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A Famosa Resort September 11, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in notable, trips, Zara.

We had another fun filled but busy weekend. Heard a lot about A Famosa Resort, so we thought we will make a trip there before I get too big.

We left the house at about 12pm, there was a massive jam on the highway caused by a major accident, near Seremban, it took us almost 1 1/2 hrs to drive through that stretch.

Jason recommended that we stay in Tampin town instead of the resort, since Tampin is very near A Famosa, and there’s a brand new ‘budget’ hotel just opened recently. We arrived at 4pm and went to check out the hotel first. For RM110, Wangsa Mas price wasn’t ‘budget’; since it’s new, it’s relatively clean but the room is very basic. After we checked in, with the directions from the hotel receptionist, we headed towards A Famosa, Daddy was saying, “Just in time for the Animal Safari, to see the action (of the animals) in the evening.”

After 30mins of driving and A Famosa was no where to be found, Daddy got a bit annoyed. “Near is very a very subjective word. Your friend’s kind of near, is definitely not my kind of near.” Daddy even got more furious when we arrived at A Famosa shortly, and the parking attendant at the Animal Safari told us they are closed at 5pm.

So no animals for that day, we headed towards the Cowboy town instead. We paid RM30 per adult (Zara is free since she’s below 2yrs old), and when we got in, Daddy was not impressed. It was a dead town (since we were early), with just a street with buildings built to look like a cowboy town. “For this they charge RM30?” Mr Grump said. Since it was too far to go back to Tampin for dinner (so we thought) and too early for anything, we just had an early dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Cowboy Town.

After dinner, we walked about the ‘town’. Zara finally meeting a pony (she has been keen to see one since she saw it in her Barney DVD), she was so eager to pat the ponies, and got a kick on her calf by one unfriendly black pony, poor girl. One of the cowboys greeting visitors at the entrance. Red Indian with a very small head.

For RM10, Zara is able to get unlimited ride on the amusement park in the town, but all she wanted was the Carousel. We tried to put her on one of the aeroplane rides (that just goes round like the carousel), and we had to get the operator to stop it mid way because she was crying and screaming.

She didn’t want to get down, always asking for ‘some more’ every time when it’s over. We had to lie and said the batteries of the horses need to be charged for her to get down. We definitely got our RM10 worth.

These trampolines were meant for some ‘bungee jumping’ and the section was closed. We just let Zara jump on one, since she loves jumping on bed so much.

Showtime in Cowboy Town starts at 8:30pm. This was when we started feeling ‘worthwhile’. First show was Red Indian show, or ‘Fire’ show, followed with Animal Carnival.

‘Red Indians’ spinning torches, swallowing and spitting fire. Trained animals (from chickens to lion) walking the street

And then it was fireworks. Zara got a bit frightened by the blasting sound, but with our hands covering her ears, she started enjoying it as well.

The most spectacular of all the show

We left after the fireworks. This time, with the A Famosa guard giving us directions, it took us about 5mins to get back to Tampin. We took a wrong way earlier. “Your friend was right, it is very near.” A cheerful daddy said. “And for RM30, it’s quite good entertainment in the Cowboy Town hor?”

That night, both Daddy and I didn’t get a good sleep, and for some extend, Zara too. We had extremely noisy neighbours, who came in a group, and booked a few rooms. They were slamming doors, shouting to each other across rooms, playing loud music. At 2am, I couldn’t stand it anymore, went out of our room and shouted at them, “Oi, what time is it ah? You don’t need to sleep other people need to you know?” After a few sorry, I thought they will be more quiet, but then the noise didn’t stop till 3am, and then started again at 5am. Gosh, I almost wanted to slap them when I met them in the morning.

And for Zara, I’m not sure if she’s starting to get attached to her room, or she finds the hotel room too ‘basic’ for her liking, she started asking us to “Go home” when we changed her for bed. And middle of the night, she woke up a few times, looked around her, and then nudged me and said “Mummy, go home”. She dropped back to sleep when I told her it’s too far to go home. So it was like no sleep for me the whole night.

The following morning, after checking out and had breakfast in Tampin Market, we headed to A Famosa Resort, to ‘revisit’ the Animal Safari. Zara was chanting “Go Zoo, go see animals” the whole morning.

Entrance fee for Animal Safari is RM35/adult, free for Zara again. We missed the morning shows (shows start early, and then get repeated in the afternoon), since we arrived at about 11am.

Zara is always keen to meet ‘animals’.

We caught the bird show, which was really good.

Photos with the trained birds after the bird show.

For lunch, it was 4 packs of Tong’s Garden’s nuts, and 2 milo ice shared between Daddy and I. Zara had her milk, and some nuts. Oh well, we were not ‘stingy’ and unwilling to spend. The cafe in the Animal Safari only served some I-don’t-even-know-what-they-are Middle Eastern meals if you ordered over the counter. For more common dishes like Fish and Chips, Chicken Chop, you have to purchase the voucher from the entrance of the park. Stupid system? That’s what I told the lady mending the restaurant.

We then watched the Wild Wild West show; the most boring of all shows, for me. However, Zara was so entertained by it, and can even recalled what happened (“Good cowboy take gun bang bang bad cowboy. Bad cowboy fall down from the building. Then got Red Indian jiejie.” etc). And then followed by Multi Animal Show (with dogs, monkeys, raccoons performing).

Daddy then took the Safari truck with Zara to go around the park. I wasn’t allowed on the truck because I was pregnant, and the guy mending the station said they already encountered 7 miscarriages of pregnant ladies who went on the truck from the bumpy ride. It was a 20mins ride, and Zara said she liked it as she could see lion, tiger and giraffes.

By now, Zara wa very tired, but she kept saying, “Want to see more animals”, and trying to keep herself awake. However, 3minutes later, she was asleep in her pram. We only let her have a 30mins nap, we woke her up when it was time for the Elephant show.

Photos with the casts from the Wild Wide West show, and then with the Elephant from the Elephant show.

After the elephant show, it was already 5pm. We took Zara to the last attraction, the Chicken farm. Daddy sneaked his hand into the chicken coup and pulled out a little chicken for Zara to stroke. She really loved it, after that she kept saying, “Little chicken so cute and soft”.

The Animal Safari is worth the RM35 entrance fee. The place is cleaner, and you get closer to the ‘animals’ than Zoo Negara, and the shows are all quite entertaining. Very worthwhile for parents with young children.



1. blurblur - September 11, 2006

Wow, what a fun filled weekend! 🙂

Zara very brave girl hor, dare to touch the pony and the little chick. 🙂

Haha..so cute of her to ask you to go home in the middle of the night.

And you can still carry her with one hand despite your growing tummy? You really very good lah..hehe ;p

2. Egghead - September 11, 2006

phew! luckily I picked Genting as my vacation recently 😛
blame everything on Jason is never wrong one! he kena me before also… LOL!

3. immomsdaughter - September 11, 2006

Wah, your bump pretty obvious oledi hor? Still can be so adventurous,travel all over. I’m not surprised to hear Zara does not like the room as my girl also very picky when we try to stay overnight elsewhere.

4. sesame - September 11, 2006

Zara got a kick by the pony? Not painful for her?

I went to this resort many years back. It was a golfing trip for my hubby and I just tagged along. Didn’t do much though…sounds like you all went for all the attractions.

5. domestic rat - September 11, 2006

A’Famosa looks cool! I think MM might be keen espy since I spotted horseback riding available there.

But it’s true that it can be very annoying when you make a wrong turn and the entire journey takes longer than necessary. Luckily Daddy did cheer up in the end. =)

6. Jesslyn - September 11, 2006

wah, sound like not a good trip there wor! I have to think twice b4 going now….

wei, why not tell me earlier ler…

7. Sasha - September 11, 2006

Woah! this Mama quite happening oso. Big Big stomach still can pose pose with the sakais!

8. See Fei - September 11, 2006

there seems to be a lot of activities at a formosa. you look cool with that big tummy posing with the cockatoo and Zara!!

9. Flowsnow - September 11, 2006

looks fun..must try to persuade other half to take us there

10. may - September 11, 2006

I loved riding on the carousels too, when I was young! the fireworks do look spectacular.

oooh… nice round tummy… you still look fab! *grin*

11. Ka Ka and Wa Wa - September 11, 2006

Such a terric account.. Almost like going there ourselves.

And Zara’s mama is looking fab and radiant!

12. Jason - September 11, 2006

Egghead : I kena you what? It was near lah, Zara’s Daddy took the wrong direction, not my fault what! 😛

13. Greenapple - September 11, 2006

oh, i like this place a lot too. been there once 4-5 years ago. even young adult like me enjoyed it. i had a lot of fun with the animals together with my friends. i remember patting the lil’ chicks, so were the rabbits, and i remembered the bumpy rides, and some of our friends rode on the lil’ elephant, and we had pictures with a small orang utan … etc etc. i believe the wild wild west show still has the same plot as 5 years ago … haha. but it was still good, for entertainment sake.

i think i will give this place another visit if i am home in the future. we’ll see.

14. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

Nice fire work. And your tummy is really getting bigger, how much weight have you gained?

15. shoppingmum - September 11, 2006

Errr…It was me, shoppingmum who wrote the comment above.

16. L B - September 11, 2006

Terrific pictures, and a terrific tummy!!! Looks like you all had a whale of a time, eh?

17. jazzmint - September 11, 2006

funfilled weekend!! Never been there before, probably should make a trip there when the kids are older

18. Cocka Doodle - September 11, 2006

For a moment I couldn’t tell you from the elephant! LOL

19. huisia - September 11, 2006

Wow, luckily they allow to stop the aeroplane rides half way, maybe it’s too exciting for Zara.

Never known A Famosa can be as attractive as you said, yape, i think it is very worthwhile after reading what you have mentioned.

20. mom2ashley - September 11, 2006

she’s really good in describing things ya!…

21. Zara's Mama - September 11, 2006

Yeah, another fun filled w/end. 😛
I think her courage got affected a bit after the pony kicked her, because she wouldn’t pat an elephant and a monkey on the 2nd day.
She’s not that heavy, so occasionally can still carry her.

Why? Genting better than A Famosa meh? But A Famosa is extremely hot ler. It wasn’t Jason’s fault, it was our fault. 😦

Yeah, my bump is very huge already. I want to go for as many outings as I can, because I know I’ll be home bound for a while when no. 2 comes along.
I hope it’s her attachment to her room, and not because the hotel we chose wasn’t luxurious enough.

Painful for her.. and we didn’t know it. We thought she got upset with the pony being startled.
We went to all the attractions for kids. Golfing trip would be more relaxing, but we don’t play golf. 😛

Domestic Rat,
Oh yeah, there’s a ranch there which you can do horse riding.
Daddy is the type who gets upset easily but cool down easily as well.

Hey, I thought you said you’ll go before 2nd Sept, so I thought you went already. Also, we decided only on Saturday, so no advance planning.

Haha.. mummy also sakais mah.. 😛

See Fei,
Yes, lots of activities. Big hor the tummy?

Yes, you should try to persuade him.

Yes, the fireworks alone was worth the RM30 already.
Haha, thanks.

Kaka and wawa,
I’m looking really big and heavy, but thanks anyway.

Yeah yeah, Jason didn’t ‘lie’.. we just didn’t trust you only. 😛

Wow, you have been before? I don’t think I would have gone if I didn’t have Zara. We went there many years ago as well, but it was just for team building and we didn’t even step into any of the theme parks. What a shame.

Err, I think I put on ~6Kg.. but this time, the tummy is really big. I think all the weight went there.

Yes, a whale having a whale of a time. 😛

Yes, when Vyktore is older, should make a trip there, and it’s not so far away.

Hey, I don’t blame you. If I were you, being so old and your bi-focal not changed for the last decade, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a plane from a car. 😛

Hui Sia,
She said she’s scared of the airplane who. You should go when you come back next time. We didn’t know it was so nice as well. 😛

Yeah, it’s getting very ‘worthwhile’ bringing her to places, because she can recall and describe them now, even with her limited language skill.

22. Gene Lim - September 12, 2006

zara really enjoyed herself alot there! what a happy time for all 🙂

23. Simple American - September 12, 2006

haha Before Daddy grabbed the chick for Zara he had to put on his hat like a gangsta. What does the chickie rap sound like. 😉

Looks like a great place for little kids to go. I bet you’re beat though.

And you’re brave letting all those birds perch on you. I’d be so scared of getting pooed on. hehe

24. Vien - September 12, 2006

RM30-35 for each adult?
Wah..quite expensive wor! Or is it for the entire family? Finally get to see your belly. Quite besar. 🙂

25. geetha - September 12, 2006

Wah, sounds exciting.. I wanted to bring my sons early this year, but wanted them to get older a bit.. if not difficult to handle two together!

She must have had a very good time. She is also brave to stand near the animals. I must try my boys. I know 2nd won’t be scared.. don’t know about 1st one 😛

The website says RM 59.00 for adults and RM 49.00 for child. Why ah? Got discount ah? I remember reading those RM 30 and RM 35 rates earlier..

26. wHOisBaBy - September 12, 2006

Very exciting short vacation! little zara seemed to have enjoyed herself a lot!!

also get to see your growing belly too! =)

27. Shannon Chong - September 12, 2006

Very exciting vacation wor…. And Zara really very smart… It’s so cute how she describe things and how she nudge u to go home, also the animal love she has…. Very interesting…. Makes me so excited and hoping for my little one to grow faster so I can bring her there too…. 🙂

28. cp1 - September 12, 2006

thanks zara mama..next time i would know what to expect where not to and what time we should be there…
meanwhile zara really an advanterous girl..and not afraid of animal..way to go girl

29. chanelwong - September 12, 2006

was the zoo better that the one in KL? Wah you can still carry Zara ….

30. Anonymous - September 12, 2006

Zara seemed to enjoy herself. It’s good to have family trip before your belly gets too big. I have been thinking the same too. Go somewhere for a holiday before I get too heavy to walk….hahha! And your belly looks big hor.

31. babykhong - September 12, 2006

Oooppss…sorry. The anonymous above commented by babykhong.

32. laundryamah - September 12, 2006

wah sounds like fun la but you guys really should have stayed at AFamosa,,the last time I was there didn’t go to cowboy town..hmm should make a trip down soon!!

33. jean - September 12, 2006

hi..we got the same stroller & same color!!

Can see that you all have a fair bit of fun, esp zara!

34. michelle - September 13, 2006

Wow I didn’t know there is so much to do in A Famosa. How come daddy get so short fuse lately? Hehehe.. And I thot u were the one who is pregnant.

35. Zara's Mama - September 13, 2006

Yes, she really likes all these outings lately.

Simple American,
Yeah, I wonder why he had to wear his hat like this.
Oh.. now you are telling me, it never crossed my mind I would get pooped at. 😛

Yes, the price is per adult. Not cheap, but I think it’s worth the money.
Yeah.. my belly is big huh?

I think when president is about 2yrs that would be a good time to bring them there, so that they’ll appreciate more.
I think the website is quoting foreigner price. For Malaysian it’s cheaper.

She really enjoyed herself. Still talking about it now.

Aaa.. very soon, you can do that with your little one too.. Don’t worry.

She started to have a bit of fear after being kicked by the pony. 😦

KL zoo is bigger, but there are more shows in A Famosa which are quite entertaining. But then, zoo is charging only RM10.
Sometimes have to carry her.. because she ‘manja’.

That’s what I wanted to do.. go out more before I get too big to go any where.

I heard the accommodation in Afamosa is pretty run down, that’s why we chose not to stay there, and they charge you quite a bit.

Haha.. that must be Combi’s best seller.

Daddy always short fuse one..

36. geetha - September 18, 2006

I think I have to wait a little longer so that they know what they are seeing 🙂

Thanks for the info dear..

37. Baby Smooches - September 25, 2006

Wow, this really is so much fun… can’t wait to take my 2 kids there some day… I like those fireworks.

38. Hijackqueen - September 26, 2006

Heard so much about it. After seeing your pic, I think must make a trip there myself.

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Holiday in AFamosa Melaka !

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