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Little Miss Engineer February 24, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in home, Zara.

Both Daddy and I were engineers before, it is not a surprise that our little girl turned out to be Little Miss Engineer as well.We planned to join Zara’s cot to our bed, so that we can have our bed back she can have her own space and yet she can reach out for me or roll over to curl beside me if she wanted to. Daddy was trying to remove the side bar from Zara’s cot, and Little Miss Engineer got so excited and wanted to help.

“Daddy, Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Daddy, Daddy, come! Let me help you!”

“Daddy, see, this screw needs tightening too!”



1. Tracy - February 24, 2006

Wow! A future engineer? (something to do with the genes?).

Heehee, curiosity and inquisitiveness (or is it kpc?) got the better of her? But she sure do look serious using the screw driver. Hahaha, was she of any help or messed things up instead?

2. Egghead - February 24, 2006

very young and smart engineer indeed!

how you all did it? I mean joining the two beds.

3. geetha - February 24, 2006

Zara just like Champion. When we were trying to fix the sidebar for his bro’s cot, he came saying, “Me help, help”. Then I told him, “you don’t know”. He came back nearer to me, said, “I know, I know, I know!” and got back to work, just like in Zara’s last picture.

4. Jefferene - February 24, 2006

Little engineer at work! ๐Ÿ™‚

How the progress? I mean did she fuss when sleeping again on the cot?

My girl still invading our bed!

5. Contented Mum - February 24, 2006

The budding engineer at work and she sure look serious trying to scew it in! SO cute!
I gave up on baby cot long time ago and about two weeks ago, I put a single mattress next to our and try to get Qi ning to sleep there but she will be calling out for mummy middle of the night so mummy have to rll over to sleep with her!

6. Sabrina - February 24, 2006

Teach me how to join the cot and the bed. Nowadays, keith prefer to sleep on the big bed with us. He’ll wake up after 1 hr if he sleeps in the cot.

7. mom2ashley - February 24, 2006

wah so clever..i noticed that you got the red ikea chair? hubs and i contemplated to get it as well…i guess it is good for bfing and to put zara to sleep?

8. Jesslyn - February 24, 2006

At last Zara got to sleep by own..kesian!
Lyon been sleeping on her own mattress since month 2, but I hv to accompany her before she fall asleep!

9. mumsgather - February 24, 2006

I like the first pic where she put her hand on daddy’s shoulder like buddy buddy like dat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

10. yl - February 24, 2006

wahahahahaha!!!! soon she would be unscrewing everything and tearing them apart for her “reverse engineering” experiments wor!! ๐Ÿ˜›

11. blurblur - February 24, 2006

Wahhhh…can help already lah..good lah,next time you can sit there and shake leg, give instructions and she’ll do it for you..hahaha..:P

She looks so cute in the 2nd last pic..as if working real hard..which in fact i think she is..:)

12. Helen - February 24, 2006

Waaa, the intense look on Zara’s face is hilarious!! LOL

Oh BTW, I’m pimping for Ah Pek… you need any hardware do go to Ah Pek’s shop…. free screw wor!! ๐Ÿ˜›

13. Zara's Mama - February 24, 2006

I think it was kpc that got the better of her. ๐Ÿ˜›

There will be a gap between the cot and the bed, so I just ‘patch it up’ with pillows and bolster. ๐Ÿ˜›

They are sometimes just too ‘helpful’. Haha.

She doesn’t fuss.. she just creeps back to snuggle next to me. But when she’s asleep, I move her back to the cot..
I like it because i can still hold her hand, or touch her even though we’re in different ‘beds’.

Contented Mum,
For me is she’ll creep next to me, and snuggle. I think when we’ve been sleeping with them for a while, it’s difficult to retrain them now.

Like what I said to Egghead, I stuff bolster and pillows in the gap that seperate the bed and the cot.. That way, Zara can ‘roll over’ to my side if she wanted to.

Eerm.. We actually never really make use of the chair. It’s very nice and comfy, and we bought 2. One of them in the room is now turned into Zara’s little ‘desk’. She likes to leave her books and toys there and we didn’t bother to clear.
Another in our study, more like a deco item.
It’s not good for breastfeeding, as it’s curved in, so there’s no back support.

Me too, I have to sleep next to her first, then move her to the cot when she’s fallen asleep.

She was actualy trying to move daddy away so she can get near to the screw.

Yeah hor.. when she has the strength, maybe she will do that.. Yikes!

Shake legs not yet.. every time she helps also must clean up her mess after that. ๐Ÿ˜›
Yeah, she’s serious when she gets into the ‘engineering’ bit. ๐Ÿ˜›

Wah.. good motto hor for Ah Pek’s shop.. Free screw with every purchase!! Hahaha.. He happy, customers happy. ๐Ÿ˜›

14. Mama BoK - February 24, 2006

Hahaha!! that’s too cute. .and so smart..!!
Like my MIL always say.. the apple donch fall too far from the tree.. !
I guess she is right eh..??

15. domestic rat - February 24, 2006

You got to show us the end-product; I can’t visualise how to contact the cot to the bed.

16. domestic rat - February 24, 2006

I mean connect. Sorry. Another one of typo errors.

17. jazzmint - February 24, 2006

wahh…good idea wohh..we also did the same, but instead of next to my bed, we lay mattress in cse she roll off the bed, she has the mattress hehe

18. may - February 24, 2006

zara’s future hubby = bob the builder?

when I was a little girl and we moved to a new home, I was excited about having my own room. however there was one night, can’t remember if it was because of a bad tummy or a nightmare, I crawled into my parents’ bed to sleep… and I was 8 years old! LOL!

19. L B - February 24, 2006

I like the IKEA chair!

20. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - February 24, 2006

your photos are getting better and better-leh…can see the intensity on zara’s face…

while daddy sweating over the job with lil zara all over him and mummy just stand there taking photos-hah? (lol)…

real cute..this lil kpc seems to love the hands-on experience….prob is in the gene!!

21. Allyfeel - February 24, 2006

Eh..I have got the similar baby Cot as yours la. Exactly how did you convinced her to sleep in that cot? Can remove the side bar meh?

Little miss engineer getting so serious and sweaty over the screwing…:P

22. sesame - February 24, 2006

Wahaha…little engineer in training! She sure looks like an expert, so focus in her job!

I also say “I want our bed back”. But we have found that single bed yet.

23. The Diva - February 25, 2006

Oops! She’s going around the house looking for screws to tighten?

24. Greenapple - February 25, 2006

what to do? it’s in her genetic makeup!

25. 1+2mom - February 25, 2006

Like mother/father like daughter mar!!! How is the last work??Didnt show the job done??

26. wHOisBaBy - February 25, 2006

“Don’t bother me,” said the little ‘Engineer’ at work! She looked so serious while working on it.

27. Erika - February 25, 2006

my godson’s parents are both engineers.. his dad always tell him, “Don’t be an engineer, be a manager instead!” ๐Ÿ™‚

28. e*ember - February 25, 2006

You have to get her a toy toolbox set soon. Otherwise, she’s going to pull out Daddy’s toolbox.

We had to buy a “real-looking” toy tools for my son, because he only wanted the real thing.

29. Cocka Doodle - February 25, 2006

**Cocka scratching head wondering why you are putting Zara on the cot**
Got it! Making another baby ah? LOL

30. Zara's Mama - February 25, 2006

Haha.. what a good saying your MIL has.

Domestic Rat,
Sure.. will post the photo in another post.

So you sleep on the bed, she sleeps on the floor? As long as she’s ok I guess it’s alright. I don’t think Zara would like to be anywhere too far from me. ๐Ÿ˜›

Bob The Builder isn’t very intelligent isn’t he? Although with a nice accent. ๐Ÿ˜›
Haha… I guess it’s still alright if you are 8.. but if you were 18.. then there maybe something wrong with you. ๐Ÿ˜›
My sister’s son who are 12 and 9 still sleep with her.. I wonder when will Zara sleep with us till. She already has her own room (all decorated and furnished), but I don’t have the heart to let her sleep alone.. not until she’s 18.. ๐Ÿ˜›

You’ll love my kitchen and study too.. it’s Ikea all the way.. Hubby is a great fan of Ikea.

Two Little Fellas,
*blush* sure my photos are getting better? I still like yours though.. very clear object with a blur background. I guess must invest in the lens.
I’m a blogger ma.. camera always ready to snap.. don’t care if hubby is sweating or not. ๐Ÿ˜›
She’s a kpc alright.. every thing also wants to ‘help’ now.

You bought from SafeNSound? It can be removed.. I already taken photo of the cot being in used. Show you in another post.
She’s ok to sleep there, but will creep over to my side when she awkas.

The Diva,
Precisely. *slap head*

Haha.. That’s why I won’t marry her to Bob The Builder, or I’ll have little engineers grandchildren. ๐Ÿ˜›

Will show, will show.. later post ok?

Very serious indeed. She concentrates more than I do when I’m working. ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok, I shall drill that to Zara too.. Should I tell her be a tai-tai, be a tai-tai?

I thought of that too, but hubby said better not, may make her too tomboyish.. ๐Ÿ˜

Cocka Doodle,
Aisay.. so slow meh your brain? Of course la.. Or else she may be posing like Helen and the bear soon!

31. Mother Superior - February 27, 2006

Haha, I like what YL said, Zara may just unscrew everything up!!! And then, back to space invaders on your bed. Aiyah, pray hard she’ll fee secure on the cot.

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