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A Famosa revisited November 16, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in trips, Zara.

Tuyam is back! Hooray! Things are back to normal now. Zara missed Tuyam, she was touching and kissing Tuyam upon seeing her when she arrived yesterday.

Tuyam said Zara has grown taller, and Zara is speaking faster with a lot of more new words which she’s not familiar with. None the less, they are still able to communicate, which is important to Zara.

I’m able to concentrate on my work now, which is absolutely piling up!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We visited A Famosa again 2 weeks ago. It was Daddy’s company’s trip, and family members were asked to join. This time we stayed in the Condo within A Famosa, a spacious studio just for the 3 of us.

This 2nd round wasn’t as fun for us, it was overly crowded (lots of school organised tour groups); and maybe the novelty has worn off.

Zara had most fun at the Monkey Island (probably since we didn’t go the first round), and watching the cowboy show (which was a yawn to me).

The carnival

Zara having fun at the carousel; and the elephants having fun teasing Zara.

Animals at the Animal Safari

Monkeying at the Monkey Island




1. may - November 17, 2006

yay!! Tuyam’s back!! now you can take it easy around the house, yes?

and I love that racoon pix, just sitting around there like a masked robber waiting for the bus! LOL!!

2. 1+2mom - November 17, 2006

Very nice pic took on the animal safari. We also didnt go to monkey island last time. Saw so many ppl want to ride boat cross the river, we scare liao.

Zara seem like the monkey very much, look so happy ler.

3. L B - November 17, 2006

Haha, not so sure that racoon is waiting for the bus. He looks like he’s in total bliss….. *ahem*

Nice nice pictures!!! Camel having fun, peacock strutting, otters bowing, and elephants pushing the stroller!!!

4. Gene Lim - November 17, 2006

yay! for mummy…hehehe and of course zara too πŸ˜‰
i am glad everything is back to normal for u guys πŸ™‚

5. Simple American - November 17, 2006

Poor tired mama.

Wow look at Zara and the monkeys. Do they let her pet them? I’d be scared of bites. What’d she thing of the elephants. Funny if they can push her trolley for a walk. haha

The otter on the left looks pretty fierce. You have raccoons in Malaysia. Those things are real pesky over here. And I’m scared of Peacocks. Those birds are pretty aggressive.

6. Sasha - November 17, 2006

YAY!!! Long live Tuyam! Hahahah

7. Egghead - November 17, 2006

those animals seemed really tamed and friendly huh? unlike the ones in Bali πŸ˜›

8. Adrian & Alvan - November 17, 2006

Hooray to you..and Zara such a brave girl..

9. HMom - November 17, 2006

Welcome back. Good 4 u that Tuyam is back. This final stage of pregnancy is really tiring.

10. Vyvy - November 17, 2006

u u u!!! so big liao still can go places… power lah u

11. mott - November 17, 2006

hurray for tuyam’s arrival! now u can work in peace! nice pictures!!!!

12. mom2ashley - November 17, 2006

hurray! at least she cae back yea.

does tuyam follow you guys for your outings as well?

13. michelle - November 17, 2006

welcome back.

14. blurblur - November 17, 2006

Welcome back!! πŸ™‚

And glad to know that Tuyam is back!! Zara so sweet…she really treat Tuyam as family liao!!

15. geetha - November 17, 2006

At last, she is back.. and Zara will have a more relaxing time, including you πŸ™‚

The monkeys in the Monkey land looks friendly.. Zara can get really close, huh?

Since you just visited the place, you might be bored.. especially when you are getting heavier and with not much movement?

16. sesame - November 17, 2006

Glad that things are back to norm for you! You better take more rest woman! You need it…

Zara is very brave huh? She don’t mind the elephants and monkeys so near to her…my boy would have freak out big time. Yo…and he’s a boy, and older somemore. 😦

17. See Fei - November 17, 2006

aiyoh still so active hah! nice to hear you are back!

since tuyam is so indispensable, i will act as her agent next time & renegotiate her fees with you.

my commission is very cheap, only 200% of her annual salary muahahhaa…..

18. yl - November 17, 2006

and let’s welcome the new million-dollar survivor winner… ZARA’s MAMA!!

19. jazzmint - November 17, 2006

wow..welcome back!!! miss ur blog lehh…

a famosa looks fun huh..i think i’ll ask daddy bring faythe n mil there this dec when daddy got his long break again!!

20. domestic rat - November 18, 2006

Now that Tuyam is back, you can take it easier… πŸ™‚

21. Ricket - November 19, 2006

Seems like a very enjoyable holiday, I’ll sure to reccommend it for my next trip of holiday.

22. Jean - November 20, 2006

I must say that Zara is very brave huh. If it’s grace was teased by the elephant, she will scream her lung out!

Love all the pics!

23. Shannon - November 20, 2006

HOORAY!!! tuyam is back!! πŸ™‚
Now you’d be less stressed and we’d get to see more of Zara and hear of her updates… hehe

Oh, I love the photo of her laughing so hard around the monkeys…. Brings a smile to my face…. MUACKS

24. huisia - November 20, 2006

Finally Tuyam back, and i believe you can have more relax time.
Aiyo, Zara so brave, i don’t think my Jo as brave as Zara.

25. 荦怑 - November 20, 2006

like me too Zara also not scare of monkeys hor…

look like she is enjoy the trip.

26. Allyfeel - November 21, 2006

Whao!That’s a lot of monkeys, zara was all excited. Poor mommy, yawning how many times edi. Hehe!!!

27. Dancing Queen - November 22, 2006

You must be so relieved when you saw Tuyam at the airport! I know the feeling! πŸ™‚

28. Twin - December 6, 2006

wow looks like fun!!! Eh didn’t know Afamosa have a monkey island?? Haven’t been there for a long time.

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