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Short Takes & Blog Break November 7, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, pregnancy, Zara.

I have 9 more weeks to go before I pop. Put on 9Kg so far. Baby is doing fine, kicking and moving a lot, especially when she hears her jie-jie’s (Chinese : big sister) voice.

Zara is reaching Terrible Two and becoming a bit of a handful, very demanding, very whiney (very tiring for mummy).

The arrangement with MIL coming to stay with us and babysitting Zara didn’t work out. By day 2, she totally refused ‘Mama’ (Chinese : Paternal grandma), and worst thing was, she started crying from morning till night, unless she’s at my side. Can you imagine how tiring it was for me, especially if I needed to work as well? I took a day off on Thurs and Daddy helped out by working from home on Fri, that made me survived the week.

When we asked Zara why she didn’t like Mama, she told Daddy, “Mama no fun”. I think Mama is over protective, not allowing Zara to do lots of things in fear of Zara falling or hurting herself, and then there’s also this communication problem. Mama speaks Chinese, Zara speaks English. but she learnt fast, by Day 3, she started saying “Bu Yao” (Mandarin : Don’t want) every time Mama came near her.

Now we’re back to my sis’ place. Zara has accepted one of the Kakaks to play with her (although she still refuses to let the Kakak change her diaper, bath or feed her), so it’s easier on me, and she’s also very happy to have my nephews play with her when they come home from school.

My maid will be coming back next Wednesday. Thank goodness.

This morning, when she woke up, Daddy told her, “You be good girl ok? Kakak jaga (Malay: look after) you and you let mummy work.” Her replied, “I don’t want mummy to work work anymore.” Ha. I told Zara, “Then you have to ask Daddy to work harder and make more money so mummy don’t have to work.”

By 11pm every night, after doing a bit of house work and packing Zara’s things for the following day (when Zara has gone to sleep), I can feel my shoulders and back aching. And that’s when I tried to catch up on some work which I couldn’t finish up during the day because of the interruptions from Zara. Work is piling up.. So I’ll be taking a blog break. See you all again when my maid is back.



1. domesticgoddess - November 7, 2006

Take a good rest.

2. Jesslyn - November 7, 2006

can understand your tireness when the girl keep sticking to you!
Glad that Tuyam will be back soon, then can see u ard in blogsphere again.
Take care.

3. Annie Q - November 7, 2006

take care zara mama!

4. mott - November 7, 2006

TUYAM!!! YOu better come backkkk!!!! Zara’s mama needs a breakkkkk!!!!

5. chanelwong - November 7, 2006

take care and do update us when you have the time…

6. laundryamah - November 7, 2006

Zara is getting sticky I think it’s bcos of No.2 coming along…it will pass..take care!

7. Annie - November 7, 2006

Rest well…and take care. It’s really tiring during the end of pregnancy, more so if have a toddler to care.

8. michelle - November 7, 2006

Yeah take care, it must be tiring especially when you are pregnant. Zara, be good ok!

9. Allyfeel - November 7, 2006

Take good care of yourself zara’s mami. Good luck!

10. 1+2mom - November 7, 2006

Zara’s marmar same as my FIL, he dun let my kids play this or play that. So they dun have any fun if FIL stay beside them.

Safe delivery and seeya soon πŸ™‚ do keep update with us πŸ™‚

11. babykhong - November 7, 2006

Ya..I know exactly how you feel, especially when Zara sticks to you like a glue. It must be very tiring for you since you have to work.

Get more rest and thank god your maid is coming back soon. See ya soon!

12. Jean - November 7, 2006

hey agnes, take good care of yourself. I know it’s tough but try to relax a little bit more b’cos when the 2nd one pop, you will be exhausted.

I think Zara knows her mei mei is coming soon so a little clingy, whiney. She is a sensible gal i know so try talking to her, she will understand. Tough on you…juz take care.

13. may - November 7, 2006

welcome back Tuyam (a week early)!

and have a good, long, restful break before and after pregnancy. nothing like some days off to catch your breath and recouperate πŸ™‚

14. IMMomsDaughter - November 7, 2006

Oh dear, you certainly deserve the rest. Take care & rest well.

15. mama bok - November 7, 2006

Take a well deserved break.. ! and take good care..!

16. huisia - November 7, 2006

Oh, ya, it’s tough! Take good care and rest well!

17. mom2ashley - November 7, 2006

looks like you’ve been really busy with work as well even from the start of your pregnancy yea…? take care..

18. cp1 - November 7, 2006

have a pleasant week ahead (once TUYAM is back) i think you need a lot of rest ..

19. Vyvy - November 7, 2006

take care agnes and rest well.

20. Samm - November 7, 2006

I understand how it feels at this time of the pregnancy stage. Heavy, pain here, pain there, and with a whiny Zara to mind. Can really get u all worked up.

Gordon was whining every single day during the last trimester. It was horrijible. I got so mad that i practically had to hold the cane in my hands even when i sleep. My poor boy chaarm or not.

Glad ur maid’s coming back to help u soon. U can do it. I had no one to help me :(. Sik-ji-gei all the time but at least hubby’s supportive lah to some extend. After some teh-ing, he’ll come massage my back for me.

When are taking a break from work?

21. Simple American - November 7, 2006

Poor momma. I hope the break lets you catch up. Bless your maid with a good rest and God speed on her return.

I will leave you alone on IM too. So busy hor!

Cya when life is normal or as close as it gets to normal with kids. πŸ™‚

22. L B - November 8, 2006

Have a good rest, take lots of pictures, and enjoy the pickles and gelato!

23. Gene Lim - November 8, 2006

take alot of rest b4 the baby comes..u need it! the midnite feeding and everything…is a nitemare…so rest! rest! rest more πŸ™‚

24. blurblur - November 8, 2006

Aww..must be real hard on you..

Take good care and have a good rest..we’ll be waiting for your return…and Tuyam’s..;)

25. sesame - November 8, 2006

My son also don’t fancy his ma ma. Tell her to go home too. Exactly the same reasons as Zara…

Well, you take care. Just bear for another week and everything will be back to norm again.

Rest more!

26. twin - November 8, 2006

you need a good rest. i know how those aches can be … Denisha was a handful as well when I was pregnant with Darien with no maid but we managed pretty well. take care .. rest well.

27. 荦怑 - November 8, 2006

Take good care of yourself!
you need more rest…

28. Lil' Joy - November 9, 2006

take care A. And have a safe delivery.

29. 13th Panda - November 10, 2006

*pat pat*

30. aunt violet - November 13, 2006

hi agnes, got yr blog fr nadia. nice to know dat u ppl keep in touch. keep it up.do keep in touch. all d best for yr coming delivery.zara is so cute. she’s grown. hope to meet up. take care. luv to all

31. Shannon - November 14, 2006

I think Tuyam should be coming back tomorrow if I’m not mistaken right? Which is good, considering how tiring it is on you…. I’m sure you are looking forward to tomorrow… haha

It’s so sweet how u mention junior will move more when she hears Zara… πŸ™‚

32. Fannie - November 14, 2006

Rest well before #2 comes! Take care, Agnes! πŸ™‚

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