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Saturday and Sunday September 27, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

On Saturday, we collected a nice cake ordered by Eve (someone I got to know through blogsphere), before we went to have dinner at Mizu, Bangsar Village (the set dinner there is just oh so wonderful, but the price is a bit high, so we only go on ‘special occasion’).

Since it’s my day (not to mention Daddy upset me earlier in the car), Daddy looked after and ran after Zara at the restaurant, while I slowly savoured my chicken tepanyaki (which I normally don’t fancy, but Mizu does it so well).

After dinner, we proceeded to TGIF to meet with Daddy’s friends. Zara was acting up, the minute she spotted one of Daddy’s friends, she started crying, and pointed to the exit “Want go home! Want go home!” “Go there! Mummy, go there! Want go home!”. We tried very hard to distract her with the things hung on the wall, but she just didn’t calm down.

After about 10mins, we gave up. We thought it might be due to the lighting in TGIF, so we adjourned to Secret Recipe and told our friends to meet there. The moment she heard we were leaving, she waved bye bye to everybody at the table, “Bye, See you later”.

Zara was her happy self again in the brightly lighted Secret Recipe. While playing with some sugar packs, Daddy’s friends walked in. There she went again, started crying, and kept saying, “Go home! Want go home”. Daddy’s friends thought they better leave as her crying was getting louder. Zara immediately calmed down after they left. That is so strange, she has never shown such fear or dislike for any person, not with so much tears and emotion.

So it was just the 3 of us, in Secret Recipe, cutting up the huge cake collected from another Secret Recipe. (Thanks Eve again, for the cake..)

Zara ate the crispy flower and leaves on the cake

On Sunday, we drove all the way to Lake Gardens for Zara to feed the monkeys. A car stopped next to us, and a lady carrying a baby watched us fed the monkeys from the car. She then asked me if I was Zara’s Mama. I almost went pale (what a reaction). She said she’s Vanitha, who also has a blog. Daddy gave me that “see!-post-more-photos-la” look after they left.

After the monkeys, we brought Zara to the big play ground in the gardens. She absolutely loved it!
She wouldn’t go near those wired dinosaur frames (meant for plants to creep on and grow) around the play ground, she said they are “big, black and uh-gree (ugly)” but loved the colourful dinosaur, saying they are so “nice and friendly”

(Anybody knows Vanitha and her blog URL?)


1. eve - September 27, 2006

u r most welcome dear…hope u enjoyed the cake..kekekee…my way of making u fatter than me….muahhahahahaaha….soli hor..u had to go n collect the cake ur self…

2. mom2ashley - September 27, 2006

vanitha visited my blog too but didn’t leave a blog url as well…

i must take ashley to the lake gardens la..seems like there are lots of things to do there…

3. blurblur - September 27, 2006

Happy belated birthday!! πŸ™‚

I was laughing out loud on your encounter with Vanitha…i’m sure my hubby will have the same reaction as yours if it were to happen on us…;)

Zara knows alot of words huh..”black and ugly” “nice and friendly” .. i’m impressed!

4. immomsdaughter - September 27, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday ZMM. Hmmm…about Vanitha, sometimes this sorta thing, dunno to be proud of our blog or scare the hell out of us 😦

5. Sasha - September 27, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday! So PoPuhlar la you!

6. mama bok - September 27, 2006

Happy belated birthday..!!

7. chooipeng - September 27, 2006

happy belated birthday.

8. domestic rat - September 27, 2006

Happie belated birthday!!!

That’s a lovely gesture from Eve…. and about those pics, that was what MM said when he warned me never to post personal pics. But again, we are all decent folks… er… I assume.

9. Adrian & Alvan - September 27, 2006

Happy belated birthday :)..
Emm..if I spot by stranger I will be like you too ‘pale’, dunno is happy or worry…but blogging is fun hor..

10. Jesslyn - September 27, 2006

Hope I m not too late…

Happy Birthday Agnes!

11. sesame - September 27, 2006

Your birthday! Happy belated birthday. I forgot, did you even mention your age? (heehee…I always ask this question)

So nice of Eve to give you the cake. I’m sure Vanitha means no harm. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said hi and left her name. But I can understand why you reacted that way. I would too…

12. shoppingmum - September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!

13. jefferene - September 27, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday!

I have experienced once too, YChing started crying like mad once entered the restaurant and saw my friends. Weird!

14. domesticgoddess - September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday! Got special gift from hubs?

15. geetha - September 27, 2006

Happy belated birthday!

Lake Garden sounds fun.. must bring boys there too.. might bump into you πŸ˜‰

16. Shannon Chong - September 27, 2006

Happy ‘Bee Late 3rd’ Birthday!!
Should try it again, meeting up with this friend of your hubby, to see if it was just Zara’s mood that day or she memang dislike him/her… πŸ˜€
You were like a celebrity eh? Having ppl walk up to you like that… Please don’t stop posting photos though… πŸ˜€

17. Helen - September 27, 2006

Happy belated Big Day!!! *hugs*

Hey, he upset you and you let him off that easily ar?? No real damage?? πŸ˜›

BTW, hope your hubby dun mind too much Zara being recognized. WOuld hate it if you stop posting photos of Zara….. (but dun tell him I said it) πŸ˜›

18. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

Happy bday Agnes- what a surprise to find that we share the same bday. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching Zara grow up. Cheers

19. may - September 27, 2006

Eve! same Eve that comes a-knockin’ on my blog door every once in awhile?

I like that red dinosaur… better than Barney… *wink!*

20. L B - September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I couldn’t come and give you a real hug for being such a nice person, but you know, first class tickets damn expensive these days!

Zara! Hello!!!!

21. Annie - September 27, 2006

Hey, we had a birthday party for my girl on Saturday too!!

Is that Vanitha short or long hair?

“Happy Belated Birthday” To You

22. yl - September 27, 2006

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Zara’s and baby’s mama,
happy BBBBBBBBBBBBBBbbbbbbbbirthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

23. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

Hi Agnes, it’s me Vanitha, Leisha’s mum. I hope I didn’t scare u the other day though I think I might have. I recognised u the first instance but hesitated to say hi as I thought yr hubby might not like the fact that I recognised u through yr blog (I read yr earlier posts and u mentioned he didnt like u posting pics). Then I thought, hey I hv a kid too so I wouldnt come across as being a stalker (I hope). When i said hi, my hubby wanted the earth to swallow him.

I HAD a blog called Leishaanangel but I deleted it. U c, i met some1 whose blog i read and when i was introduced to her, i told her i read her blog and to my horror she said she read mine too! (my blog was supposed to hv been private as I wasn’t ready to let the any1 read it yet). I not only went pale but I nearly died of a heart attack! I rushed home and deleted my blog.

It was nice to hv met u. I must say this, i hv learnt a lot from u bringing up Zara. It helps a lot esp when i hv a 15 month old. I learn from yr experiences. I hope u read this out loud to yr hubby. He’ll be so proud of u. and if next time I recognise any other bloggers, i’ll TRY not to say hi esp if I dont hv leisha wit me ; )

24. milkmaid - September 27, 2006

ehh — Happy Belated Burpday yah! Hope you had a nice gift from lou kong…

25. Winn - September 28, 2006

happy birthday !!

i enjoy reading your baby’s story. πŸ™‚

26. jazzmint - September 28, 2006

happy belated birthday!! wah they allowed u to bring non-SR cake into SR, cool πŸ˜›

can imagine his look when Vanitha approached u LOL

27. Gene Lim - September 28, 2006

HAppy belated Birthday!

28. Simple American - September 28, 2006

Zara the party pooper. 😦 Kids can be so surprising sometimes.

Course I remember my neice when she first met me as a baby, she wanted nothing to do with me. Then a year or two later she would insist on me holding her when I was around. So Zara may do that to with the friends. Hope she becomes more social.

The park looks like fun. And those dinosaurs do look friendly. πŸ™‚

No pictures of you on the slides? πŸ˜‰

29. Vien - September 28, 2006

A belated burpday to you my dear! Still feeling young and rejuvenated, eh? Hehehe..

30. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter - September 28, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday.

I enjoy blogging in anonymity and hence I do not put up pics of my boys until lately. So my blog is pretty boring with words only.

However, seeing so many cute pics of children in the many mama’s blog, I cannot resist not showing off my little ones but I still keep it to bare minimum. Hubby does not like me posting pics of the boys either.

31. huisia - September 28, 2006

“Happy Belated Birthday” To You !
Why daddy made you not happy?

32. eve - September 28, 2006

err…..May….yeah..guilty as charged..tat was me la..kekekkekkek…

33. Nadia - September 28, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday! =)

34. m.o.t.t - September 28, 2006

happy b-birthday. it’s nice to have a dinner without interruptions for kids eh? even if it’s for 10 minutes.

Get ready for 2 of them..i think your husband sure pengsan, even for 10 minutes!!!! hahah

35. Samm - September 28, 2006

When Gordon turned 2, we took him out for lunch at Secret Recipe too. He demanded FULL ATTENTION from us, especially me. He was running about the place (not many ppl cos we went b4 peak lunch hr) and when the food arrived, we put him back into his high chair. He didnt like it and sulked all thru lunch with his head on the table facing away from me.

I guess kids know that we’re out celebrating a special day as a family. And so, when outsiders turn up, they throw a tantrum to attract attention.

I know i’m late. but…. HEY!!!


36. See Fei - September 28, 2006

couple has more than 50% chance of quarelling due to the proximity of the car innard and the demand of modern traffic. so dont discuss serious topic or pick on the driver. for the driver dont start a war that you have no chance of winning or no intention to fight…

one of your hubby frens must have lo0k like humsup cocka. If true, Zara is a good character judge muahahaha….

37. KittyCat - September 28, 2006

Happy belated birthday!

I would have reacted like you too if I had been approached! But I think it’s nice of Vanitha to write in and say hi. And I think it’s better if people came out and said hi rather than just lurk!

Guess our hubbies are all the same – mine doesn’t like my writing/posting too much either. Some colleagues have stumbled onto my blog and I’m not sure how I feel about that…who knows who else is out there hor?

38. Contented Mum - September 28, 2006

Happy belated birthday!
Qi ning will also cry if she sees someome that she don’t feel safe!

39. Contented Mum - September 28, 2006

Happy belated birthday!
Qi ning will also cry if she sees someome that she don’t feel safe!

40. michelle - September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday To Zara!! I think Zara wants to celebrate her birthday with dad & mum & no one else.

41. Cocka Doodle - September 28, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday, ZMM!

May your days be bright and sunny,
may all those cakes make you fat and funny!

42. L B - September 28, 2006


43. 荦怑 - September 28, 2006

Happy belated Birthday!

like the last photo Zara take with the Cute Dinosaur.

44. kat - September 29, 2006

Hey! Happy Belated Birthday ZMM! My son also like the dinosaur park. Did you see any bridal couples there?? The last time we went, the place was crawling with couples and photographers! My daughter had fun following after them!

45. cp1 - September 29, 2006

happy belated birthday zara’a mama and hugs2 to zara

pleasant weekend ya!

46. Allyfeel - September 29, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday to you Zara’s mami.

Lake garden’s loooks like fun. Is it along Jalan Parliment?

Do you know the reason why she reacted that way to daddy’s friends?

47. Zara's Mama - September 29, 2006

Thanks all for your well wishes..

Michelle, it was my birthday not Zara’s. πŸ˜›

Vanitha, thanks for leaving a comment here. I can now recall you leaving comments earlier on.
I thought I didn’t have to ‘react’ that way, but I was really in shock! However, glad you did come forward to say hi.
Keep in touch, my email is published here and you can always drop me an email if you do not want to comment.
And I think yeah, you should have Leisha with you when you say hi to another parent blogger, that would ‘cushion’ the shock a little. πŸ˜›

48. laundryamah - September 30, 2006

oo solly a bit late but i think better than never…Happy Belated Bday! aiya after becoming a parent it’s no more celebrating our bdays anymore leh…it’s more for the kids! no matter who’s bday the kids get to blow the candles! hahaha…anyway, i dunno what is there to be scared of to bump into ppl who blog..hmmmm in fact when i go to shopping malls and places where we bring kids…i secretly look out for bloggers leh..see ngam ngam or not?? hehehehe…

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