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Daddy Sleep On Sofa July 26, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

I had a 10pm meeting, and was trying to tuck Zara in before my call.

I asked Daddy to ‘observe’ how I do it, so that he can tuck Zara in in future if I have night call instead of having to always depend on Tuyam. However, since Daddy always excites Zara to the extend of her being alert instead of sleepy, I told Daddy to lay low on the floor, and listen to how I handle her.

While Zara was telling me what she wanted to dream about, we started to hear some snoring. Oh well, this always happens (I mean him falling asleep while caring for Zara, but not the snoring) so I just ignored it, but Zara suddenly kept quiet and listened intently. Daddy must be very tired as he usually doesn’t snore, and it was getting louder.

Zara sat up suddenly, in a frightened voice she said, “Go down stairs! Daddy go downstairs.”
Me : “What happened girl?”
Zara : *with tembling voice* “Daddy go sleep downstairs.”
Me : “Why? Zara scared?”
Zara : *about to cry* “Zara scared scared. Daddy snore snore. So loud.”
So I had to give Daddy a shout and get him to leave the room before he upset Zara further.
After Daddy left, she calmed down and went to sleep.

In the morning, she remembered what happened, and she thought Daddy spent the night on the sofa.
“*pointed my side of the bed* Mummy sleep here”
” *poited to her cot* Zara sleep here”
“Daddy go down stairs sleep on the sofa.”
I asked, “Why Daddy sleep on the sofa?”
Zara :because daddy snore snore like a pig until Zara scared. Oink Oink” (my fault, when I got Daddy to go down stairs the previous night, I told him he was snoring like a pig and frightening Zara)
and continued, “Daddy go downstairs, and then no more sound. Zara no more scared.”



1. Egghead - July 26, 2006

whoa! daddy cannot sleep in the room just becoz he snored ah? Zara is the new queen!

2. Helen - July 26, 2006

Hey, then all the action is now downstairs lar??!! 😛 **getting ready binoculars..*

3. geetha - July 26, 2006

Hahaha.. you call him pig, she also follow 🙂

I cannot sleep when hubby snores.. When the boys were younger, I would tell him that he will scare the boys, but he said they will get used to it. And now, they are not bothered! 😉

4. Jesslyn - July 26, 2006

hahaha…poor daddy kena chased by her girl…
when my hubby snore, i also cannot sleep! 😦

5. blurblur - July 26, 2006

Aiyo, poor daddy, kena ‘kicked out’ from the room by Ahmeen and Zara..;p

When the daddy snores, Damien would look at me and shake his head, then said: “Daddy like a pig hor? so terrible!” ya lah, i’m the culprit lah..Hahaha…:P

6. mumsgather - July 26, 2006

Hahaha. Poor daddy. Aisay, the daddies always have a knack of exciting the kids before bedtime then falling asleep like a pig themselves leaving mummies to do the rest of the hardwork of getting the kids to sleep. Why ar? These days my girl doesn’t get surprised by daddy snoring anymore. She would either point to him and laugh or try to imitate him making me laugh. Lol!

7. IMMomsDaughter - July 26, 2006

Ha ha ha…are all daddies like that? Poor Zara, scared of oink oink snoring.Lol.

8. domestic rat - July 26, 2006

Haha… this is all too funny!!! YOur man must be dead tired to knock off so fast.

9. Twin - July 26, 2006

This post has been removed by the author.

10. Twin - July 26, 2006

hehhe .. that’s very cute. My girl and Mommy was also woken up by hubby’s snoring last night. And she sat there look around. Aiyo. Poor girl. And Daddy obviously got a scolding from Mommy la .. :Þ

11. YL - July 26, 2006

when my dad snore, i used to pinch his lips together to stop the snoring…

12. King's wife - July 26, 2006

After being so nice and getting you the MP3, he gets this treatment in return? Aiyoo….

13. sengkor - July 26, 2006

i dunno y ppl laughing at something which i find sad. poor daddy dun even get a good night sleep after a hard day at work? am i missing anything…?

14. kwloong - July 26, 2006

Poor dad, have to give way to Princess Zara.


15. sesame - July 26, 2006

Wahaha…she actually said daddy snore like a pig oink oink? Poor Daddy! He must have been too tired.

16. Lin Peh - July 26, 2006

Niasing ! Liddat oso can ? You expect Zara to respect her daddy when she grows up ?

17. Zara's Mama - July 26, 2006

Daddy cannot sleep before her.. after she’s slept, it’s ok.

No action la.. close shop.

Yeah.. must really be careful what I say in front of her.
So how now when your hubby snores?

Me too.. but luckily he only snores when he is very very tired.

We are so bad hor? Teach our kid to say the dad is like a pig. 😛

Daddies are very good playmates but sometimes they just don’t know how to handle a tired kid, and yes, they always fall asleep before the kid.
Haha.. your girl is cute. Either way, someone laugh. : )

Is your big kid like that too?

Domestic Rat,
He is good in knocking out real fast, any where any time. Especially when he has to look after Zara.

Most Daddies wake the kids up with their snoring huh?

Can you teach Zara how to do the same?

King’s Wife,
No la.. he came back to the bed to sleep after Zara has gone to bed.

Daddy get.. don’t worry. After his precious daughter is asleep he went back to the bed to sleep loh. But Zara didn’t know, though he spent the night on the sofa.

Just for that little while.

Yes.. all mummy’s fault for saying that first.

Lin peh,
Zara respect one.. Only don’t respect him when he’s sleeping.

18. shoppingmum - July 26, 2006

Your hubby snores too? Mine too, it’s me who’s beh tahan and wanna kick him out of the room! Just kidding…

19. Vien - July 27, 2006

she does have a good memory, even remember you mentioned “snoring like a pig”..hehe

20. Greenapple - July 27, 2006

can’t imagine that snoring itself would tremble a kid! i mean if that is from a stranger this is understood but if the act is from a close family member like father i thought … despite the annoyance, wouldn’t be a fear factor …

haha … so how is your hubby taking this? is he cool? haha.

21. mom2ashley - July 27, 2006

it must have been very loud huh until it scared her! LOL!

22. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter - July 27, 2006

Reminded me of my husband dozing off before the boy fall asleep. This happens often.

23. Cocka Doodle - July 27, 2006

Pity Zara….having to sleep in a room with piggy and hippo.


24. Sabrina - July 27, 2006

Luckily Keith’s not afraid of his dad’s snoring.He’ll try to wake him up or imitate him instead. I am the one who’ll kena kick off the bed one day as both of them have very bad sleeping habits.

25. Hui Sia - July 27, 2006

At first i thought why she knows how to say pig, hahaha…learnt from mommy. Next time must becareful lo..

26. earthember - July 27, 2006

Hahaha, poor daddy, he has to sleep on the sofa. Come to think of it, loud snoring can be quite frightful for a little kid. 😉

27. geetha - July 27, 2006

They don’t car.. sleep only! Hahaha..
But I cannot tahan.. I would shake him awake.. so that I can sleep before he sleeps off and snore again 😉

28. Zara's Mama - July 28, 2006

Hubby snores when he gets real tired. And yes, when he does that, I really feel like giving him a big kick.

Yes, her memory is quiet good.

It was in a dark room (lights out), maybe that’s why.
These few days, Zara kept asking Daddy to sleep downstairs, or she would say, “Daddy sleep upstairs, don’t snore yeah?”

It was loud, and it was dark in the room.. So that’s why.

I guess it all happens with men.. they always doze off before the kid do.

*innocently* who’s the hippo? You don’t sleep with her wut.

Haha.. you are the victim even though you don’t snore?

Hui Sia,
Yeah, really must be careful in front of them. They just pick up every word.

Loud snoring sounds like some animals grunting.

Haha, your boys are used to his snoring, but you are not. I do that as well when hubby snores, shake him and ask him to move position. 😛

29. See Fei - July 29, 2006

having fun with a 3rd party (Zara) in the house… i look forward to that day!!

30. LaundryAmah - August 1, 2006

well for my case, i am the one who snores! There was once i snored so loud that my son woke up and said this, “mummy be quiet!”

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