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Mummy Away – again July 6, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in myself, parenting.

Leaving for Singapore in a while for a meeting tomorrow. Told Zara about it.

Me : Mummy going to Hong Kong (just so she doesn’t get confused I didn’t say Singapore) to work work again, can or not?
Zara : *look a bit upset* Zara no cry. Mummy go work work, Zara sleep with Daddy.
Me : Good girl. Zara be brave and don’t cry ok? Mummy come back very fast one.
Zara : Mummy come back very fast. Zara no cry.

Maybe she thought I’ll be buying her tons of clothes or toys again. Yikes!


1. IMMomsDaughter - July 6, 2006

Aiyooo…Zara so sweet & brave, bet you must be very “kam Tung” by her answer.

2. jazzmint - July 6, 2006

wow, how come suddenly so many travelling?? Zara very understand, must buy her moer clothes lah, now Sgp sale wohhh

3. chanelwong - July 6, 2006

Zara is now mature, understanding and brave..

4. Egghead - July 6, 2006

so… don’t remember to bring back toys and clothes for her wor ๐Ÿ™‚

5. geetha - July 6, 2006

Very good lah she.. she seems to understand. You will have a nic etrip with peace of mind that she understands why you’re away.

I am beginning to get scared of how my boys will be when I’m away next month for a week!

6. Allyfeel - July 6, 2006

Zara good girl! You seems travelling a lot eh lately? Take care.

7. shoppingmum - July 6, 2006

Don’t you feel tired travelling during this pregnancy? Even if it’s just a short trip, I think I’ll feel exhausted. You take good care of yourself.
Your girl very understanding.
BTW, I like you precious post of : Mommy 1; Daddy 0 score. Ha!

8. blurblur - July 6, 2006

Wow..welcome to Singapore! ๐Ÿ™‚ Only stay for a day?

Zara is very understanding leh, don’t forget to buy her more clothes and toys ok? Oh and ribena..;)

Yup, must take good care of yourself too, Ahmeen! ๐Ÿ™‚

9. domestic rat - July 6, 2006

Remember to check out SkinFood at Marina Square!

10. kwloong - July 6, 2006

What line of work do you do? How come suddenly need to travel so much? Wah Zara really big sister, understand mummy. *clap* *clap*


11. MamaBoK - July 6, 2006

Aww..! way too sweet..!

12. ky - July 6, 2006

Zara no cry, me feel like crying. *sigh* Sometimes I will want to cry when a child is so so sensible.

13. See Fei - July 6, 2006

dont worry. ur daughter is seasoned liao. but dont forget to buy tons of toys for her wo! my KL fren said toys here are cheaps. try chinatown OG …

are you meeting eileen in SG?

14. Fannie - July 6, 2006

travelling is tough isn’t it? That is also why I am at a lost when I was offered a job that needs to travel but with very good opportunities…sigh…

All the best in whatever! ๐Ÿ™‚

15. may - July 6, 2006

bye bye, have fun, don’t forget us!

16. Vien - July 6, 2006

aiyo, stoopid hp, still make u travel? I think you need to make up some excuses to not travel. ๐Ÿ˜› I travelled during my 3rd and 8th month. Both trips were equally tiring. Just take it easy and don’t carry heavy stuff.

17. Helen - July 6, 2006

Ha ha ha…. rasuah already. She know expect stuffs eh?? lol

18. sesame - July 6, 2006

Heheh…Daddy is for backup one.

19. Sue - July 6, 2006

“ky said…
Zara no cry, me feel like crying. *sigh* Sometimes I will want to cry when a child is so so sensible.”

Me also wor… *sobs*

20. Simple American - July 6, 2006

Wow. They don’t let you get settled huh? Reminds me of how my missus was.

Be brave Zara. Good experience for Daddy too?

21. L B - July 7, 2006

Oh you jetsetter you!!!

22. Gene Lim - July 7, 2006

ohh boyy….take it easy eh…dun overworked urself up.. ๐Ÿ™‚
Zara soo good gal..mummy buy lotsa goodies ha ๐Ÿ™‚

23. Mother Superior - July 7, 2006

Are you back yet from Singapore? Call us next time you come by, OK?

I can see Zara running up to you and give you a big hug. MUAK!

24. Contented Mum - July 7, 2006

Zara so good ya, let mummy go work work and Zara sleep with Daddy!
So far, I have not leave Qi Ning and travel anywhere on my own. guess I must try it one day see how she fair!

25. Adrian & Alvan - July 8, 2006

Emmm..better take good care of yourself hor ๐Ÿ™‚
Zara so sweet hor, so sensible and touchy…

26. mom2ashley - July 8, 2006

wow you have to travel quite a bit now huh? well at least she understands? hope she won’t say stupid mommy again ya! ahahahha

27. Zara's Mama - July 10, 2006

I’m back from Singapore.. I don’t travel that much, but just so happen the Hong Kong trip and Singapore trip are very close to each other.

Zara was behaving, as I told her she only had to sleep twice without me. When she woke up on Saturday seeing me, she was really happy. I reminded her, “mummy didn’t bluff you right? Mummy said you wake up you’ll see mummy.” and she had this big big grin!

Happy to be home with her!

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