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Who’s the mum? August 4, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, parenting, Zara.

One night during bed time, Zara was jumping on the mattress and refused to quiet down. So I threatened her.
Me : “Zara, stop jumping on the bed. Time for bed yeah”
Zara : *ignored me*
Me : “Zara, you don’t want to stop is it?”
Zara : *ignored me* Jump jump jump!
Me : “Ok, then mummy go work work in the computer room (she refers to the study as computer room). Daddy tuck you in then.” (Knowing very well she won’t let Daddy tuck her in)
And then I pretended to reach for the door knob of the room.
Zara : *Cried* Urgh!!!
Me : *turned back to the bed* So you stop jumping ok?
Zara : *walked towards me, and smacked my shoulder* Beat mummy!
Me : Why you beat mummy?
Zara : Because mummy yai yai (Chinese : Naughty)!
Wah, she thought I was naughty because I threatened to leave the room.

While we were driving to Penang, Zara was getting restless sitting on the car seat for too long. She started swaying her head left and right and that caused her head to knock against the sides of the car seat.
Me : “Zara, you cannot bang your head like that”
Zara : *ignored me, continued to sway her head*
Me : “Zara, you bang your head like that then your head will be painful and you’ll be stupid”
Zara : *stopped what she was doing, and stared at me wide eyes* Mummy say stupid!
Me : *shit!* “Ermm.. yeah, because you’ll be stupid mah, if you bang your head like that”
Zara : *stared at me still* Mummy say stupid *waved her finger at me* cannot say stupid!
Me : Ok ok.. sorry, mummy shouldn’t say stupid. Stupid is not a nice word.
Right, my fault, I told her not to use the word, and I use it myself.

She’s getting to be more like me now.. hmm..



1. blurblur - August 4, 2006

Hahaha…you also ‘kena’ from Zara for using the ‘stupid’ word…:P

Zara got character huh…ignore you woh! 😉 Looks like she’s trying to test your limits now!;p

2. Egghead - August 4, 2006

zara is really getting the hang of waving her finger hor?!
show us a picture mah! 😛

3. ~Love.Joy.Life~ - August 4, 2006

hahaha.. so fast know to lecture mummy liao… Clever, clever!!

4. IMMomsDaughter - August 4, 2006

Like mother, like daughter izzit? You’ve got another forbidden word detector 🙂

5. Jesslyn - August 4, 2006

Lyon will beat me too if i scold her or smack her, if i ignore her, she will cry even louder till i sayang her..sigh

6. geetha - August 4, 2006

Opps.. now she is able to tell you back! Now, you have to watch what you say.. if not she will warn you! Hahaha..

7. shoppingmum - August 4, 2006

Mommy got scolded huh? Got to watch your “mouth” already 😛

8. Zara's Mama - August 4, 2006

Yeah, now she’s monitoring me closely to see if I’m using any forbidden words.
Hmm, she’s really ignoring me more often now, I think because approaching Terrible Twos.

Yeah. She likes to say Cannot this and that and waving her finger now.
Aiyo.. hard to take shots like this.

Mummy has to be careful loh.

The way she speaks and behaves sometimes really is a reflection of myself. Scarry.

Hmm.. That was Zara’s first time ‘beating’ me, but I was really ‘naughty’ ler, for threatening her.
She never smack me when I scold her or smack her, b’cos she knows she’s the one who’s naughty.
Lyon really very manja ler. Better watch out a bit, just in case she always bullies you.

Yes, really have to watch myself, and have to make sure I don’t contradict myself. She’s keeping tab.

Yeah loh.

9. Contented Mum - August 4, 2006

With a toddler around really have to watch what we say and do, really keep you on you toe hey!

10. Hui Sia - August 4, 2006

You talked so nicely to Zara, i feel so ashamed as i always say unpleasant words for Jo. I tried hard for not saying harsh words, but sometimes just can’t control when in temper.

11. chanelwong - August 4, 2006

opss and oh oh…zara caught mummy saying ‘stupid’…

12. Zara's Mama - August 4, 2006

Contented mum,
I think even when they are older, we still have to watch out what we say. Their ‘talk back skill’ will just improve. 😛

Hui sia,
Huh? I talk to her like normal woh. Not like extremely nice. Treat them like an adult, then they’ll behave like one. 😛

Yeah.. good observation huh? Even though she was occupied with head banging.

13. sesame - August 4, 2006

Hahaha…so funny little Zara. Why you and blurblur so uptight about the word stupid? See lah, now cannot even use as an adjective.

14. 荦怡 - August 4, 2006

haha! Like mother like daughter, Good train, now she lecture you already, So smart!

Joelle’s mmy

15. Voltboy - August 5, 2006

Haha.. Chip off the old block!

16. LaundryAmah - August 5, 2006

Oh yes! the “Stupid” word is major no-no cos my son will say this while waving his finger at me, “oh oh..mommy say stupid…” “Cannot say stupid, ok??” ok ok…sorry…

17. Adrian & Alvan - August 5, 2006

Ohhoh mummy been ‘caught’ :D, emm..mind your word 🙂

18. 1+2mom - August 5, 2006

haha..i didnt use this word at home, but if they drive me crazy i will use it.

19. Flowsnow - August 6, 2006

I can imagine the kids driving you wild! My WH is similar to Zara! I always thought I was walking a lonely road having to deal with his mischieves until I read this…mm..looks like it’s quite common for kids to have selective hearing! Until `threatened’.

Naturally like any other uptight parent (after reprimanding the kid xxx times!!) we would resort to giving out `threats’. My famous line is…..ah..stop this or that ….OR ELSE…No Fish and tortoise for you. The other line is ..NO IKEA for you, NO Curry Puff and for Baby V would be NO Park and hell breaks loose with the wailing and urgh…….. As for WH, he will retract his bad behaviour and sit still for a while and then continues the `Jack in The Box’ event….jump and jump non stop. I wonder if those huge big canon balls would work. Maybe I should tie them to his legs! Muhahahha….the wicked look and laugh. Lovely blog and a fantastic mother!

20. kwloong - August 6, 2006

*waved finger*..so many “stupid” words used in your post. *giggles*


21. MyLittleChampion - August 7, 2006

ya, oscar too whenever i said stupid or silly, he’ll said ‘mommy, dont say that word!” and insist that i say sorry!! like that also can wor….

22. mom2ashley - August 7, 2006

LOL! how cute!

23. Sasha - August 7, 2006

It’s like dat lah being a mommy…what to do…Everything oso have to jaga-jaga. Cos they learn from us ma! 🙂

24. earthember - August 7, 2006

I use the word ‘stupid’ quite often, but would get scolding from hubby for using it. Yeah, it’s definitely not good for the kids to pick it up.

25. Twin - August 7, 2006

hehe she’s good with word now. They always follow what their parents do isnt it.
Eh btw, you are getting big oredi .. how many months? Boy? Girl?

26. Simple American - August 7, 2006

Oh gosh. Better watch your step ZM. She’ll call the authorities on you once you can figure out who to call.

Good luck. The terrible twos are on the horizon. 😉

27. Zara's Mama - August 8, 2006

Yeah, we just put ourselves in a corner, and we can’t make a u-turn now. 😦

Sigh, now really behaving like mummy, can carry out ‘punishment’ and ‘lecturing’.

Err.. meaning?

‘Stupid’ seems to be a taboo word in most household with young kids huh?

Yes, mummy has to mind her word. 😦

And do they ‘lecture’ you not to use it?

Haha.. I think it’s quite common for kids to drive us up the walls with their witty remarks and mischievous behaviour. Your kids are cute too huh?

If some one search for Stupid, will sure end up in this post huh? 😛

They are all so good at ‘lecturing’ their parents now.

Yes.. !!

Yeah, they behaviour is a reflection of ours.

There are just too many ‘forbidden’ words to use if we want to ‘control’.. At least your kids didn’t lecture you.. 😛

I’m 4months plus, don’t know girl or boy yet. Yes.. I’m getting big.

Simple American,
Haha.. yes! And when she finds out the phone number for child abuse hotline, I’ll have to stop my smacking her. Yikes.

28. Allyfeel - August 8, 2006

hehehe….jumping and bangging? She is just like bb as well except bb is more intense. The combination of two…after jumping he would bang his head on the bed hard many times. *boy…shake head*

29. See Fei - August 8, 2006

tell her if she break car glass by swaying, got to sleep with daddy as punishment… that will put the fear in her! hehehe…

30. Zara's Mama - August 8, 2006

can understand the jumping, but why the banging huh?

See Fei,
Haha.. clever woh.. this future Daddy of See Fei Jr.

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