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6 random facts about me September 7, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in myself.

Laundryamah tagged me on this, 6 random facts about me.

1) I love Zara to bits, she has given me so much joy, happiness and not to mention amusement… oh well, you all know about this already.

2) Secretly, I worry I won’t be able to give the same amount of love to the baby I’m carrying. I pray every night and ask that this won’t happen, and that I’ll love them both equally.

3) I love deep fried food.. Gosh.. it’s such a sin to have Puri (Indian deep fried bread) for breakfast, then a piece of sweet potato fritter and a curry puff for tea, and then Lay’s potato chip for snack. I feel guilty eating like this, but it’s like an addiction..

4) I’m very untidy (messy table, messy wardrobe) but I’m obsessed with cleanliness.

5) I live in a house I like, in a nice neighborhood. However, I hate the distant it is away from everything (the Chinese coffee shops, the shopping malls, the good nurseries / kindergarten / schools).

6) At the peak of my health, I could run 4Km, now I can’t even walk 1Km without resting.

Not tagging anyone….


1. Anonymous - September 7, 2006

“I’m very untidy (messy table, messy wardrobe) but I’m obsessed with cleanliness.”

It is a blessing cos from experience i know it is no fun to live with a tidy person that is very clean and hygenic. drive you up the wall sometimes!!!


2. may - September 7, 2006

I can do 4km too… but errr, give me an hour to get there!

3. sesame - September 7, 2006

I’m the opposite of you. I’m not very clean (hate to bathe type) but very tidy…

Aiya, you cannot run or walk so much now cos you’re pregnant mah…

4. momm - September 7, 2006

i’ve just given birth to my baby boy. and it was initially tough trying to give the attention to my girl and at the same time trying to change my baby’s diapers.

you will get the hang of it. once your baby sleeps, immediately give your girl a hug and tell her how much you love her.

my girl was on a food strike for 2 whole weeks and it took me that long to realise she wanted some praises and hugs and love from me.

nat’s mom

5. Simple American - September 7, 2006

You cannot help love the new baby. The helplessness and attention required will draw you to her. Just make sure that Zara does not feel rejected. That is critical and it happens easily and without notice to an exhausted parent. Keep a flex time for just Zara. But it has to flex because the new baby will deter any fixed schedule.

haha@4 I always wash my hands. Obsessed with clean hands and body. But my office and closet is so untidy. Very contrasting. Hoo boy! haha

I live in 5 too. But I have a car so I don’t mind. I like the peace and quiet.

Try to get back into the running. I used to run 5 miles when I was in the army. Now I waddle not even a 100 foot. Where’s my treadmill?

6. jazzmint - September 8, 2006

hey I love fried food too..and Lays..yummy

7. Zara's Mama - September 8, 2006

See Fei,
I know.. My sister is one of them.. πŸ˜›

Hey, you look so much fitter you know. I bet you can do it within 30+mins. πŸ˜›

No no no, after I went back to work from maternity leave, I stopped going to the gym, and there goes my stamina.

Oh boy, thanks for sharing. I have to take note of this.
How is the baby doing and Nat? Oh.. you should go back to blogging.

Simple American,
I hope so too.. And thanks for the reminder.. I really need to make sure I don’t neglect Zara and make her feel bad about the whole thing.
Hee hee.. you are like me in terms of hygiene. πŸ˜›
Oh, I find that in America, every thing is far away, and you need a car to get any where.
I think I can only go back to running when the kids are older.. right now, my time is all theirs. 😦

Hey, but look at you.. still so slim.

8. michelle - September 8, 2006

Hey I can do 4km with my car. :lol That reminds me I have to work out for my next examination.

9. L B - September 8, 2006

That’s why we didn’t get to meet!!! Dang! Nevermind, we’ll try harder next time around.

10. huisia - September 8, 2006

I think you’re still healthy, now can’t walk that much maybe due to pregnant.

Where are you staying?

11. Dancing Queen - September 8, 2006

About your fact No. 2, I used to feel that about my No. 2 girl and thought that I would never be able to love another child that much cos she was the baby for a long time. But when No. 3 came, the love just automatically grew. It’s like God’s way of ensuring that the youngest is always well-loved and well taken of.

So don’t worry about not having enough love for your children. You’ll love them all.

12. blurblur - September 8, 2006

I can identify with #3 and #4.

You forgot to add fried chicken wing leh…heheh..;)

I sometimes bath more than 3 times a day…and i’m like always washing my hands…;p

13. Contented Mum - September 8, 2006

I also afraid that I may not love no 2 as much as I did Qi ning and I also worry that if Qi ning would feel neglected when no 2 comes along!

14. Anonymous - September 8, 2006

4km? U very kheng..before i got preg cannot run 4km, after give birth lagi cannot!

15. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter - September 8, 2006

I like how you phrase Fact 4, because that describes me too. You make it sound positive.

Don’t worry about fact 2 too much, it will come naturally.

16. immomsdaughter - September 8, 2006

Errr…my recent exercise routine only took me 500m…not even close to 1km. Lol. Frankly, I envisioned you as a very neat person from your blog, the very well written posts & etc. Hmmm….cannot judge a person from one’s blog?

17. Mother Superior - September 8, 2006

Fact 2: I’m not a tidy person, but not crazy about absolute cleanliness. That’s why I can live with a level of dust without a maid.

Huff, puff, congrats on successful amnio test. Thank God, really.

18. Shannon Chong - September 8, 2006

HELO! I’m here for the first time, and I love your story on the journey to conceiving Zara (it brought tears to my eyes, in office somemore!!), and congratulation on the current pregnancy….

19. Flowsnow - September 8, 2006

Fried food yummy…

20. See Fei - September 9, 2006

hei! it is good if you get to live in your dream house and in a likeable neighbourhood. but must make sure the gutter is in good condition so it will not be turned into a mozzies paradise! πŸ™‚

21. laundryamah - September 9, 2006

Oh thanks for responding to my tag..I too had that feeling when I was deciding on 2nd child. I should know better cos I was not the fave child, so I kept telling myself that I must not have favouritism..but after having Kylie, I really can’t help being more tolerant to her nonsense like not being able to sit in the car seat & eating chair..

22. milkmaid - September 9, 2006

Oh hello ~ this is indeed a small world as I believe I meet Zara sometimes at the neighbourhood park whilst walking my son (Actually he cant even sit up yet let alone walk) Anyhow lurve reading your stories.

23. carcar - September 10, 2006

hahahah, seefei u so the loyal with what sgp government concern here, gutter problem is not a mojor problem in breeding dengue in msia πŸ˜› but yeah, better pay extra attention if staying in a house lah πŸ™‚

i can walk 7 km non stop without any problem, if u put me in midvalley for the walk πŸ˜›

24. m.o.t.t - September 11, 2006


You will never know the extent of your love! It just grows and grows and grows. Love is INFINITE! You will have so much love for both your children!!!!

It IS the most amazing natural thing EVER!

25. Annie - September 12, 2006

I’m obsessed with cleanliness too. I also like tidy. But if the “place” is clean, i dun mind a little mess. But messy+dirty is a big NO NO!!

No.2 baby…?? I guaranti you will definety love her equally. I used to have that kind of feeling whether will love no.2 enuf ornot… Hmmm, it comes so naturally. now you feel like tat cos you havenot hold baby in ur arm. Once baby in ur arm…hmmm u will fall into her “trap”!!

Run ar?? I cannot lar, but I can walk, provided NO sun!! I can’t walk long if i’m in the hot sun.. that’s why i always dream of living in those 4 seasons country…regret, shud marry a kuailo!! haha

26. Annie - September 12, 2006

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