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3D scan September 13, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, pregnancy, Zara.

We went for a 3D scan last Thursday, and we brought along Zara, thinking it would be good for her to look at the baby as well.

Our Doctor did the scan himself together with a sonographer, and we spent more than an hour doing this.

Zara was very chatty throughout, but also got restless after 2mins.
“Doctor put oil on mummy’s stomach
“Doctor check check mummy. Check check baby”
After a while, “Mummy carry”
She wanted to climb up the bed I was lying on, and then said this herself, “This is not the play ground, this is hopital (hospital) bed. Cannot crimb (climb) up.”
After a few bored moments, “*pointing to the door* Daddy go there!”
When she saw a glimpse of the baby, “There, baby there on the compiter (computer)”
And most of the time, she kept wanting to get out, “Open the door. Zara want go out!” “Open the door!” “Daddy, please, open the door please.”
When nobody responded, she started banging on the door, and tried to open it herself, making lots of noise. That was when I told her I’m very upset. “Sorry mummy. Sorry.”
“Zara cannot talk loud loud, must talk soft soft like doctor.”

When we’re done, she was so glad to say, “Thank you very much! Bye bye, See You” to the Doctor and the sonographer. Ah, I should have brought her some books to keep her occupied.

Back to the baby, every thing is ok. Throughout 1hr+ scan, she was moving nonstop. One moment she hid behind her hands, next moment, she hid behind the placenta, another moment she lifted up her legs and covered her face, and then did some kicking motion. She was always on the move. See, if I didn’t know she’s a girl, I would have thought she’s a boy again, based on her activeness. Dr was having a tough time trying to capture a perfect shot of her face.

However, we did manage to see she has the same skull shape as Zara, she has rather big and slim feet, she has the same button nose like Zara; daddy said, “Don’t all babies look like this?”, oh well, maybe they do. Most important thing is she’s doing well.

Here’s a shot of her, the best I could get from the video clips that were given to me from the scan. Daddy said the scan looks like abstract art. Doctor said he’s not satisfied with the machine, not giving him crisp enough image. (The 2 ‘hook’ like thing next to her face are her hands.)

As for me, I’m doing fine, big, but fine. Into my 23rd week (coming to 6months), have put on ~6Kg, feel like I’m 8months pregnant, always tired, always hungry.



1. michelle - September 13, 2006

Wow I can see the baby has zara’s features. Hehehe..only kidding. It takes 1 hour for the scan?

2. blurblur - September 13, 2006

Awww…isn’t it amazing! To see your baby even before her arrival..hehe..:)

Hey, whenever i read the way Zara talks, i always forget that she’s not even 2 yet!! Your girl never fails to impress me! 🙂

Rest more and eat more..;)

3. momm - September 13, 2006

when i did my 3d scan, my son was yawning with his hands up. i brought natalie to all my scans and she loved watching the scan.

nat’s mom

4. Jesslyn - September 13, 2006

wow, your gynae so patient hor, do so long scanning! Mine, we wait so long at outside ( always 2 hr waiting) but when is our turn, he only took less than 15min! *sigh*

Lyon has her 3D scan pic too but Wien dont have, becos at that time the gynae dont hv that advance machine lor!

so did Zara see her little sister move around in your tummy?

5. immomsdaughter - September 13, 2006

I guess the tiredness is due to the huge bulk you are carrying. I was that way during my 2nd pregnancy too. Ahhh…seeing bb’s face via the miracle of modern tech.

6. gbyeow - September 13, 2006

Starting young at making faces. Hehe.

7. carcar - September 13, 2006

hey thanks for the sharing! awesome! wonder wat is a woman feeling when she become a mama…surely over joyed and excited!

remember to eat well and eat more, hehe, after confinement only go keep fit 😛

-hugs mama and baby-

8. Sasha - September 13, 2006

oo i did the same scan when i was 17 weeks preggie! So good, so far only gained 6kgs? Means by end you shud be 10kgs extra only. I’ve gained 22kgs!

9. sesame - September 13, 2006

Do these 3D scans cost more? Amazing isn’t it these days with technology.

Zara is quite “commanding” towards Daddy huh? Ask daddy to go stand at the door. Funny girl.

Maybe you’re more tired this time cos your active baby is sapping away more of your energy. :p

10. mama bok - September 13, 2006

Wow..!! awesome 3D picture..! glad to hear that everything is well with you and baby.. 🙂 As for Zara.. she is exactly like my Chloe.. when she is outside. .and bored.

11. See Fei - September 13, 2006

she has the “look” and seems to be staring at mummy! when she is born she should age 9 months and not zero.

12. may - September 13, 2006

simply amazing! first time I ever see a 3D scan. eat well, rest well!

13. Potential Mom - September 13, 2006

wow wow wow…

u see…technology very canggih..i wan to see what might happen when my time to pregnant..whaha…

14. chanelwong - September 13, 2006

zara very good is making up and cheering you up..even though she is soo restless

15. geetha - September 13, 2006

At least she said sorry when you said you were upset.. very good girl.

Cool, you get to see the baby before she is even born..

16. Mama22Beas - September 13, 2006

Cool…I never did 3-D, can’t afford lah:(.

17. Zara's Mama - September 13, 2006

It took us more than 1hr, I think b’cos baby didn’t stay still, so Dr has to keep trying..

Haha yah.. but if the baby stay still, you can get clearer pix. Absolutely clear one.
I’m eating a lot.. but all the useless no nutrient stuff. 😦 Rest ah?? Hard loh.. have to wait till Zara sleeps only I can rest.

Aw, sooo cute..
Natalie must be very attentive.. Zara could never sit still. Maybe she can’t appreciate what she saw on the monitor.

Normal visit, gynae will do short one, but with a scan, I heard normally takes longer. Not bad, you did 3D for Lyon!
I didn’t do for Zara, because the hospital I went to didn’t have the scanner yet.
Zara saw, but like not really interested.

Tired also because metabolic rate increased. Always want to sleep..
Amazing huh? What technology can do.

Haha.. yeah..

In future, you’ll know how it feels like when you become one. 😛
Yeah, now eat like pig, later only worry.

You did your scan at 17weeks ah? How come so soon?
With Zara, I gained 17Kg.. I think this pregnancy I’m gaining less.. for now.

Yes, 3D scan cost more. Almost close to RM500 for us. Gynae charged us the usual price but the hospital charge us close to RM400 for the use of the scanner.
Somehow, Zara is always bullying Daddy.. haha.. maybe learn from mummy.

Haha.. I think toddlers are all like that?

See Fei,
I think her eyes are closed.. if she’s 9 months, then I’ll be giving birth to a 7Kg baby.. Aiyo..!!

Thank you.. 😛

Potential Mom,
Your time ah.. I also don’t know what technology will be available. You tell us in future ok?

Haha.. I was loosing a bit of patience with her the other day.. but yeah, when she said something funny, it’ll just cheer me up.

Doesn’t mean she’ll stay still after saying sorry. It only lasted about 1min. 😛

We almost didn’t want to do it as well b’cos of the cost.

18. L B - September 13, 2006

I need a 3D scan too…. I think..

19. Helen - September 13, 2006

Hard to make out the baby but glad to know you’re doing fine. Hearty appetitie? Time to give in… *evil one talking…* lol

20. Vyvy - September 13, 2006

it’s another girl! wow! congrats!

21. huisia - September 14, 2006

Wow, so amazing! I never tried 3D as 3D not that vogue at that time. Must try it for my second..hehe..

22. Simple American - September 14, 2006

Then sleep and eat. 🙂

New kiddo is looking good in that Andy Warhol kind of way.

Zara did pretty good for an hour. I think she did. My daughter. I cannot think how she would have acted.

23. mom2ashley - September 14, 2006

actually, the picture looks ait scary huh!? no offence …ashley’s 3D scan video also looked a bit scary….

24. Vien - September 14, 2006

Next time come here to do your 3D/4D scan. We did ours outside ‘cos the insurance doesn’t cover the 3D ultrasound cost in the normal healthcare provider office. We have the video dvd and printed copies. We paid $215 for the package.

I was like you, I thought Belle was a boy (she was very active in the womb too) until the 3D sonagram confirmed she’s 100% a girl..hehe.

25. Sasha - September 14, 2006

Very eager to see my baby ma! By 17 weeks can see his cute KKC edi!

26. m.o.t.t - September 14, 2006

so beautiful!!!

Just try to get as much rest as possible.

27. Shannon Chong - September 14, 2006

Zara’s language skills VERY good hoh? Everytime I read her complete sentences, I have to keep reminding myself she’s oni 2… Really smart… 🙂

I didn’t have a 3D scan, so reading ur description of the experience, really interesting, but the photo not very clear hoh???

28. Contented Mum - September 14, 2006

wow, a 3D scan to see baby! Maybe I should convince hubby that we should do one for baby ya!

29. jazzmint - September 14, 2006

hehe looks like zara not going for the next 3D scan ;).

agree with ur hubs, like abstract art 🙂

30. Samm - September 14, 2006

Hmm, u sure are enjoying ur pregnancy. I love these monthly checkups…. seeing the baby’s growth progress, movements and all; i just love it.

Since u’re getting bigger and bigger, natural lah, hungry all the time. I only put on 6kgs till the day i delivered, pathetic hoh.

31. KittyCat - September 14, 2006

Cool post! I wanted to go too but only found out when I was 36 wks so hubby thought dun waste $. Could you really see if she looks like Zara? My friend said he could his BB having his big nose! Will def do this for 2nd one too…he he

You’re so good…only 6 kg. I put on 20 kg =(

32. Adrian & Alvan - September 14, 2006

Errr…I tot I have commented here, something wrong with my IE,
Never do 3D scan b4, but it so amazing, bb look smiling 😀

33. babykhong - September 14, 2006

Good that everything is fine. I’m doing mine next week.

34. Nadia - September 14, 2006

Hi. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. Got to know of it through Ashley’s blog. First time posting a comment here, though. =)Anyways, congratulations to you and it’s good to hear that things are going well.

Zara is such a bundle of joy! I’m amazed by her speech level. =)

35. Zara's Mama - September 14, 2006

You need a 3D scan for…??

Ah.. of course I give in.. eat and eat and eat..

Yes.. thanks.

Yes, you must try it for 2nd one. I also thought since close shop liao.. do it for the experience lar.

Simple American,
If only it’s so simple, especially the sleeping part.
Really looks abstract huh?
I think if Zara was older, she probably would have been more difficult confined in the room for an hour.

Yeah.. it looks a bit creepy. 😛

We have to pay for ours as well. No insurance in M’sia covers pregnancy and birth. Not that I know of anyway.

Wah.. KKC must be big.. can see so soon. 😛

Beautiful in its own manner. 😛

The baby didn’t stay still, that’s why the photo is not clear. 😦

Contented Mum,
Go go.. go get yours done.

Oh.. no more 3D scan for me.. each one costs so much. Once is enough. 😛

Yeah, it’s really a miracle to see them grow huh?
You unique case ler.. up till the end still so small.

36weeks only wanted to go for your scan.. 😛
I can see some similarity.. but not sure if it’s an illusion I have. 😛
Hey, I’m only 23weeks.. I don’t know how much I’ll put on towards the end.

Next bb you try lar.

Share with us the pix ok? See looks like Brae or not.

All kids are bundles of joy.. btw, we are in some way ‘related’ 😛

36. Nadia - September 14, 2006

Yah, hubby knows you and your sister (he recognized your picture once I showed him your blog). Your sister emailed me and left her number a few weeks back, but for the life of me, I can’t remember any of you. But your dad’s name is familiarlah. =) Man, it IS a small world, ey? Take care, yah?

37. Greenapple - September 15, 2006

are you gonna have a new blog for your new born since this blog is ‘all about Zara’, and using Zara’s name as the URL?

38. Zara's Mama - September 15, 2006

I have not met you in person actually.. but my sisters have. They attended the wedding in Hyatt. I just stayed in the room because Zara was only 2months old back then. 😛

I don’t believe I will. I’ll just use back the URL but change the title. The best I could do is to create a new blog for both of them. I don’t think I have the time to maintain 2 blogs.

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