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Nap, Jump, Request April 20, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, parenting, Zara.


She’s at this stage where 2 naps are too many, and 1 nap is not enough.

With 2 naps, it’s very difficult for me to get her to sleep in the night, and I really want her to sleep by 10pm, so that I’ll at least have some time to do my own things before going to bed.

With 1 nap, she gets sleepy around 8:30pm. It’s fine if I worked from home, but if I was at King’s Wife’s place, she falls asleep in the car on our way home, and then wakes up and becomes very fretful when I have to change her to pajamas; which means I’ll need to spend lots of time calming her.

I try to get Tuyam to let her take 2 naps in King’s Wife’s place (but it’s tough because she gets easily distracted by my nieces) and then take only 1 on days when I work from home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


She started jumping 2 weeks ago. On her first attempt, she fell backwards and landed on her buttocks. On her 2nd attempt (few minutes later), she landed on her buttocks, then lost her balance and knocked her head. After that, she’s very careful, she held on to something (the chair, a pair of hands) when she jumped.

These few days, she just jumps! Happy to have her feet lifted off the ground. Naggy mummy is always saying, “Be carefully, after fall down” when she starts her jumping spree.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


She had been shouting for things she wanted. E.g. “KAKAK, VA-TER-JEN” (Vitergen). “MUMMY, PUT BARNEY!”

Tuyam taught her to ‘speak nicely’ when she wants something. So now, she request for things nicely, even the way she calls Kakak or Mummy is different. I added and told her she must say “please” for things she wants.

Sometimes she still shouts out her request, but most time, she remembers and speak nicely with a please.



1. yl - April 21, 2006

calculate the number of hours for her to take a 1.5 nap??? ๐Ÿ˜›

2. Gene Lim - April 21, 2006

As they grow older they start not to take naps anymore..it happens to Ryan when he turns 2 years old.. What i have to now is try to play with him and worn him out..kkekeke esp bringing him out with nice fresh air..he will sleep good at least 1-2 hours in the afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚
and he will sleep around 9 pm till 7.30 am tomorrow..which is not soo bad ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Blogie-Talkie - April 21, 2006

My boy is the same not remembering the manners while make any request. We want him to always say Please, now he will say ๅฏๅ””ๅฏไปฅๅ‘€???
by time, he already grab what he wanted before we acknowlege him!!!:

4. Simple American - April 21, 2006

Got to reinforce those manners early. Thats fer sure.

Cute watching them get braver. Today jumping, tomorrow she will want to fly. hehe

5. may - April 21, 2006

I wanna request for a looooong nap! if only I could do that in the office once in awhile… *sigh*.

6. Egghead - April 21, 2006

at least she knows how to be careful after the first “accident”… unlike my son ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

7. mom2ashley - April 21, 2006

wow..she can demand now eh? she’s growing so fast huh!!! they grow too fast!!!!

8. michelle - April 21, 2006

Have her take longer hour nap, if can. What time does she sleep at nite and wake up?

9. Jesslyn - April 21, 2006

Ok, let me share on this…
When Lyon change to 1 nap, she become cranky at 11am, but MIL dun let her sleep first, drag till 1pm. She has longer nap till abt 4pm. Then at night I can get her sleep by 10pm. First few day pity her too when she cranky, but we got Wien to play with her. After 1 week, she no making noise at 11am.

At 1 or 2pm, both girls will napping, then MIL also can nap or do other things. Now seem easy for her too!

10. domestic rat - April 21, 2006

This reminds me of MM’s little niece who absolutely enjoys holding onto our hands, run very fast (and make us run too!), then with a leap, she jumps up and swing over some distance. I told her Mom that it’s no wonder she’s borned in the year of the monkey. Heehee…

11. blurblur - April 21, 2006

As they grow older, they no longer need 2 naps, i think a 1.5-2 hours nap in the afternoon should be sufficient?

Damien sometimes doesn’t nap at all, and he’ll get cranky around dinner time…

Why not try to bath and change her into her pyjamas at King’s wife’s place? hee..that’s what we did sometimes..bath and change Damien at my mum’s place before heading home..hehe.

12. Contented Mum - April 21, 2006

When they learn new skill, there will be no end to practising it till they learn another new one! But at least she knows how to hold on to something.

13. byrdie - April 21, 2006

you might wanna consider putting her in play school. you’d be surprised at the things she learns there. ie, washing hands b4 meals, saying “please”, “thank you” etc..

natalie started playgroup at 15 months, and she really looked forward to school. at least it takes some time off from home, as at time we do get bored entertaining them.

once she’s all burnt out at school, she’d be home sleeping 3 hrs and then by the time she’s awake, it’s evening. time would fly really quickly.

14. eve - April 21, 2006

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

15. geetha - April 21, 2006

As they grow older, very difficult to put them to sleep.. and getting her to sleep 1 nap is already good ๐Ÿ™‚

Soon she will be kangarooing around *hop, hop, hop* ๐Ÿ˜€

They will ask.. when the want something; They will demand if still didn’t get; They will cry and make fuss when didn’t get!!! *argghh*

16. jazzmint - April 21, 2006

hmm..looks like u gotta work fr home everyday so that she can have 1 nap and sleep early ๐Ÿ™‚

time to get her a trampolin? Then she’ll enjoy all the jumps hehe…

17. Samm - April 22, 2006

Gordon’s hours are odd. He wakes up anytime between 9am – 11am, afternoon naps for at least 3 hrs. Time, not particular. Could be from 2 – 5pm or 4 – 7pm, depends on how active he is that day. Then bedtime can range from 11pm – 1am.

As for Zara, perhaps can train her to take longer naps in the afternoon. But, like you said, distractions hoh.

18. earthember - April 22, 2006

I had a dream last night that I was babysitting Zara … haha. It was so surreal. She was such a good speller that we were all surprised, and writing the letters out on a board.

Well, just thought I would tell you.

19. Sabrina - April 22, 2006

Keith will have his nap twice daily. First at about 10 or 11 am and the next after his school at about 4 or 5 pm. At nite, he’ll sleep at 10.30p.m.He’ll sleep earlier when I off the room light. I guess they’ll know how to adjust themselves so that they have enough hrs of sleep in a day.

20. sesame - April 22, 2006

Maybe if you’re at King’s Wife place, change her into her pajamas before you head home? That way, it won’t be too fretful for her? I think chances are it would be impossible for her to take 2 naps there with the other kids around.

21. Allyfeel - April 22, 2006

Bb also get distracted very easily by noises and wakes up from sleep in the afternoon.

Zara also drinks vitagen?

22. Cocka Doodle - April 22, 2006


23. Tracy - April 23, 2006

Zara started jumping? Lifting her legs? Hahaha, she’ll be jumping around the house soon.

Adjusting her time for naps is another task. Normally at her age, she’ll slowly need 1 nap a day. Maybe train her to nap at about 1-1.30 p.m. and let her sleep longer. No worries, she’ll get used to the adjustment.

24. L B - April 24, 2006


25. Sue - April 26, 2006

Ivan’s at this stage too, 2 naps too much for him and he’ll end up awake till around 12mn… so nowdays I told Sutini to give him only 1 nap which lasts about 2 – 3 hours… works so far so good… usually he’s sleepy by 8.30 – 9.30 pm…

And vocab & manners, needs drumming into them by example I guess… Ivan’s also speaking very sweetly when he asks for something…

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