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Zara is happy to have stay over Guests! December 14, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

Guess who stays over at our place this week? King’s Wife and her daughters!
Guess who’s the happiest of the lot? Zara! She’s so happy to have her cousins play with her, especially Sam.

The house is noisier, busier, merrier.

During the day, she no longer shouts for me, it’s always, “Sam jiejie, come!” “Sam jiejie, play with you (me)!” “Sam jiejie” here “Sam jiejie” there.

She wants to dress up like Sam, wants Sam to sit next to her when she watches her TV program, wants Sam to watch her brush her teeth, wants Sam to bath together with her, wants Sam to accompany her wherever she goes etc.

Luckily Sam is a girl with full of patience, and she gives in to Zara’s demand. That’s also probably why Zara loves her to bits!

a glimpse of her with her cousins (she’s always so affectionate with Sam)

She’s going to oh-so-miss-them when they go home!



1. Allyfeel - December 14, 2006

She surely looks happy with sam jie jie around.

Another 3 weeks time, she is gonna be a jie jie too. 🙂

2. Samm - December 14, 2006

Same with my Gordon alsolah. Whenever i take him to my mom’s or sis’ place, he’ll be really happy. Can see the smile on his place even on his way over adi. And shud they come over, gawdddd, he’ll go chisin with joy, lol.

3. may - December 14, 2006

so much fun!! I could just hear the girly squeals and laughter… 🙂

4. sesame - December 14, 2006

I think I might have said it before. They look a bit alike! Can pass off as sisters.

5. mott - December 14, 2006

i have a feeling that you might miss them more!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!

6. Zara's Mama - December 14, 2006

Yeah.. she adores Sam jiejie.
I think she prefers to be the little meimei whom she can do a lot of manja..

They really like to play with other kids huh?

Yeah.. Zara alone can make so much noise!!

I think so too.. but Sam thinks otherwise. 😛 Zara’s eyes not as huge as Sam’s.

Haha.. yeah woh.. thn she’ll be clingy to me again.

7. Shannon - December 14, 2006

be warned she might get even more clingy, cuz then she don’t have samjiejie’s ever-so-ready-for-her attention, she demand for even more from you….

but she does look very happy….

8. Sasha - December 14, 2006

Aiyo..susah la. cos when sam jie jie grows older then she’ll want to play with handfone la..other things than to play with zara. Hope by then zara is clingy to the new baby!

9. huisia - December 14, 2006

Zara so happy there, aiyo, once Sam back, mommy will be the one who suffers again.

10. L B - December 14, 2006

The Joy of Cousins!! I miss all those carefree times in the company of close cousins a long time ago too. How fun! How great!

11. michelle - December 14, 2006

This reminds me of my cousin adoring me when I stayed over at her house when she was a toddler. It was fun to babysit my little cousin.

12. IMMomsDaughter - December 14, 2006

I think little girls are alike, they love to play with older “jie jie”. Mei Mei is like that too 🙂

13. 荦怡 - December 14, 2006

i can understand why zara like Sam Jiejie so much…
like me i like my Twinkle Jiejie(my cousin 6yr old) too…
coz we are too lonely to play alone:(

14. Zara's Mama - December 15, 2006

Yes, I know.. after they’d gone home.. I’ll suffer. 😦

Sam jiejie is already 9, yes, she plays with hand phones and PS2, but she still finds time for Zara. That’s why Zara loves her so much.

Yeah loh. Sure mummy suffer.

Aaaah.. don’t we all love our cousins.. back then. 😛

How old were you then? Some how these little tods like to look up on someone and ‘adore’ them huh?

Yeah.. older jiejie are nice to play with. But similar age, they are not bothered.

Ahh.. then you must ask mummy to work on getting you a meimei liao.

15. cp1 - December 15, 2006

so manja .. and so excited having her sam jie jie around .. look at those big smile

16. Twin - December 15, 2006

eh same with my girl .. whenever she sees her fav cousin .. its cassandra cassandra cassandra .. following her everywhere and imitating whatever she do. Zara’s really enjoying herself … suddenly the quiet house is filled with laughters.

17. Simple American - December 16, 2006

Zara is such a lucky girl. 🙂

18. michelle - December 18, 2006

I was in my primary school days. Taking care of them has teach me to take care of my own children.

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