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Conversations / Keeping My Sanity November 1, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, language, myself, Zara.

Some of her conversation with us that tickled me.

Me : Do you want to watch Chinese jiejie show (referring to 四千金 musical VCD).
Zara : Want. Chinese jiejie got hair clips. Zara’s hair clip upstairs in the box (referring to the box I kept all her hair clips).
Me : Yeah. But Zara doesn’t like mummy put hair clip for Zara. You always want to take it out.
Zara : Because it’s painful. Mummy put hairclip is painful. Take out then must comb comb the hair.

Daddy : Tomorrow is Sunday where does Zara want to go?
Zara : ……
Daddy : Maybe we can go to Lake Gardens. Can go to the dinosaur playground, feed the monkeys. How about that?
Zara : Sounds like fun!

Zara : Don’t want kakak KC.
Me : Why?
Zara : Because kakak is so uh-gree (ugly).
Me : Oh, that’s not nice. If you have good manners you won’t say something like that.
Zara : *spent a few seconds thinking* Because kakak is not family. Mummy, Daddy and Zara is family.
Me : But you let kakak Tuyam jaga (Malay : Take care of) you.
Zara : Kakak Tuyam is oso (also) family. This one new kakak, not family.
Me : ….

I had a short nap while Daddy looked after her, and when I woke up, she came to me and stuck her face real near mine and asked, “Mummy, Are you feeling better now?”
..She’s really growing up…

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Btw, it has been crazy for me over the last few days. Sis’ Filipino maid has to go back to Philippines because of family emergency, and sis needs her Indonesian maid back. So no one to baby sit Zara (although I could still send her to my sis’ place, Zara just refused to let the Indonesian maids care for her) and do the housework. Guess who we enrolled for help? MIL for baby-sitting Zara.

MIL has been staying with us since Sunday. Zara refused MIL as well, so she has been climbing up the stairs to the study to come to me when MIL is not looking. And I have to do the diaper changing, milk feeding, VCD/DVD playing. She won’t allow MIL to touch her, and MIL is too afraid to turn on the VCD/DVD player. Major disruption for me at work.

Another 14days before my maid returns. Hope I’ll still be sane by then.

Psst, my future in-law, do you want to help baby sit Zara? I’ll give you discount on the dowry.



1. may - November 2, 2006

Tuyam still away? time flies though, she’ll be back soon! sweet how Zara thinks Tuyam is part of the family.

2. jazzmint - November 2, 2006

haha i like the sounds like fun :P…she sounded like entertaining ur hubby 😛

aiyoo..i hope ur maid will come back earlier…it’s not easy having MIL in the same house…

3. 1+2mom - November 2, 2006

Zara so thoughful 🙂

My gals always want to buckle up their daddy shirt cause they scare him get cold wor.

4. L B - November 2, 2006

Relax.. relax, breath in deep, breath out slowly… breath in deep..

5. Simple American - November 2, 2006

Such a picky girl. haha Maybe you need a mask that looks like you. Put it on your MIL or the maid and trick Zara. Prolly won’t work though.

6. sesame - November 2, 2006

Oh dear…that’s bad. Can imagine how stress you are. Take care though and have ample rest.

Zara really doesn’t sound like one who has crossed her 2nd birthday yet…the girl is very sensible…

7. Egghead - November 2, 2006

eh… you know I always wanted a daughter… so of coz I will be glad to babysit… but after my trip 🙂

p/s: just dun blame me later when she refused to go home… LOL!

8. Sasha - November 2, 2006

Wa…i can feel yr stress woman..Hope everything will be fine soon..:)

9. immomsdaughter - November 2, 2006

I love the way she sai “Sounds like fun”…ha ha…sounds so grown up. And she’s becoming so thoughtful too, just melts your heart 🙂 Another thumbs up for girls..keh keh keh

Btw, you take good care of yourself and if housework cannot be done, just leave it for the time being. You don’t need that extra stress 🙂

10. cp1 - November 2, 2006

zara very thoughtful..she knows how to differentiate who is family and not.. relax dear im sure everything gonna be fine

11. mott - November 2, 2006

u can bring zara over here and sprinkle her sweetness on my boys anytime!!!!! 😉

12. Jesslyn - November 2, 2006

I think after some time sure Zara will accept your MIL wan , dun worry much.
wow, do hope yr Tuyam will be back, else another headahce for u.

13. Shannon - November 2, 2006

I was imagining Zara say ‘sounds like fun’, must be darn cute eh????
Her reasoning skills also damn geng!! Don’t want kakak because not family…. SO ADORABLE!! SO don’t sound like 2 years old…
I don’t know if I can imagine how stressful it is for you now… hang in there, 14 days will pass VERY fast… make daddy help more.. *wink*

14. laundryamah - November 2, 2006

Yo,,agree with shannon, very matured so i think u should rethink on the your future in law, cos i think Kieran may be more suitable leh! psst….must consider other resumes first la!

ayo no maid to help cham la..all the best!

15. Anonymous - November 2, 2006

May I know where is this Lake Garden you always take Zara to? Is it the one at Titiwangsa or the one near Butterfly Farm? Thanks……SB

16. michelle - November 2, 2006

Wow, now you really have to increase your maid salary. I can see your life turn up side down without her. Let’s hope she is not reading your blog. 😉

17. geetha - November 2, 2006

I know it can be really tough without a maid, especially when you are pragnant! Hope time flies for you..

She is growing up real fast. SHe can think and decide on her own now 🙂

18. babykhong - November 2, 2006

Poor you. it must be hard for you without a maid. Hey, since when LLS becomes your future-in-law?

19. huisia - November 2, 2006

Oh,i think your future in-laws can’t help you as they are going to Bali tomorrow. 🙂

20. chanelwong - November 3, 2006

she is caring and mature…Tuyam must be very happy to hear Zara said she is part of family

21. shoppingmum - November 3, 2006

She’s speaking like an adult! Oh, I still remember your post about your MIL. I guess you must be really busy at home.
Have you thought of letting her join some playschool?

22. See Fei - November 3, 2006

//….stuck her face real near mine and asked, “Mummy, Are you feeling better now?”//

if you took a pic of this moment it will be worth a zillion! my eyes nearly well when my eyes reached the above line….

23. Anonymous - November 3, 2006

mayb zara not familar with ur MIL yet..give her time lo

24. mom2ashley - November 3, 2006

your conversations with her are really endearing..

25. domestic rat - November 3, 2006

hang in there!!!! Another 14 days like you said. Still, enjoy her dependence on you while it lasts.

26. Samm - November 4, 2006

It’s so nice of Zara to think of Tuyam as “family”. Many parents WANTS their chewren to know that MAIDS are NOT family. And clearly make it a point to allow their chewren to instruct the maid to do this and that, scold their maid, etc. And also, these are very little chewren i’m talking about.

Have her to urself while it lasts, then she’ll stick to Tuyam again when (if?)she comes back, lol.

27. Oscar's Mommy - November 5, 2006

alamak, yr future in law not ard la. hehe, eh, open up abit la, so that my oscar can submit resume ma…older boys more mature la, hehe

28. HMom - November 6, 2006

Zara’s such a sweet, caring girl. Its great to have a girl, ya.

29. Adrian & Alvan - November 6, 2006

Zara speak very well, and she is so caring, my sons oso miss their kakak very much, that day Kakak back our home, both of them so so happy.

30. blurblur - November 6, 2006

I hope you’ll feel better this week..ya, if housework can wait..just leave it, or ask daddy to do it..you need more rest now. 😉

And Zara never fails to amaze me with her speech…clever girl! 🙂

31. blurblur - November 6, 2006

I hope you’ll feel better this week..ya, if housework can wait..just leave it, or ask daddy to do it..you need more rest now. 😉

And Zara never fails to amaze me with her speech…clever girl! 🙂

32. Helen - November 6, 2006

Aiyoh Agnes!!!!! You’ve been feeding little Zara those overmade-up monsters?? (四千金) No, NO, NOOOOOOoooo lol

PS: Mamas who drooled on 四千金 pls dun flame me…

33. Greenapple - November 7, 2006

haha, the reaction btwn you and egghead is just too cute for words! actually luke and zara make a cute ‘couple’ .. haha.

34. milkmaid - November 7, 2006

I have some friends who are Zara’s age, and none have her verbal skills la….wow !!!

Eh – I dunno that we are now ‘booking’ our kids ah? If that is the case…I am looking for a girl for my lil Aiden….hee hee hee

35. twin - November 8, 2006

she sounded like so grown-up. Cute girl. 🙂 Aren’t girls cute?!!–>

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