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Bloggers Unite April 18, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

Some of you would have known by now that a blogger SCB (Lisa) went into coma since 8th April.

A few of us visited her today in Gleneagles Hospital. She’s breathing on her own and her heart rate is normal, but the cause of her collapse is still unknown. She seems to be responding to voices, as when Seng Kor called out to her, she heaved a big sigh (just like yesterday with Jomel’s visit).

Linpeh is collecting well wishes and voices of bloggers, and will be compiling them into a CD. We hope it will get played to SCB (Lisa) and will rouse her from her deep sleep. For those of you who are interested, please record your voices, and send them to xymalaysia@yahoo.com.

Most of my readers I believe are parents, voices of your kids singing, or talking would be good too, especially since SCB (Lisa) has a daugther. I will be sending Zara’s singing and well wishes.

Please remember her in your prayers.

About the Linpeh’s project, please click here.

Note : Mamabok is calling bloggers all over the world to say a silent prayer for SCB (Lisa) tomorrow. 19th April 2006 – 1pm (M’sia time); 19th April 2006 – 2am (Canada Time).



1. Mama BoK - April 19, 2006

Bless your kind heart.. Zara’s mummy .. for linking my blog. 🙂

2. Lazymama - April 19, 2006

I feel so sad for her too! Will try to record YChing’s wiches and send to her!

3. L B - April 19, 2006

Such a sad thing to happen.. :-(.. but also nice to see so many people trying to help her too :-)..

4. Blogie-Talkie - April 19, 2006

The time zone is different in Canada.
It’s 2am Canada Eastern time, My time will be 11 pm.

5. Blogie-Talkie - April 19, 2006

I am sending some information out to my friends who is Christian in KL, hope she can pray with us too.

6. geetha - April 19, 2006

Sad for her too. She is in our prayers..
I am so touched that bloggers from all over are doing their best.. *pat on your backs*

7. Allyfeel - April 19, 2006

Poor her. Hope that she sense all of ur call and wake up. Just did a silent prayer for her.

8. blurblur - April 19, 2006

Yes, let’s all pray and i’m sure she can hear us and will definitely wake up..i believe..

9. Fannie - April 19, 2006

Oh…Bless her lotsa health!

I will keep her in my prayers…

10. shoppingmum - April 19, 2006

I won’t be able to record my support, but will keep her in my prayers. Hope she’ll wake up soon.

11. Tracy - April 19, 2006

Read Jomel’s blog with a heavy heart. Left a comment in SCB’s blog. Ordered her to WAKE UP if she wants to try the ‘siew yoke’ in Pudu (cos I’m working in Pudu mar).

I’ll be praying sincerely for her.

12. Simple American - April 19, 2006

Thanks for getting the word out ZM. I wish I could visit SCB. Looking forward to the next update. And still praying.

13. Zara's Mama - April 19, 2006

Thanks all.. hope what we are doing will rouse her from her deep sleep.

14. Gene Lim - April 20, 2006

SHe will recover soon….Will keep her in our prayers daily!

15. Cocka Doodle - April 20, 2006

It’s a pity. Just last month we were having a wonderful time at the gathering and now this has to happen.

16. Anonymous - September 22, 2006

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17. Anonymous - September 22, 2006
18. Anonymous - September 22, 2006

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