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Funny Little Girl May 24, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

I was working from home. I heard the little girl shouting for me from the stair case.
Zara : Mummy where you (where are you)?!!
Me : Here.
Zara : Come, see.
Me : Wait.. coming.
I gladly went down to check.
Zara : Zara queen! *grin*
So here is the queen of the house.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Heard Zara farted. So I asked her, “Zara fart fart?”
Zara giggled and said, “Like Daddy. Pooot”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zara having her favourite fishball for lunch.
Daddy : Zara share share your fish ball with Daddy ok?
Zara : Don’t want
Daddy : Zara must share share
Zara : Zara share share with Zara only (clever answer)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zara vomited out some milk after her feed.
Me : What happened? Why Zara vomit?
Zara : *grinned* Zara choke! Urk! Urk! *demonstrated*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After she’d finished playing with her toy, I asked her to clean up.
Me : Zara! Clean up time!
Zara : Don’t want.
Me : Zara, if you don’t clean up who will clean up the mess then?
Zara : Kakak clean up.
Me : *surprised by her answer, but still put on a straight face* But Kakak didn’t play with the toys. Why must she clean up?
Zara : Uh-Ke Ah-Nua clean up then
(Uncle Anuar is what she calls King’s driver, and I don’t know why she dragged him into this)



1. Jefferene - May 24, 2006

OH, Queen Zara so cute and so clever!

2. mama bok - May 24, 2006

So smart..!!

3. may - May 24, 2006

… and now presenting Miss World 2020… Zara Low!!!
*clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!*

(remember not to fart or vomit on stage, ya…)

4. L B - May 24, 2006

Hmm, Top Model material already..

Love the “Zara share share with Zara only”!! OMG! That’s so wicked.. Now, why didn’t I ever think of that?

5. maria @ twinsmom - May 24, 2006

indeed, very funny girl, and smart too :D.

6. mom2ashley - May 24, 2006

the queen of the house is so cute!

7. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - May 24, 2006

aahhh…that cheeky little princess is so CUTE!!! look at how she posed- so real!!!

kinda’ agree with albie on zara share share with zara only- well, we definitely can learn a thing or two from the kids.

8. yl - May 25, 2006

consider changing her name from Zara to Queenie… 😛

9. Gene Lim - May 25, 2006

cute dress up game 🙂 who dressed up for her? dun tell me she did herself? boy she is one smart gal eh 😉
i am very amazed with the way she talked…she is really smart..u taught her very well! GREAT JOB MOM!

10. J-mumbles - May 25, 2006

LOL. Cheeky gal… 😛

11. Vien - May 25, 2006

Her reasoning skill is great! It’s difficult to stay angry with her, huh? 🙂 She is such a joy!

12. Greenapple - May 25, 2006

oh my God, she is so smart and cute at the same time. She is like a beauty queen carrying a basket going to the market! curious to find out where she found the inspiration. and what’s with the towel … haha!

i am amazed by the way she articulate. her words and replies are really fascinating ….

13. Egghead - May 25, 2006

I think zara watched one too many beauty pagents… LOL!

she is really the queen in the house hor!

14. sesame - May 25, 2006

Wow, the mighty queen can give very grand answers! Don’t play play neh…

15. mumsgather - May 25, 2006

She says she is queen ah? Not princess? I’m afraid she has taken over the place of the real queen of the house (you). Haha.

16. domestic rat - May 25, 2006

Gosh!! She’s missing a tiara.

17. Zara's Mama - May 25, 2006

Jefferene, Mama bok,
Thank you.

Aunty May,
Remember to SMS in your votes yeah? I promise I won’t fart and vomit.

Iceberg wants to hire her?
Yes! Kids really ‘think out of the box’ huh? We really should think like them.

Hee hee.. Yeah.. getting more and more fun to be with her.

The thing is she knows she wants to be the queen and not the king. I wonder how she got that figured out.

Two Little Fellas,
Like doing the cat walk huh?
That’s right, we should think like a kid sometimes. 😛

Luckily she didn’t ask to be a King.. or you’ll ask her to change her name to Kin—? Haha

She strapped the linen cloth around her shoulder, so my maid helped and tie the knot for her.
Yes, her language skill is really amazing.. She just picks things up so fast even when we’re not consciously teaching her and sometimes it amazes us.

Yeah loh.

That’s right.. Sometimes you just hear her ‘argument’ and you can’t help but stop being angry. And I know, this is going to happen even more when she grows older and can talk even more.

She’s an African queen ma. Queen but still not rich.. so still need to go and do her own marketing. 😛
I think she watches too much TV (esp on the Old King Cole’s nursery rhyme), that she thinks being a queen you have to wear a cape (is that called a cape?). So hung one around her neck, and my maid helped her tied the knot.
Yes, I sometimes get amazed at some of the things she says.

She watches too much nursery rhymes.. Those with King and Queen in.

Kick ass queen huh?

She hasn’t been expose to princess yet. More of just king and queen now from those nursery rhymes. You know of any nursery rhyme with princess on?

Domestic rat,
Mummy has to work on that. 😛

18. Sue - May 25, 2006

Her conversations just amazes me all the time… and she’s adorable!

19. Allyfeel - May 25, 2006

Queen Zara is getting matured and smarter olready now. Sure is a super Leng Lui…

Hehe the queen looks like little red riding hood searching for flowers in the wood. 🙂

20. ky - May 25, 2006

Hehee.., Zara getting more clever. Hope she won’t make you vomit blood when she’s older. 😛

21. geetha - May 25, 2006

Very clever lah, your Queen. The pose with the bag and flower is nice 🙂

Need any Kings as her partner? 😉

22. Tracy - May 25, 2006

*clap clap clap* for Queen Zara. Zara, wearing the panty and blouse will not earn u points, remember to wear sessy bikini, okay? Aiyo, ya lor, remember not to ‘urk’ and ‘poot’ on the stage too. Kekekekeke.

23. sambal-belacan - May 25, 2006

u’ve got yourself a smart cookie here!

24. michelle - May 25, 2006

Hahaha..no wonder queen, got maid to clean up after her…:P

25. JoMel - May 25, 2006

OMG! Fatt Haoism in the making. Hahaha! So the cute!

26. khongfamily - May 25, 2006

Zara can do catwalk already. Little queen Zara wants to be a model when she grows up? 😛

27. yl - May 25, 2006

if she ask to be a King, my suggestion would become… KING KONG!!!! or Kinky?? 😛

28. Simple American - May 26, 2006

You guys have a driver. I need a driver. Could get 2 to 3 more hours of sleep.

Zara is so funny. Really has an interesting thought process. Cannot argue with her logic. Especially when it comes to fish balls.

What will King’s Wife think about another queen in KL?

29. Hui Sia - May 26, 2006

Haha,Zara in 选美会!So cute!

Jo likes to say 呕 too, but he definitely would vomit something out most of the time.

Have to say again, Zara is a clever girl.

30. wHOisBaBy - May 26, 2006

Zara is the queen, got crown and hand bag on her hands. somemore walk like super model only!

31. jazzmint - May 26, 2006

hahaha….she looks like a model parading her baju 😛

32. Zara's Mama - May 26, 2006

Kids never seized to amaze adults, and most of them are adorable. When we’re not looking or aware, they are learning.

I haven’t read her the Little Red Riding Hood story yet. Maybe after she’s exposed to the story, she would want to get dressed like RRH.

Yeah.. now it’s cute huh? Later really can vomit blood.

Aaah.. Maybe she needs a president.. *hint hint*

I can imagine if she’s wearing some nicer ‘sessier’ clothes, she would even ‘show off’ more.

Thanks.. 😛

Aigh.. my maid spoils her! If it’s with me, I’ll make her clean up.

Yeah.. I remember your K&S fatt hao stories.. and I wonder if she’s going there soon.

I don’t think she knows what is modeling yet, but she’s definitely a show off and likes to parade around when she has something to show the family.

King Kong meh? Kinky sounds err.. a bit nicer.

Simple American,
I don’t have a driver, the King (as in King’s Wife’s husband) has!
Their little mind works wonder and always coming out with surprise answers to shock us huh?
King’s Wife is the ultimate crowned queen! She doesn’t have to worry. Hee hee.

Hui Sia,
Wow.. your Jo pretend to vomit also can vomit out something?

When I took her photo, it never occurred to me that she looks like she’s doing a cat walk, until you mentioned it.

So fatt hao hor?

33. Jesslyn - May 26, 2006

wow, cute zara! who put on for her? your maid?
i will wrap lyon with towel after bathing, she will walk slowly each time, then yelling other to look at her! 😛

34. blurblur - May 26, 2006

Hmm…don’t under estimate the power of Queen Zara…i sked sked ;p

35. Zara's Mama - May 26, 2006

Yeah.. my maid tied the knot for her as Zara only knows how to strap the cloth around herself.
Zara likes wrapping the towel around herself too. She’ll say she’s Little Budha or a baby, depending on her mood. 😛

Don’t play play with Queen Zara ok?

36. Baby Smooches - June 1, 2006

Phew Wheet!! Pretty Pretty little Queen….

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