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Weekend Park Fun March 28, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

On Saturday evening, Daddy & I brought Zara to the another park which is about 500m away from our regular park. It was so quiet, we shared the whole place with another family with 3 boys. The main play area is shaped like a ship, so we told Zara this is the “Ship Park”.

I made a mistake by asking Zara to slide down the ‘tunnel slide’ (below) on her own; she had a fright and didn’t want to attempt it again, even when I said I would go with her.

On Sunday, we brought her to Kidzsports, One Utama after lunch. When we arrived, she was running towards the pool of balls shouting happily! This time, we made sure we brought along our socks, so we can both be in the play area to take care of Zara.

My fault for getting her to slide down the tunnel slide the day before; unlike the last trip where she was happily exploring everything; this round, she seemed to be very afraid to go on the big slide or climbed up the rubber steps. When we had to crawl over tunnels, she refused to get in. Kept saying, “Don’t want. Sked sked (Scared), tuh-ner (tunnel).” I had to coax her many times, telling her this is not THAT slide, and I’ll be with her, before she agreed and moved just slightly forward.

Her favourite is still the pools of balls.

After Kidzport, we went to Dragon-I for dinner. Zara shared the chives and shrimp ramen with me, and she loved it! Zara got restless half way through, so Daddy brought Zara to look at the Shanghai si-fu making dumplings. One of the si-fu gave a piece of dough to Zara. That kept her occupied for a while, she rolled it around like a piece of play dough.

I had to say, the dough is so elastic and soft, it did not stick to my hands or crumble when I roll it into a thin bracelet for Zara. No wonder the ramen is so nice, and the Shanghai dumpling so famous. Unfortunately we don’t take pork, or there would be even more dishes to enjoy.


1. may - March 28, 2006

awwww… poor Zara. she’ll be brave again once more soon! all a matter of time ๐Ÿ™‚

Dragon-I certainly does do very good lamien. my mum loves it too! and yes… the dumplings… ohhhh, my tummy’s growling just thinking about them!!! *drrooooools*

2. Avril - March 28, 2006

why dont eat pork?

3. 1+2mom - March 28, 2006

Kidzsport again..haha..Zara sure like it so much. Very fun on the weekend.

4. The Diva - March 28, 2006

Poor little Zara! Don’t worry, she’ll get over it when she realises how fun it is to zoom down the slides.

You’re so lucky to have really nice playgrounds near your home. We’ve got to share a dinky little one with the whole estate and the big kids bully the little ones all the time. Even when I’m standing right next to Ophelia, they push her.

5. L B - March 28, 2006

Let’s all go to the Maldives soon, ya? No tunnels there… and no pork there too!! ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Tracy - March 29, 2006

Can see dat Zara really enjoyed herself at the two places. Funny dat kids just love the slides and the pool of balls. No exception for Destinee too. She even enjoyed herself so much with the small playground in Jusco. If I am to take her to Kidzsport, I think she’ll play until ‘gila’.

Oh ya, mind telling why u don’t take pork? In case if I have the chance to make u ‘Pan Meen’ (remember?), I’ll make sure I’ll make minced chicken with mushroom and black fungus.

7. Simple American - March 29, 2006

I remember those old days. I’m always too big to crawl around with the kiddos, so the missus, an auntie or niece would get all the crawling fun.

8. Potential Mom - March 29, 2006

y dont eat pork ar??

9. sesame - March 29, 2006

Wow, so much fun! So nice for Zara not to have to compete with other kids for play space. Now I’m a bit paranoid about bring Gavin out to public playgrounds due to the HFMD.

Btw, why you don’t eat pork? Religion? Or Vegetarian?

10. HMom - March 29, 2006

The tunnel can be quite intimidating for the smaller ones. I am sure she will get over it once the initial fear wears out.

You are lucky to have good playgrounds near your place. For us, there is none walking distance, its a short drive. Must make the effort to go more often.

11. Jesslyn - March 29, 2006

wow, go Kidsport again! So much fun there!
Dun say Zara scare tunnel, me also scare ler! Last time not allow Wient to play with it as I scare her might stuck in halfway, what a silly thinking hor! hahaha..

12. Zara's Mama - March 29, 2006

I hope she’ll get over the fear soon too.
Oh yeah, Dragon-I’s food is really good. We have the vegetarian dumplings and they were already so yummy. Can’t imagine the pork.

Avril, Potential Mom,
Don’t eat pork because 1 day just decided to. Haha.. some thing like that la. Since 10yrs ago, stop taking liao.

Yeah.. now looks like at least once a month must bring her there to loose steam. ๐Ÿ˜›

The Diva,
Yeah, we have lots of play grounds here at our estate. It’s the good thing about staying in the suburb, lots of green lungs and play ground scattered every where.
We have bullies to in the play ground, but I’m normally quite fierce, and tell them to be careful around Zara. ๐Ÿ˜›

Hubby has been suggesting we go to Maldives for a holiday with Zara. What more our official friends there have been telling us he could give us a good deal. I think maybe when Zara is about 3, for now, she still can’t swim or snorkle, so it’ll be just sand fun for her which is a bit of a waste going there.
And yes, no pork, and lots of fresh fish!! Hmm Hmm..

Destinee at this age still likes the pool of balls a lot? Actually I like it too. ๐Ÿ˜›
Actually I just decided not to take pork one day, and together both hubby and I abstaint. We actually don’t take any mamals.
Btw, I want to get you to give me the recipe for making the panmee dough. Zara loves panmee, I should make it at home one day for her.

Simple American,
That’s the same with my hubby. He’s big, so I have to do the crawling, and have some fun doing that. ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh yeah, with HFMD and bird flu going, even when I bring Zara to the park I make sure she doesn’t get too close to any kids. So a quiet park is ideal.
Just decided not to.. and all other mammals too.

13. Egghead - March 29, 2006

looks like zara was having a very healthy weekend working out so much ๐Ÿ™‚

14. blurblur - March 29, 2006

What a fun-filled weekend!

Don’t worry, i’m sure Zara will love the slides again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ahmeen (sorry hor, i still prefer calling you Ahmeen, you don’t mind?) must bring her to the playground more often and slide down with her..hehe..;p

Zara very brave, you know Damien dare not jump into the pool of balls when he was around Zara’s age…sigh….

15. maria @ twinsmom - March 29, 2006

Dragon-i, the food is good, bu the service… like Esquire Kitchen, so expensive and some more see the waitress black face *sigh*… not going anymore.

16. King's wife - March 29, 2006

if I were to slide down that big tunnel by myself with no brakes, I shit in my pants already!!

17. Allyfeel - March 29, 2006

Looks like zara is still having fun after the frightening slide.

The Dragon I’s ramen, quite nice ler. I tried their dumpling ramen the last time I went.

18. geetha - March 29, 2006

Hey, u really wanted to follow her down the tunnel ah? Can fit or not? Don’t get stuck. It would be fun to try it, but I scared I get stuck ;P

More on Kidzport.. Hmm, I need to bring Champion there already!

19. ky - March 29, 2006

The park playground looks nice and fun! Oh poor Zara! You must felt real bad seeing her so frighten. I’m guilty of that too, sometimes.

20. Loc Kee - March 29, 2006

omgomgomgomgomgomgogmogmgomgo….. kids soprt…

i think me the last parent not bringing SS to kid sport lo!! realy Chap Shu lo..

tat day I met the Dragon-i punya boss while eating there, he’s quite freindly lo. and… Suprise he is a Guiness Record Holder lo!!

but i feel the food there Ma-Ma oli :

21. domestic rat - March 29, 2006

Hey! I realised those playpens are the same as many years back, still filled with lots of colourful balls!

22. Zara's Mama - March 29, 2006

Yeah.. and tiring w/end for mummy.

Haha.. can call me Ah Meen never mind.
Yeah, I hope she will overcome her fear.. but I notice as they grow older, they become more afraid to explore.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Huh? Damien dare not jump into the pool of balls? But it’s so inviting woh.

Yes ah? My experiance is quite good.. Been there 3 times, 3 times also quite alright.

King’s Wife,
Err.. maybe next bloggers’ meet someone will make you slide down a big slide w/out brakes. ๐Ÿ˜›

Still had fun, but preferred to hang around the toddlers’ area liao. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Yeah.. the ramen really good.. But don’t take the fried chicken ramen, the fried chicken was just so-so.. not worth it.

Can.. actually they are quite wide. Won’t get stuck la. Try it next time.

Actually when I slid down with her the 2nd time, I realised it is actually quite scarry, as it goes really fast and it’s all dark.. Poor Zara.. mummy was so inconsiderate. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Loc Kee,
Yeah la.. still don’t want to bring Sweetx2 there! But since SS mum pregnant, you’ll have to be the one running around with her woh.
Wah..you rubbed shoulders with Dragon-I boss? He paid for your bill or not?

Domestic Rat,
You are that young?? During my time, no such things? We only get those play ground with slides made of iron, and see-saw made of wood. ๐Ÿ˜›

23. Zara's Mama - March 29, 2006

Yeah, my housing area is quite good.. whole place is littered with little play grounds.. but I live very far from the city, that’s why we have more land. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m so big also I didn’t get stuck.. she won’t get stuck la in the tunnel.. unless she slide half way decided to stop there and cry, aah.. thn someone have to go rescue her loh. ๐Ÿ˜›

24. domestic rat - March 30, 2006

Hee… I can’t exactly remember now where in Sg that had this playpen filled with balls but I know I just love those balls! Can jump about and just sink right into them!

25. Zara's Mama - March 30, 2006

You must have been born in the 80s.. yikes! so young!

26. jazzmint - March 31, 2006

fun weekend :).

how’s the food like in Dragon-i? Heard so much bout it never tried before. Pricing ok ah?

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