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Funny Little Girl II May 29, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

In the morning, Zara wakes up and demands for her milk.
Instead of saying “milk milk” liked she used to say before snuggling close by to nurse, she says, “wants bottle breast” (thanks to breast feeding, she thinks all milk come from breast, even if it’s the bottle).

In the night, after she’d brushed her teeth, and come out of the toilet.
Zara : “Zara’s teeth so nice.”
Then she adds on : “Uh-Ker (uncle) XXX Seng’s teeth not nice.” Remembering Sengkor‘s chocolate coated teeth at May’s birthday.

She likes this new VCD Wow! That’s What I called Nursery Rhyme very much. I don’t quite like it because the nursery rhymes are sung too quickly, and the moving graphics too chaotic.
She took the VCD to me the other day, tapping on it, she said “Mummy put this one”.
I told her, “Mummy don’t like this one. Too noisy, make mummy headache”
She replied, joining her thumb and index finger together, “Soft soft ma”.
Ha.. she thought I was complaining about the volume, so she suggested I turn down the volume.

While out with my eldest sis and her baby Tasha, we teased Zara.
Sis : Mummy tonight sleep with Tasha baby, you sleep with Yi-yi ok?
Zara : Mummy sleep with Daddy only.
(obviously, I can’t sleep with anybody)



1. may - May 29, 2006

LOL @ Unka Seng Kor’s teeth!

Zara will be brushing her teeth every day without fail now…

2. michelle - May 29, 2006

Ever try to confuse her and see how she reacts. Tell her, them mummy get soft soft headache, how? 😆 She is definitely adorable with her words.

3. Egghead - May 29, 2006

Zara say you sleep with Daddy only? I thought she will say sleep with her leh! so good girl!

4. blurblur - May 29, 2006

Aiyo…so cute leh, your little Zara! :0

Think we’ll get to ‘hear’ more funny conversation when the baby comes..;)

5. geetha - May 29, 2006

Yeah, I also expected her to say ‘sleep with Zara’.. Hmm, very clever.

Good girl, brush teeth at night. My boy, morning also give a fight, imagine at night. But have to start when he is a bit bigger…

She is very mature and understanding for her age. Very good. I’m very sure she’ll be a good sister 🙂

6. maria @ twinsmom - May 29, 2006

so? if not sleeping with Daddy, who else you think you can/want to sleep with LOL 😛 *run away*…

7. L B - May 29, 2006

I am so gonna go get some Baby onto my Blog too!! Too cute!

8. See Fei - May 29, 2006

u have reinforced my believe that baby is sharp and direct with their observations…and make me want to have my own…

9. yl - May 29, 2006

BUAHAHAHahahaha!!!!!!! bottle breast!!! i like that!!!! 😛

10. Jesslyn - May 29, 2006


11. Zara's Mama - May 29, 2006

Yes, in deed after your birthday dinner, every time she makes a fuss brushing her teeth, all I have to do is mention, “do you want your teeth to be like Uncle XXX Seng?” And she’ll hold my hand to get to the toilet to brush her teeth.
It works wonder.. nobody wants to have teeth like that. 😛

If she’s confused, she’ll just keep quiet and tune out. 😛

I also thought she will say Mummy sleep with Zara. That’s why I’m always in for surprises.

Yeah, words that come out at this stage is just so cute.
Wonder what she’ll say about baby later.

Maybe you should show your boys Seng Kor’s teeth, see if that will change them. Hee Hee.
She’s really like a 2yr old when I look at her behaviour. Aaah.. they grow up too soon.

I thought she’ll say I sleep with her ma.

First, make one! Hee hee.

See Fei,
Go See Fei go.. make one!

Mummy’s breast, Daddy’s breast, bottle breast. Hee hee.

Yeah.. they are sooo soo cute.

12. jazzmint - May 29, 2006

hehe..she’s got a sense of humour too huh :).

wahh..she answer mommy sleep with daddy only, then zara oso gotta sleep elsewhere lorr hehehe

13. L B - May 29, 2006

need application form la… so ma fan wan… nevermind, you wait! Very soon, ok? Any minute now…

14. sesame - May 29, 2006

She’s so funny! Mummy sleep with daddy only…hahaha…and she’s got good memories. If ever I see her, must not show her my teeth.

15. mama bok - May 29, 2006

So cute.. and so SMART..!
Amazing lil’ gal you have ..!!

16. mom2ashley - May 29, 2006

hahaha…so cute…obviously you cant sleep without anyone else!

17. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - May 29, 2006

u know what?
your little post with regards to conversation with zara actually create awareness in me to observe and listen to my kids’ more 🙂 i like this!

18. Samm - May 29, 2006

Love her for it. It’s a totally different scenario over at my place. Gordon’s pwnd the bed since birth. I dont get to sleep with anyone else except him and only him….. sigh. No, not even papa…… sigh…..

Malcolm will have to make do with the playpen like forever……….

19. Tracy - May 29, 2006

Zara will be jeles mar if mummy is to sleep with someone else mar hor?And she obviously knows dat Mummy of course will sleep with Daddy only lor hor, aiyo, who else leh? *tongue out*

20. Simple American - May 30, 2006

Wow not only is she cute, but she is considerate. How many little kids care if the parent is irritated. And then provide a solution. Her thoughtfulness to ask for the volume to be turned down is precious. Awww…

21. starry nights - May 30, 2006

Just stopped to say hello. Zara reminds me of my kids when they were little.

22. Helen - May 30, 2006

yeah, echoing little Zara’s comment…. u cannot sleep with anybody else. lol

23. ky - May 30, 2006

One brainy girl, she is!

24. Zara's Mama - May 30, 2006

Nowadays, she seems to start preferring to sleep in her own cot. Very strange. She will snuggle up and fall asleep next to me, but after I’d put her in her cot, even if she woke up middle of the night, she’d roll and play in her own cot until she falls asleep.. She would only come over if I invited her over in the morning.

What application form?
Aim and load only woh. 😛

If she sees your teeth, will she want to be like your or not? *hee hee*

Mama bok,
Hey, how come you are MIA for so long? What happened?

My fate is sealed, can only sleep with Daddy.

Two Little Fellas,
You should share with us more of Matt’s and Brad’s conversation, but I think you are already, especially Matt’s witty remarks.

Gordon is not going to make way for didi? It’ll be tough though if you want to breastfeed Malcom. I think it’s easier to breast feed if the child share the same bed as the mother, esp night feeds.

I thought she will say Mummy sleep with Zara ma.. because it does happen often that we end up sleeping together, although getting less now.

Simple American,
Her proposal of a solution but her ignorant of the real problem makes it cute! 😛

Starry Nights,
How old are yours?

There goes the hunk I always dream of sleeping with.. *sigh* (hope daddy didn’t read this).

One girl who likes to give funny remarks. 😛

25. Samm - May 30, 2006

Makes not much of a difference. The playpen will be right beside the bed only. Breastfeeding no problem. So, i play a happy threesome with both boys, Gordon on my right, Malcolm on my left.

Poor papa, will be sleeping in the guest room. I wont have the pleasure of waking him up like every 2 hours to pick Malcolm up and bring him to me tho.

We’ll see how it turns out to be later, hehe

26. Hui Sia - May 30, 2006

Zara so cute while saying mummy sleep with daddy only, smart to answer Yiyi.

27. Zara's Mama - May 30, 2006

Poor Daddy.. out he goes.. and wonder when he’ll get his bed back.

My hubby will give the whole bed to ourselves if Zara is ill or if he’s ill.

Hui Sia,
Yeah loh.. don’t want to hurt Yiyi’s feelings. 😛

28. Allyfeel - May 31, 2006

LOL…innocent and sweet zara. Mommy cannot sleep with anyone except daddy. 🙂

29. Zara's Mama - May 31, 2006

Yes.. very ‘strict’ she is.

30. Sue - June 2, 2006

Hey, she’s very good at adding “only” at the end of some senteces 🙂 Such a cutie!

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