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Paink Paink April 5, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, parenting, Zara.

Zara sometimes gets a bit manja (Malay : need affections), and she will start complaining she has pain every where so that I’ll kiss the pain away. Yesterday night was one of those times.

While in bed, waiting for her to fall asleep.
Zara : *turned to me* Mummy
Me : *grogilly* Yes, Zara
Zara : Eyes. Paink paink
Me : *turned to look at her, in the dark trying to check her eyes* Zara’s eyes pain pain?
Zara : *whined and rub her eyes* eyes, paink paink.
Me : *took her hands away* You don’t rub your eyes! Let mummy check. *Checked and found nothing wrong* Never mind, Zara don’t rub your eyes any more. Mummy kiss kiss. Muak *then turned the other to try to sleep*
Zara : Mummy. Boh-dee paink paink.
Me : *turned to her* Body pain pain now?
Zara : *smiled and pointed ot her body* Paink paink.
Me : (realised she’s playing her ‘manja’ game) *kissed her tummy* Ok, mummy kiss kiss. Muak.
Zara : *pointed to her elbow* Eh-boh paink paink
Me : *kissed her elbow* Muak. Where else pain pain?
Zara : *pointed to her knee* Knee paink paink
Me : *kissed her knee* Muak. How come every where pain pain?
Zara : *pointed to her bum* Beh-sike, bum bum paink paink
Me : (never mind, this is a good time for her to name the body parts) *kissed her bum* Muak. Your armpit pain pain or not?
Zara : *pointed to armpit* Ah-Pit paink paink *grinning*
Me : *kissed her armpit* Muak. Your belly button pain pain?
Zara : *stuck her finger into her belly button* Buh-ton paink paink
Me : *kissed her belly button*. Muak. Some more?
Zara : *pointed to her private part* Petpet paink paink *cheeky grin*
Me : Eee. Petpet also pain pain? Ok ok, mummykiss. Muak. *Kiss her diaper*
Zara : *pointed to her ear* Eeyer paink paink
Me : *kissed her ear* Muak. Wah, every where pain pain huh?

And it continued, kissed her chin, her mouth, her feet, her hands, her nose, her head, her hair… It’s a bit like doing a revision on all the body parts she knows how to name. I have yet to teach her forehead, eye brow, shin, shoulder, but I guess we’ll soon get there, if she has this ‘pain attack’ often enough.



1. L B - April 5, 2006

LOLOL!!! πŸ™‚ Is this how we first learn to pleasure one another? *notes to self: “Paink Paink —> here”,
“Paink Paink —–> there!”*
I like..

2. Jason - April 5, 2006

LOL. She better not study biology, or else, she would start asking you to kiss her blood veins, thumb, fore finger, middle finger, toe nails, breast, nipples, buttock, hair, eye brows, lips, big teeth, gigi taring, lips, tongue, sweat glands, ankle, palm and……

And it gonna takes 2 hours to finish everything before she can go to sleep. Haha!

P/S : If my girl friend ask me to kiss until like that, 1 slap i give her. πŸ˜›

3. Lazymama - April 5, 2006

haha! Sound so familiar! My girl too complaint about petpet pain pain and stomach pain pain!

Zara so clever, can name all the body part already. πŸ˜€


4. Samm - April 5, 2006

Though Gordon still refuses to talk, he’ll just pull my hands to where he hurt himself and wants me to rub him and then kiss and hug. And he enjoys me scratching him all over too, lol.

5. The Diva - April 5, 2006

Awwwww… so sweet. Ophelia has outgrown this phase already. But she still insists on goodnight kisses.

6. Simple American - April 5, 2006

Those are fun times. Of course being the fuzzy headed Dad I would always add some raspberries to catch some extra giggles.

7. may - April 5, 2006

Beh-sike? hahahaha! that was so cute! kids can be sooo manja sometimes, hor? and not just kids… us adults can be so tehh sometimes too! *blushes with guilt*

8. shoppingmum - April 5, 2006

So young can tell so many body parts? Very smart girl. You must have spent lots of time talking to her, right? Her speech development is so much faster comparing to other toddlers.

9. e*ember - April 5, 2006

Haha, sounds like my son leh. He’s very manja also. In fact, sometimes, I get so worried, because I can’t tell for sure if it’s really pain, or he’s just saying it to get attention.

10. Blogie-Talkie - April 6, 2006

cute Zara,
we all love this game with kids, My husband do that to Brayden.
Soon he is a big boy, he will then refuse to play.
So Let’s enjoy this now…

11. Cocka Doodle - April 6, 2006

Me paink! paink! **pointing all over body**
Kena voodoo needle…paink paink

12. jazzmint - April 6, 2006

hehehe…so manja hoh!! Faythe points to her toe (pain pain) when we ask her, and she will want lotion to be put on

13. MyLittleChampion - April 6, 2006

hmmm, this is one funny way to learn body parts haha….

14. Egghead - April 6, 2006

she got her mother kissing her ass at such tender age liao ah? LOL!

just kidding…

my son will say here itch there itch instead of pain… same thing 😦

15. Mother Superior - April 6, 2006

Sayang, Zara, sayang… she’s sweet, you know.

16. mumsgather - April 6, 2006

My girl gets the itchy attacks too, just like egghead’s. Now baby has picked it up too so I have to scratch them both at the same time. (*rolls eyes*)

17. geetha - April 6, 2006

Hahaha, cute.. she just wants your attention, since she noticed you were ignoring her, and sleeping πŸ™‚

Champion also liek that.. but he will say pain when he hit somewhere, pain or not, he will come for the kiss πŸ˜›

18. michelle - April 6, 2006

How cute. Emily manja when daddy scold her, she will run to mummy for hugs. Sometimes I also tickle her using kisses all over her body before bedtime, she will giggles.

19. King's wife - April 6, 2006

you and tai siew got play this game or not? Maybe you should start tonight….LOL!!

20. mom2ashley - April 6, 2006

so cute….that’s a good way for her to learn her body parts as well i suppose

21. mom2ashley - April 6, 2006

so cute….that’s a good way for her to learn her body parts as well i suppose

22. Allyfeel - April 6, 2006

Aiyooo….she got all sorts of excuses to earn mommy’s kisses. Hahaha…so cheeky!

I would also kiss bb everywhere just to make him feel love.

23. sesame - April 6, 2006

Zara is sure very manja! Haha…so many piank piank. Why petpet?

24. Jesslyn - April 6, 2006

cute hor, they know how to earn εŒζƒ…from mummy hor!
Lyon will say η—’η—’ here and there if she want me to sayang her…

25. amanda - April 6, 2006

Orrghh… this is SO sweet. As I read my salive drip with envy ok!! Hopefully my baby boy can be so attached to me too. πŸ™‚

26. Siao Cha Bor - April 6, 2006

so sweet….i also do the same to my kid

27. shiaulin - April 7, 2006

now she let mummy kiss her whole body, when she grow up she let her bf do it. O_o

28. Simple American - April 7, 2006

shiaulin just made me fall out of my chair laughing.

29. Fannie - April 7, 2006

she’s such a sweetie!

Agnes, gals are really affectionate isn’t it? ;p Tho’ Ethyl don’t have “pain attack”, but she’ll pretend to cry just to make me hug her and kiss her! LOL…gals!

30. blurblur - April 7, 2006

Hahaha..so cute leh, Zara!

Next time you can get her to kiss you back lah..:p

But i do agree with Fannie, girls are more affectionate…damien seldom ask for my kisses, the most is a big hug lor…:x

31. Mama BoK - April 7, 2006

Awww..! so cute..!
My chloe.. loves to say.. “hurt”.. so we will have to kiss her.. like Zara.. πŸ˜‰
Children sure knows how to manipulate us eh..?? but it’s good to be manipulated this way.. eh..?? kekeke!

32. Zara's Mama - April 9, 2006

Sorry I couldn’t respond to your comments individually, been buzy.. but now blogging can resume! Yippie!

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