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Weekend bad luck August 14, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in bitching, myself.

Just our luck.

Incident 1
On Saturday, while on our way back from the market, at a traffic light on a slope, Daddy stopped behind a small truck loaded with long wooden poles. The truck suddenly backed towards our car; Daddy pressed on the honk, but the truck driver was obviously dreaming, the truck just continued to slide down the slope towards our car, and suddenly BANG! One of the wooden pole just cut straight into our bonnet.

Daddy was furious, he immediately overtook the truck, blocked the truck with his car and got down, making sure the truck driver did the same and checked on the damage. Daddy was pointing at the driver, then his car, we couldn’t hear what he was saying, but it’s obvious he’s very angry, an emotion he doesn’t show much in the presence of Zara (he’s more patient with Zara than me). Zara pointed to Daddy and said, “Daddy so rude”, not seeing this side of him before.

When Daddy got back into the car, he said when they talked about who’s going pay for the repair, the truck driver just said he’s just a driver for the company truck, and won’t have money to pay Daddy.

Incident 2
On Sunday, I went to have dinner at my sis’ place and after dinner I brought my dad out for coffee.

As I was driving towards the coffee place, going on a straight road, a sudden BANG! and the whole car shook and skidded a bit sideways. We got knocked by a car exiting from a junction on the left!

I immediately stopped the car, my dad, the hero, stomped out and started approaching the other car. I parked the car properly, checked the damage, unstrapped Zara from the car seat, carried her and walked towards the other car. I could hear my Dad shouting at the young driver, “You just got your license and you are still on probation and you are driving like a madman?!!” He was giving the boy a lecture. The boy was apologising profusely. I told him I’ll get someone to evaluate the damage and then bill him. There’s a bad dent on the left back passenger side just after the door, all the way to the bumper.

We exchanged phone numbers, and after more apologies from him, we left. I told my dad why he was so angry, and scolded the boy so harshly. What if he was some road bully and beat him up? He’s way too gangho. My dad.

I was shaken by the accident, but then I counted my blessings. If I’d drove any slower, or if the driver drove any faster, he could have knocked right into the back passenger car door, where Zara was seated. I don’t want to imagine that. And I was driving Daddy’s car, and not my car, which has cheaper spare parts, more common colour, and he already has a dent from the day before, so if he needed to knock the dent back, he can get them done all together. Lucky in a way?



1. Sasha - August 14, 2006

Luckily nuthing “BAD” happened. Maybe Zara is your lucky charm. 🙂

2. Egghead - August 14, 2006

sorry to hear about your bad lucks 😦
at least everyone is OK… damaged car can always be repaired… but the same cannot be said for human 🙂

I think your dad is right to give those reckless young lads a good scolding… otherwise… more will suffer…

3. jazzmint - August 14, 2006

whoa..double badluck huh..at least no one was hurt.

4. IMMomsDaughter - August 14, 2006

Count your blessings that everyone is fine. Cars? They can be repaired 🙂

5. geetha - August 14, 2006

Phew! Thank God everyone is okay.
Sometimes, those reckless drivers have to be lectured. Even then, it may not be enough.. your dad was worried of you and his grandaughter 🙂

I had one of those when I was pregnant with Champion, on my birthday some more.. but all was fine ;P

6. Jesslyn - August 14, 2006

Really really lucky no one hurt.

7. domestic rat - August 14, 2006

Glad that at least you guys are not hurt. Now that’s a blessing already.

8. sesame - August 14, 2006

Some bad luck with the car but good thing nothing serious except for dents. Looks like it’s a weekend of car problems. Our car also died on us yesterday, suddenly without warning.

9. Hui Sia - August 14, 2006

Oh, really 祸不单行!But, lucky that everyone is fine.

10. Leonard - August 14, 2006

most importantly is the whole family and zara is fine.

so did the lorry company pay back to daddy.

how much you ransom the young driver.

these drivers are horrible! must teach them a lesson!

11. Simple American - August 14, 2006

So happy no one is not injured. Truly that is more important than anything else. Hope the car can be repaired painlessly. Be safe and hope those driving around you are too.

(Cannot blame your men folk for getting mad)

12. may - August 15, 2006

I’d say it’s a blessing in disguise, ‘cos no one got hurt, and the boy learnt his lesson! I hope the truck driver would stop daydreaming too…

13. Vien - August 15, 2006

I’m glad all of you are okay. That matters most. As for you, try to keep calm. You wouldn’t want the little one inside feels all the anxiety.

14. Zara's Mama - August 15, 2006

Yeah, that’s already considered ‘lucky’.

You are right, after all it’s just a piece of metal here.
I was worried about my dad scolding a road bully. But the guy was pretty polite, lucky my dad.

Yeah loh.

True.. That’s why it’s considered a blessing found this bad luck.

My dad gets boiling mad very quickly.. Haha.. since I’d moved out, he probably has no where to vent his frustration, so he took the opportunity to bash up the lad.
Oh boy, you luck wasn’t very good on that particular occasion huh?

Yeah loh. 祸不单行!

Domestic Rat,
That’s what I felt as well at the end.

Oh boy.. global car problem huh?

Hui Sia,
Yeah, luckily nobody got hurt.

Hubby is still busy, no time to bring the car to check how much it was cost to knock the dent back. But I believe, it’s very likely that we’ll have to paying from our own pocket. 😦

Simple American,
They are just dents.. it’s no big deal, but then hubby is quite fussy about the appearance of his car.
Haha.. there’s something about men and their cars huh?

Yeah, in a way it’s blessing in disguise.

I think I was calmer than the 2 men.. but then again, maybe because it wasn’t my car that was knocked.. 😛

15. ky - August 15, 2006

Phew! Glad everyone in the car are alright.

Just wish all road users can be thoughtful. The mistake you made, not only affect yourself, but possibly someone else too.

16. blurblur - August 15, 2006

What a close shave! And it’s really a blessing that everyone is alright…

Was little Zara affected by both incidents?

Just can’t understand why are there such careless drivers on the road…sigh..

17. beckysmum - August 15, 2006

Most important is everyone is alright! Hope that Zara was no frighten in both incidents.

18. Goldilocks - August 15, 2006

it’s great to be safe. scary nevertheless.

Simple American’s blog led me to yours. hope you don’t mind me visiting.

19. Cocka Doodle - August 15, 2006

Glad to learn that no one got hurt. Most of these a$$holes are not fit to be on the road so you got to watch out
for yourself and zara.
Sometimes it may be your right of way no doubt, but if it’s not given, don’t claim it and risk an accident.

Whats the car number ah? Want to bet kau-kau this week. Hehehehe!!!

20. Kittycat - August 15, 2006

Thank God everyone is OK, esp you and Zara!!! Hubby got knocked by a woman with a crying kid once and though she was clearly in the wrong, he pitied her coz she looked so stressed. Never mind, as the Chinese like to say “Money can always be earned back but life, you only have one”. Take care

21. Samm - August 15, 2006

“Poh Choi Dong Joi”

Ya, man, lucky for Zara. Thk god, no one’s hurt. And ur dad had better control himself, if not….. u know the rest….

22. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter - August 15, 2006

In situation such as this even though everything is alright, the “what ifs” always play in our mind. Glad that all are alright. Take care.

23. shoppingmum - August 15, 2006

It’s more like scary accidents than unlucky incidents to me. Luckily, no one get hurt. So, if both cars also masuk bengkel, have another spare car or not?

24. cp1 - August 15, 2006

wow what a weekend..thank god nobody was hurt..so what happen to incident 1, let him away????

25. Allyfeel - August 15, 2006

It most be the 7th lunar month. Luckily only car damages, no one was hurt.

When the lorry driver said so pittily, I guess ur hubby probably let him go?

26. Robin - August 15, 2006

oh dear. so sorry to hear that..

just like what happen to me two weeks ago, (if u read about my car accident)

Must be 7th month..

thank god, no one is hurt.

27. L B - August 15, 2006

A lotta the time, it’s bad luck, when there’s nothing you can do to avoid being in an accident caused by someone else’s stupidity… except go buy Empat Ekor, fast fast..

28. kwloong - August 15, 2006

Ha, I am getting fever jinx here and you getting car jinx. Let’s hope it will be gone for both of us. Take Care!


29. HMom - August 15, 2006

2 in a row! The good thing is everyone came out unhurt

30. See Fei - August 15, 2006

Got photo on the ASSh*** cars or not? post here let us condemn them kau kau. Glad all members of your family r OK!!

31. 荦怡 - August 15, 2006


must be very careful when driving!

32. Flowsnow - August 15, 2006

Wow! >….glad that all is ok! It’s just one of those unlucky days. Just pray to God for protection.

33. wHOisBaBy - August 16, 2006

very scary. two times one weekend. but glad everyone is OK and no one is hurt. car can easily get repaired.

34. LaundryAmah - August 16, 2006

I agree on the part of road bullys and also the rob cases where they purposely create accident then rob you! scary ler. as for the lorry drivers i really cannot tahan them lor cos they always give this excuse and drive recklessly! should call the boss!

35. Pink Cotton - August 16, 2006

oh dear..thats really scary..the first incident..

i always make it a point not to stop too near a truck carrying long poles or sth like that …tsk tsk..reckless la these ppl 😛

36. Irene - August 16, 2006

hope everyone is all well and that Zara is not too traumatized by it.

37. Zara's Mama - August 16, 2006

Hi all,
Yeah.. luckily nobody get hurt in the process.

We haven’t contacted the young chap yet for compansation b’cos we haven’t sent the car to the workshop yet.

38. Zara's Mama - August 16, 2006

And welcome Goldilocks.

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