you can actually hear her say, “I want birdnest.” One of her favourite after dinner treat these days, which I’m making quite often for baby and myself.)



1. L B - December 15, 2006

Ok, when is I saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus coming on?…

2. may - December 15, 2006

cute! she can come a-carolling at my place next!

3. mott - December 15, 2006

hahah!! Zara had to sing for her …errr…bird’s nest!! cute!!!

4. Anonymous - December 15, 2006

The player took a long time to load. Cannot hear.

5. Anonymous - December 15, 2006

Aiyoh, something wrong with the comment box too. That was me. Sesame.

6. Anonymous - December 15, 2006

Aiyoh, something wrong with the comment box too. That was me. Sesame.

7. shiaulin - December 16, 2006

aiyah… my speaker koyak liao leh kenot listen wor 😦

sometimes it is very tiring for us to sit beside them and help them to play the video hor, why don’t u give her a pillow or big soft toy, tell her once she seen any un-wanted scene then just cover her eyes with the pillow or big soft toy loh. or just as simple as turn over her head if she don’t want to watch that scene loh. keke… bad auntie hor teaching mummy bad tricks 😛

8. Hellewise - December 16, 2006

woah.. Zara’s voice is so cute…. it is great to listen to her singing..

9. 1+2mom - December 16, 2006

Did bring Zara to see ‘real’ Santa??MAybe she see the real Santa she will no scare ler.

10. Vien - December 16, 2006

Talk about being demanding..hahaha.

11. Simple American - December 16, 2006

Okay. So if I should meet her I will not wear red. hahaha

Birds nest sounds good. Have not had that in a long time.

12. Julian - December 16, 2006

lately bird next price has sky rocket high.

13. laundryamah - December 16, 2006

wah birds nest…bb sure have smooth smooth beautiful skin lor…mom said i drink the birds nest like drinking poison liddat so she said dun waste $$ on me! u want ah cos we are buying here in HK very cheap wor…

14. Shannon - December 16, 2006

hahaha, bird nest wor…. so young oledi ‘shek foh’… hehehe
she sound so cute.. 😀

15. ryeli - December 16, 2006

aw…so sweet her singing! not bad for a babe…and smart for asking bird nest too. hehe…

16. Anonymous - December 16, 2006
17. jazzmint - December 17, 2006

soon can join carollign oredi 🙂

18. huisia - December 17, 2006

You know, i just hope this will happen to my house, i am waiting for my Jo to sing his first song…sob sob, just never come out a complete song.

Wanna hug hug Zara! Her voice so cute…thumb up to Zara! Her singing really amazing LOL!

19. Nadia - December 17, 2006

Hehehe.. so cute! How are you feeling now? =)

20. Zara's Mama - December 18, 2006

Mummy and Santa can’t kiss at this moment, because both of super big stomach. It’s difficult to be hugging or kissing.

Pst.. how much are you paying? Or is one of the presents under your tree for her?

We start young.. let them work for their snacks. 🙂

Blogger problem? This Filelodge player is pretty crappy, but I don’t have anywhere to host the audio file. Never mind.. next time.

I never thought of that trick. Let me try it on her. But then, I think to her, she thinks that’s ‘quality’ time kua, that’s why she wants mummy with her.

Thank you. Kids’ voices are very err.. angelic?

She saw real Santa already, she was afraid. Just didn’t want to go near him, but don’t mind accepting a sweet from him though.

Hee hee.. Belle will soon be like that too.

Simple American,
I bet birdnest must be very expensive in US!

Luckily my stock is all old stock, bought during Zara’s time. If not, I probably can’t afford.

Why your mom said it’s like poison? :O Because of the bleach?

I told hubby next time we’ll trick her with agar agar, see if she can tell the difference. If she can, then she’s really ‘sek foh’. 🙂

Thank you. Nowadays, if she doesn’t let me work, I’ll tell her if mummy don’t work, then won’t have money to buy birdnest, and she’ll let me to off to work. Haha.


Only can sing this song.. for now.

Eh, does mummy sing at home often enough for Jo to pick up singing? Because I sing a lot at home. Slowly ler.. he’ll soon sing for you and surprise you.
Their voice at this stage so cute huh?

Thanks. I’m feeling HUGE!

21. michelle - December 18, 2006

You must be having alot of birdnest lately..hehehe

22. KittyCat - December 18, 2006

She should have join Ah Pek’s sing-song projeck ya! Since her fav song is Rudolf the Red-nosed reindeer he he. Hmm…why are most kids scared of Santa Claus and clowns???

23. GG - December 18, 2006

Zara sounds soooooooooo cute singing that song. I am so tempted to get married and get my own baby girl now. hahahahahaha!!

24. milkmaid - December 18, 2006

Awwww — she’s adorable. and also, she knows some of the lyrics too…..

25. Anonymous - December 18, 2006

Birdnest? She sure knows what’s good and expensive. 😛

26. blurblur - December 18, 2006

Her singing is cute! 🙂

Wah..birdnest..i have not start taking..i heard if you take near term, baby’s skin will be very smooth and fair.

27. 荦怡 - December 18, 2006

haha… Zara’s mama can be a singer liao… you got a nice voice you know!
like mother like daughter zara sound is so soft & nice… very enjoy to hear her singing….

Well done Zara!

28. cp1 - December 19, 2006

good christmas spirit .. go on watch some more ..

29. domestic rat - December 19, 2006

Ah… you are pampering her but birdsnest is good, rich in proteins. Have loads!

30. Zara's Mama - December 19, 2006

Quite a lot. Zara too had been having flu and coughing bout, so I thought we can kill 3 birds with one stone. 😛

I wanted to join, but didn’t have time to do the recording.
Santa’s and clowns’ make up are pretty scary looking don’t you think?

Thank you thank you. Wow, this is such a motivational factor for you to get married and have a kid? 😛


She doesn’t know it’s good or expensive, but she just like the taste I guess.

Thanks. I just wanted baby’s lungs to be stronger, not sure about the complexion thing. Zara’s time I took a lot too, but she’s still dark, I think it’s more of genes the fairness and darkness thing. 😛

Shy man, this aunty feels, you say until like that.


Domestic Rat,
If the pocket can afford it, I will.. but it’s just this phase that I’m brewing more often.

31. Simple American - December 20, 2006

It’s not too bad. Though we never eat that at home. Always have that at restaurants.

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