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22nd Month Update September 21, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

Zara turned 22 months today. I have been so busy with work and also planning for the next family holiday (before I get into 3rd Trimester), I haven’t been updating my blog that frequently. Anybody has any nice hotels to recommend for Phuket, with nice beach and especially away from the parading ‘ah kuas’?

Ok, ok, this is not about my prep for my holidays. This is about Zara.

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Weight : 10.3kg (2 weeks ago)
~ Height : 83cm (is it possible that she keeps gaining weight but not height?)

~ She likes to drink from a cup instead of a sippy cup, and if she pays attention to what she’s doing, there won’t be any spillage.
~ She likes feeding herself with a fork and doing very well. Still need some assistance when she uses a spoon

Emotions and character

I start to see her displaying some ‘Terrible Two’ characters.
~ She never used to walk too far away from me when we’re out. Now, when she insists that she wants to leave or go somewhere else, and I tell her to wait for a while, she walks away mumbling, “Zara want go home (or wherever)”. And without looking back, she walks straight on.
~ She cries and shouts when she doesn’t get her way (but I totally ignore that)

She’s also doing lots of ‘pretend’ play nowadays
~ She has conversation to herself and her soft toys, something that goes like that,
“You want milk?”
“Don’t want.”
“You want cheese?”
“Here, cheese. Take.”

~ She dresses up and pretends to be a queen, a cowboy, or even an animal

Pretending to be mummy carrying a baby

She sometimes have emotional tussles with herself, and have conversation like this with herself
*reaches her hands out to me* “Mummy hug hug Zara”
*put her hands down* “Don’t want.”
*reaches her hands out to Tuyam* “Kakak hug hug Zara”
*put her hands down* “I don’t want. I don’t want.”
*reaches her hands out to me again* “Mummy, mummy, carry you (me)”.
*put her hands down* “I don’t want. I don’t want anybody” *starts making crying sound*

Logical Thinking
She’s able to think logically,
~ when we asked her if she can fly, she will reply, “Cannot, because Zara don’t have wings”.
~ she knows, “Zara’s family got Daddy, mummy and Zara.”
~ she knows she’s still small and can only do certain things, e.g. “Zara now small jiejie, cannot play with scissors. When Zara big jiejie, Zara can cut cut with scissors”

~ She’s talking non-stop, and picking up new words all the time. Some of her pronunciation is still off (e.g. In-doh-nee-sah for Indonesia; Taffik yike for Traffic Light), and we sometimes have a tough time trying to figure out what she’s saying, but when we do, we can always see the smile on her face, that she finally made us understand.
~ She loves books and picks up lots of new words from books. She can spend a lot of time flipping through books, and sometimes reading to herself (retelling the story in her own words).

Her book moment before bed time

Note : I’m absolutely trying to catch up on my blog reading, so don’t mind if I’d not been visiting.



1. blurblur - September 21, 2006

Given the present situation, must be more careful when you’re at Phuket..

She’ll be 2 in another 2 months..time really flies..

Zara’s got pretty eyes, it’s more obvious in the ‘pretend to be mummy’pic..she look so girly here..:)

Haha, it’s fun seeing her having conversation by hereself huh..so cute! 🙂

2. IMMomsDaughter - September 21, 2006

Yup, she looked very sweet in the pretend mommy pix, in fact she looked like a doll 🙂 Wah, planning another vacation, adventurouslah you! Cannot help u there, never been to Phuket 😦

3. Msau - September 21, 2006

wohh..another 2 months to plan for 2 years old birthday ..another popian party? haha..this time sure Zara know hot to grab for food liao..:p

4. cp1 - September 21, 2006

hahaah cute lil zara.. getting clever and cleverer each day!! way to go zara. side ways improvement huh?? its okay soon she’ll shoot up like a bamboo tree LOL

5. milkmaid - September 21, 2006

like I’ve always said right from day 1 – Zara’s got beautiful eyes.. isnt lovely to watch her grow up?

6. Vien - September 21, 2006

How adorable! I love the mommy pic.

7. L B - September 21, 2006

That pic reminds me of Samm and baby Malcolm!! That slingbag carriage… Very Hip!

8. Jesslyn - September 21, 2006

still dare to go Thai now? not scare? 😛

If my stomach big big like u now, sure hubby not allow me go travel.*sigh*

Yes, another 2 mth, Zara & Lyon going to be 2 soon!

9. mama bok - September 21, 2006

No worries.. we will all understand i am sure.. 🙂
Zara getting prettier everyday..and sweeter too.. 🙂
And no need to say lah… very clever as usual.. 🙂

10. momm - September 21, 2006

natalie started using the scissors at 18 months. it was taught by her school. as much as they claimed it would make them smarter.

seriously, i don’t see the logic. more like danger.

now she’s 3+ she spends her time cutting out pics in the magazines.

well at least there are benefits and disadvantages to it. depending on how you see it.

11. huisia - September 21, 2006

Haha, very cute to see her to hold her own conversation hor?! She looked like a doll in the mummy picture.

12. sesame - September 21, 2006

These are nice pix…she looks like the both of you now. Can see traces of daddy in her too.

For Phuket, I love Karon Beach. It’s quieter and more charming. But that was some years back. Don’t know if there are a lot of changes now.

13. chooipeng - September 21, 2006

wah, Zara so clever n look so sweet!

14. jazzmint - September 21, 2006

oo i like that pic of she pretending to carry the pooh bear..so cute

15. Simple American - September 21, 2006

What is an ‘ah kuas’? Oh not what this comment is about. 😉

Zara looks so cute in her 22 month pics. Think she has your chin ZM.

Visit when you can. Understand being busy. I just been letting you know since my RSS is not contacting you.

16. 荦怡 - September 21, 2006

Ha ha… so fast wanna to be a mmy?
or training to be a “babysitter”, to look after meimei?
So cute…

17. shoppingmum - September 21, 2006

She started pretend play already? That’s really fast! I like the pic where she laughed and covered her mouth, just like a “lady”…

18. Zara's Mama - September 22, 2006

I dare not book anything yet, sitting around waiting for the next news. But my colleagues in Thailand told me it’s a small matter and it’s political, no biggie.
Yeah.. so fast she’ll be 2.
Her eyes sometimes look like mine, sometimes look like Daddy. Strange. 😛

I thought she didn’t look like herself at all, haha.
Err, my last vacation for another 1.5yrs loh. So have to do it.

Fast hor? Don’t know what party yet.. still cracking my head.

Side ways just like mummy. Haha.

Yes absolutely.. I can see Aiden growing too.. amazing. 😛

I hope she’ll help out with mummy later just like a ‘mummy’.

That’s where the inspiration came from.. 😛

My Thailand colleagues all said ok who… My hubby knows this is going to me my last vacation for another 1 ½ years ma.. that’s why he support me. 😛
Yeah so fast.. Psst.. what are you planning to do? Can share tips?

Mama Bok,
Thank you for your understanding.
Our kids really grew up before our blogs huh? 😛

Haha.. how is scissors link to being smart? But I think it helps with dexterity though.

Hui Sia,
Sometimes it worries me a bit. Wondering if it’s normal. :O

We always thought she looks more like Daddy.
I think Karon is still more quiet than Patong. Let me check out the hotels there.

Thank you.

Training her young.

Simple American,
Ah kuas == transvestite. Loads of them flashing their boobies in Patong beach in the night.
My chin?? Oh no, my chin is too sharp..
Thanks for your understanding.. haha.. I need you to be my RSS prompt.

I’m trying to train Zara jiejie to baby sit meimei later. 😛

Actually she’s trying to do the book in the action, where a little boy covered his mouth and said, “hope it isn’t me”. She finds it very amusing, so whenever she does that, she laughed at the same time. 😛

19. mom2ashley - September 22, 2006

i’ve been meaning to do this myself but you should give zara a dog tag or find some innovative way to ensure that her name, your name, contact no & address is always on her just incase she gets lost…*cross fingers*

20. yl - September 22, 2006

hehehe!!!!! auntie yl got the same pooh bear baby from MacDonald’s!!!!

21. michelle - September 22, 2006

She looks chubbier on the first and second pic.

22. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter - September 22, 2006

She looks so adorable. I like the second pic the best.

23. jinren - September 22, 2006

the “pretend mommy” is cute! Zara is a smart kid.

24. Anonymous - September 22, 2006

am curious to know. Are these comment sections only for viewers to put compliments or other more realistic comments are allowed too? I’ve noticed with some other bloggers that if uncomplimentary comments are written, then a huge retaliatory remark is immediately made to rebuff the ‘unaccepted’ comment.

btw, Zara is not very tall. she’s just normal. My kids are all normal and were 11-13kgs and 86-91cms tall at Zara’s current age.

25. Anonymous - September 22, 2006

I enjoy your blog and think you did a great job with Zara. She’s a smart little girl. However, I’m deeply troubled by the one where you let her bath TOGETHER with your husband, and parade yourselves nakedly with her around.

It has nothing to do with whether you are open-minded people or not. It’s just plain unhealthy. Innocent or not, there is a BIG difference between what we think is okay vs. what is appropriate. Similarly, there’s a HUGE difference between Daddy bathing his little girl vs. Daddy bathing with little girl.

26. geetha - September 22, 2006

She pretenting to be mummy picture is cute.. Tuyam tied the sling carrier for her?

She seems to be having chubby red cheeks now.. very nice 🙂

27. Nadia - September 22, 2006

Hey, have fun in Phuket! Hehe.. I was 6 mths preggers when we went to Bali and it was a break needed. So, I’m sure you’d be fine and you guys will have lotsa fun! Btw, happy 22nd months to Zara!

28. Zara's Mama - September 22, 2006

I think it’s a bit too young to give them army tags now.. but if you figure out how you will be doing yours let me know. 😛

Yeah, it’s mummy’s.. I was crazy over them when Mc D rolled them out.

She’s really putting on some weight, and getting ‘meatier’.

Thanks. The one she pretends to be mummy? I thought that photo was cute, but didn’t quite look like her. 😛

Thank you..

I guess comments are opened, but there shouldn’t be any personal attacks, which sometimes people like to do behind an anonymous identify.
Yup, Zara is just normal, not that tall.

We don’t ‘parade’, but if we happened to be changing and she’s around, we don’t ‘hide’ ourselves either.
I guess everybody have their own dos and don’ts as parents, and for now, I think being naked around the kid is ok. You don’t have to agree with me, but that’s how we think.
It’s just out of convenience that I ask Daddy to bath with her, which I sometimes do as well, for a quick shower together with her. I don’t see that as a problem. But of course if she’s 18, it’ll be another story.

Yeah, Tuyam did that. Indonesian style.
I think she’s putting a bit of weight too, less skinny. Must be all the cheese she’s having.

Thank you.. Too bad you didn’t go to Phuket, or you can recommend me some nice place to stay. 😦
We went to Bali this May, or else I would have chosen Bali as well.

29. Jean - September 23, 2006

hi agnes, you can try out “The Chedi” at Phuket. The view is simply beautiful facing the sea. I went there for my honeymoon & we fell in love with the sea view, the beach & the room. Not those huts that are on the beach but it’s at the slope. No “ah kua” on this beach, at least when we were there, we didn’t see any. Maybe you want to check it out.

Enjoy your holiday b4 2nd one comes along!

30. Gene Lim - September 23, 2006

never been to phuket b4….but u can check this out http://www.thebluemarine.com…my bil is going there for vacation..

Zara is looking soo much like daddy n mummy liao…getting very tall 🙂

31. z@m - September 24, 2006

Try Orchidacea Resort at Kata Beach. Definitely queiter than Patong. Very close to the beach also. Went there for my honeymoon in January this year. Thinking Bali for my next vacation. 🙂

32. laundryamah - September 24, 2006

ooo…as usual me very impressed with Zara n absolutely love the pretend to be mommmy pix!!! ahhhh…looking forward to hear of your forthcoming phuket trip..haven’t been there before…

33. Helen - September 24, 2006

I can vouch looking at Zara’s recent pics, she has definitely grown. She looks really cute. Very pretty.. especially the photo she is playing mom. lol

Wei woman, one year you go how many times vacation har?? *jeles*

34. Shannon Chong - September 25, 2006

Little Zara is really cute in the mommy pretender pooh in sling picture…

How come her hair looks like one side is longer than the other ar? Or is it just the camera angle???

35. Hijackqueen - September 26, 2006

Ah Kua are basically everywhere. I love Patong Beach. Remember to to book hotel in patong beach. During day time, there will be some local pleating your hair all over your head for you for about RM30. I love those. Can get them to pleat Zara’s hair. And I love Fantasea. Good for kids and adult as they have some cultural performance.

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