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Melting Moments November 28, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

Knowing someone loves you and cares for you, especially your 2 year old is oh.. so.. precious. Here are some precious moments of mine.

Zara : *fussing and did not want Daddy to brush her teeth for her* I want mummy do! Mummy! Mummy! Mummy do.
Me : *from the bed room, giving excuse* Zara, mummy stomach painful, cannot brush your teeth. Let Daddy do.
Zara : I want to go out, I want to go out
Daddy : Brush your teeth first. Then you go out.
Zara : I want to go out, give mummy medicine.
(She probably thought the Multivits that I get her to feed me nightly will help with my (fake) stomach ache.)

Me : Mummy cannot carry you so much because mummy’s stomach so big, carrying you will make mummy’s back painful
Zara : *points to my massage oil* Mummy give you (me) the oil?
Me : What oil?
Zara : The oil to massage mummy. I want to massage massage mummy’s back.
(Daddy gave me a massage once for my shoulder ache, and she was ‘helping’ out. So she thought she could help relieve my back ache with a massage.)

Me : I love you Zara
Zara : *big lovely grin* I also love you mummy


1. may - November 28, 2006

awww… if only they had a video version of Kodak’s Golden Moments, I’m sure this would’ve been a hit!

2. Simple American - November 28, 2006

What a sweet girl. She is gonna be a good jie-jie.

3. L B - November 29, 2006

simply delightful!

4. beckysmum - November 29, 2006

So sweet! Wish my Anne will talk to me like that also… hehe…

5. Vien - November 29, 2006

She is awfully sweet! Things like this keeps the day going, huh?

6. laundryamah - November 29, 2006

awww..so sweet….I love u too Zara..hahhaha…

7. Sasha - November 29, 2006


8. Shannon - November 29, 2006

that is SO SO SWEET!!!!!
MAJOR melt down….

9. Annie Q - November 29, 2006

so so so sweet!!Girls is always more thoughtful and close to mummy!

10. Julian - November 29, 2006

So cute hor. Two years old already pandai make mummy heart melt.

11. Nadia - November 29, 2006

Awwwww… she’s so sweet!!!

12. IMMomsDaughter - November 29, 2006

Another unforgetable moment, such a sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚

13. huisia - November 29, 2006

So sweet, Zara deserved a big smooch from aunty huisia! *Muak Muak!

14. yl - November 29, 2006

dear Zara, although we have never meet, but auntie yl from Singapore also love you… ๐Ÿ˜€

15. shoppingmum - November 29, 2006

That’s the thing I like about your blog, you have so many precious moments with her, capturing her special moments.
My heart melted reading this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

16. mott - November 29, 2006

sayangs to zara jie-jie..!!

17. milkmaid - November 29, 2006

awwww….if all our hearts are melting, imagine what more for ZMM’s….

havent seen you of late now…

18. geetha - November 29, 2006

She’s into that amazing twos ๐Ÿ™‚

Really melts your heart when they are so loving huh! Gift of being a mother ๐Ÿ™‚

19. michelle - November 29, 2006

I can imagine you are in cloud 9.

20. Jason - November 29, 2006

Aiyer, I missed out the birthday post. Happy belated birthday, Zara!

She sure is getting very clingy. ๐Ÿ™‚

21. sesame - November 29, 2006

She knows how to say “also”? Wow, very good for her age. Zara is a sweetie pie. I think you don’t have to worry too much about her when the second one comes. Probably she’ll be able to shower her sister with lots of love.

22. jazzmint - November 29, 2006

wahh..so sweet…somemore can say alsoo…

23. mama bok - November 30, 2006

Awww..! so sweet..!! they are too precious..!

24. domestic rat - November 30, 2006

Very soon, you will have to change your nick and your blogsite address… ๐Ÿ™‚ afterall, No 2 is coming and it’s time to include her in the picture too!

25. Zara's Mama - November 30, 2006

Thank you all.. yes I’m still in cloud 9.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Domestic Rat.. yes, I have to chg a lot of things after no. 2 is born… the url, the pix and the nick.

Boy.. so much to do.

26. -allykins- - November 30, 2006

Zara is soo cutee!Ahaha!She can always sleep with us when ur in the hospital whut..haha!Sam will just love it.Muahahaa!I wonder how she’ll be like when she’s older??

27. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - November 30, 2006

she is growing up very pretty (refering to last post pic)

and such a sweetie..(moments like this worth all the effor)

28. See Fei - December 1, 2006

i sincerely cannot believe one so young as zara can be so considerate. but then, i think the tender loving care showered on her is taking effect.

my hat off to you ZMM!!

29. Cocka Doodle - December 3, 2006

Ready to pop jor meh? Now you look like a jumbo jet ah?

30. Twin - December 6, 2006

Sniff sniff she’s so sweet.

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