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Another Visit To The Dr March 30, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, parenting, Zara.

I just come to realise that Zara has this little raised ridge (about 1cm long) right in the middle of her skull where her hair line is. I don’t know when it started to be there, but 2 weeks ago, I could feel that very tiny little bump (feels like touching a tooth pick covered under a blanket), and it got me worried.

I wanted to slap myself for not bringing this up during the last visit to the Paed. After worrying for another week, I thought I’d bring her to the Dr to have a look.

When I told Zara we were going to see the Dr, she immediately whined, “Don’t want. Doh-tuh.” She probably remembered the injection she got.

She was as usual very cheerful while waiting for the Dr, playing with the toys in the waiting room. When it was her turn, she dragged me away from the door leading to the Dr’s clinic, and put up a fight when the Dr wanted to feel the bump and measure the circumference of her head.

The Dr told me this could have been caused by the fusing of the bones in her skull, since she’s developing normally, and the measurement of her head is within normal range, I should not be worried but I do have to monitor her to see if there’s any abnormal behaviour or if the bump size increase.

How could I not worry? Even after seeing him, I’m still worried! I don’t like to think about anything which can ‘possibly’ happen, or which needs monitoring.

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

On a lighter note, I asked Zara if she wanted to play with a Dr set I bought before Christmas.
Me : Zara want to play Dr Dr?
Zara : Don’t wang. Pay. Doh-tuh Doh-tuh
Me : *showed her the set* See, so many things for Zara to play. Zara can pretend to check Mr Blue to see if Mr Blue is sick sick.
Zara : Don’t wang.
Me : Why Zara don’t want?
Zara : Sked sked (Scared)

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

For those of you who understand Chinese, click here for a meaningful song which is dedicated to all parents, I could really relate to it now, after being a mum for 16months.



1. Simple American - March 30, 2006

chup chup.

I don’t blame you for being concerned. Heck Zara is your baby. Just pray and monitor. All anyone can do. I will pray too.

2. Mama BoK - March 31, 2006

Hope everything turns out alright.. πŸ™‚ *hugs*!
Chloe’s nose bridge too looks a little funny to me.. i get worried too.. although Papa BoK didn’t think it was any different from other kids. I just gotta continue to monitor too.

3. e*ember - March 31, 2006

I’m sure it’s alright. Just monitor it just to be safe.

Poor thing. She must have been afraid of seeing doctors that she didn’t want to play Doctor set.

4. The Diva - March 31, 2006

Have you thought of getting a second opinion?

5. sesame - March 31, 2006

I suppose it’s nothing to worry about. Gavin had something like that, but it was behind his head, near his neck and the doc said the same thing. Just monitor and don’t worry unduly especially if she’s all and well.

Btw, have you tried buying a toy medical kit to play with her? I bought one and played doctor with Gavin which is why he enjoys going to the doc very much. He will whine if I just go and get medication and don’t bring him in. It may help to erase some of her fears and make it a bit more fun. After all going to the doc is something of a necessity at this age.

6. Jean - March 31, 2006

Hi.. Zara should be alright, don’t worry and just monitor her. Will pray for Zara too πŸ™‚

7. michelle - March 31, 2006

I am sure she is alright, keep monitoring her.

Does she have a teddybear? Maybe you can show her to play doctor doctor on her bear.

8. blurblur - March 31, 2006

I can understand how you feel, ya, i hate it too when doctor said ‘should not worry BUT need to monitor’,but i’m sure Zara will be all right, so don’t worry too much Ahmeen! πŸ™‚

Thanks for sharing the song, it touched my heart…

9. Jesslyn - March 31, 2006

Can understand your worry, hope it’s not harmful to her, monitor her closely.

We adult also dun want to see dr la if possible…:P

10. Egghead - March 31, 2006

well… that dok-toh is like any other made-in-malaysia dok-toh else where… has no idea on how to relate information to patient or patient’s guardian… they thought everyone went through med school like them… sigh!

11. mumsgather - March 31, 2006

Perhaps you could get a second opinion who could explain things a little bit better to ease your worries?

12. Mother Superior - March 31, 2006

On a bright note, the paed did say Zara is growing as normal as can be. That’s comforting to know. Take heart, 2nd opinion may not be a bad idea.

Meanwhile, I was very moved by the song and pictures, esp the last picture of the old man kissing his wife on the forehead. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yes, will pray for Zara, of course.

13. maria @ twinsmom - March 31, 2006

emm? it happen to isabelle too wor, at about 18 months old, i touch her head, around her 转 there, one line like that, ε‡Έθ΅·ζ₯, never thought about anything, and now it gone liao.

my girls love to visit doctor, and touch wood, everytiem say want to see doctor.

14. Baby Smooches - March 31, 2006

way to go mummy….. you’re a blessing to Zara, and vice-versa.

15. shoppingmum - March 31, 2006

If you’re really worried, get a second opinion. It’s on the head, no play-play.

16. domestic rat - March 31, 2006

Seek a second opinion? Send Zara for a scan or whatever.

17. geetha - March 31, 2006

Mothers, naturally, will worry. But, I have heard from hubby that that thing will subside as the child grows.. I think its the same thing. Make sure you monitor it, though..

18. jazzmint - March 31, 2006

whoaa…sounds scary to me, if me oso will sure be like u. Keep monitoring, i suppose nothing wrong.

hehe I oso got a doctor set, still sitting in the box

19. may - March 31, 2006

I used to like playing doctor-doctor too, with a little stethescope, huge plastic syringe, and goodness knows what else!

Zara play doctor with JieJie, want? you be Nurse, I be Patient… πŸ™‚

20. Zara's Mama - March 31, 2006

Hi all, thanks for all the kind words. I’d seeked 2nd opinion, and it seems it’s nothing to worry about.

And yes, I’ll introduct the Doctor set to her, and make her feel less intimidated next time she goes to see the Dr. πŸ˜›

21. Allyfeel - April 3, 2006

Oh wow! That’s a touchy songs. I guess we cld feel it because we workd so hard for our little one.

I hope you are feeling better now and everything is okay with Zara.

22. Anonymous - April 4, 2006

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