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Weekend Moments February 21, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, language, Zara.

While changing her clothes on Saturday, Zara suddenly said, “Ah Tu (Zara’s Ah Ku; Hokkien : Mum’s brother a.k.a King)! Baju(Malay: Clothes).” and then she started touching her cheek with her pointer.
I actually didn’t know what she was saying. King Wife was laughing and explained that she asked Zara to shame King when he was walking about bare chested the other day. Zara must have recalled the incident while I removed her clothes.


On Sat night while getting ready for bed, I saw an annoying mosquito flying about in the room. Sam was shouting, “Mosquito! Mosquito!”, and I was chasing after it. Finally I managed to slap and kill it. I showed Zara the squashed mosquito in my palm and said, “See, mosquito very naughty, that’s why mummy beat beat mosquito”. She then clapped her hands together and said, “Moh-toh-toh”.


Zara was taking her morning shower with Sam at King’s Wife’s. Half way through her shower, she just uttered, “Happy!” (she knows what it means, but never spoken the word before). I guess she was really happy to be taking the shower with her favourite Sam che-che.


A moth flew in the house and was clinging on to the curtains, Zara pointed to it and said, “Mot”. I was surprised as I never taught her the word, but remembered this was one of the many characters that appeared in her story book, Miss Spider’s Tea Party.


Kids learn very fast, and you don’t know what retain in their memory and what not.



1. Egghead - February 21, 2006

so many little wonderful moments ๐Ÿ™‚

2. geetha - February 21, 2006

Cute heh..

I like to ‘beat beat mosquito’ ๐Ÿ˜›

3. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - February 21, 2006

good, clever, smart zara.

i like the “shame shame Ah Tu” and “beat beat mosquito”

she really show a lot of affection to Sam-hor?

4. sesame - February 21, 2006

Oh ya, we’re always surprised by what they remember. And they will say it at the moment we least expect it.

Btw Zara’s looking prettier by the day! Somemore got that cheeky twinkle in her eyes in the 2 middle pix of her below. :p

5. Mama BoK - February 21, 2006

They sure do pick up words fast.. faster and quicker than we think they do. Chloe was giving timed out by Katelynn the babysitter because she was saying a bad word.. ! where she picked it up from.. we really donch know.. so we are more careful now.. when we say something.

6. L B - February 21, 2006

I still bid 2 camels for Zara..

7. Sabrina - February 21, 2006

They do catch up words pretty fast. Clever Zara

8. Jesslyn - February 21, 2006

Cute Zara!”Moh-toh-toh”..hehehe

When we trying to kill mosq, Lyon will clap her hands too! After that showed her the died mosq. she’ll beat it one more time..wow so cruel this little girl!!:P

9. Vyvy - February 21, 2006

zara is really bright!

10. Helen - February 21, 2006

Keh Keh Keh… I can’t wait until the day when you take shower in front of Zara….. pls dun censor…. let’s hear what Zara got to say!! LOL

11. may - February 21, 2006

come, Zara… say “may cheh cheh”… “may.. cheh.. cheh..”

so cute! these moments are the best when they’re growing up, aren’t they… ๐Ÿ™‚

12. Contented Mum - February 21, 2006

Whenever we mentioned mosquito, Qi Ning response is to put her hand together as if she is beating the mosquito!
Zara is a fast learner, clever girl!

13. HMom - February 21, 2006

YOu will be surprised that things you tought them or read to them at a few months old will be repeated when they are older. It shows that children actually take in a lot of input and can really demonstrate what they learnt later.

14. blurblur - February 21, 2006

Samantha che che is her idol liao, she’s really clsoe to her huh…:)

She’s very fast in picking up words..clever girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

15. Zara's Mama - February 21, 2006

yeah, and these are the previous ones.

they are the cutest at this age. Btw, how come you are not blogging as often now?

Two Little Fellas,
The Shame Shame Ah Tu was a surprise to me.. Didn’t even know she can connect the two. ๐Ÿ˜›
Yeah, she really loves Sam, but Sam reciprocates too.
You should see the 2 of them glowing up each time Sam comes back from school and they meet.

Yeah, they are really full of surprises.
Thanks for the compliment. Her smile is getting cheekier.

Mama Bok,
*jaw dropped* Chloe what?? :O where did she pick that up?

Are you hinting somethng? You want to marry my daugther and the dowry will be 2 camels?
You want me to be your MIL?
In Italy, it’s common to give camels to ask for someone’s daugther’s hands? *whistling*

yes, very fast. But only English. *sigh*

Wow, Lyon so cruel.. want the mosquito to die 2 times. haha.


I do go naked in front of her every day. But she probably thought it was natural.. Daddy too.. She had never shamed us. ๐Ÿ˜›

One day when the 2 of you meet, lets see if she calls you che che or aunty.
She seems to know who’s younger and who’s not and call them accordingly. ๐Ÿ˜›

Contented Mum,
Haha.. Looks like it’s a standard reaction from kids huh, to slap their hands together when mosquito is mentioned.

yes, definitely. That’s why, sometimes I try to caution myself what to say and how to behave in front of her.

yeah.. that’s definitely her idol.. She really loves her. She’s happier to see her than me actually.. Although when she cries, she still prefers me.

16. JoMel - February 21, 2006

I always get called che che one… *beams*

K and S can remember a lot of things that happened in the past. Sometimes shocked me.

17. The Diva - February 21, 2006

Yah… kids seem to absorb words unconsciously. The other day, I asked Ophelia what she wanted to eat for her dinner. She said “Actually I thought of having noodles, but I should like some french fries now please?” I was quite shocked! So many words, so much information all crammed into a complete sentence…hmmmm….

18. Cocka Doodle - February 21, 2006

I’m raising the stake to LB’s offer. 2 camels and a mule. LOL

19. Zara's Mama - February 21, 2006

The sweet che-che huh?
Hah, you have to blog about it.. more jaw dropping moments.

The Diva,
Wow, Ophelia said such a long sentence.. your jaw must have dropped. But it’s nice to see them able to play around with words like that right?
I have still yet to experiance that, but just having her utter this word and that word already gives me the thrilled.

Cocka Doodle,
You think this one eBay ah? Some more you so humsup.. I dare not have you as SIL ler.

20. domestic rat - February 21, 2006

Your little girl learns pretty fast! My baby niece of the same age, has yet to speak coherently, in fact a whole lot of gibberish, though her motor skills are good now, can wave, shake hands, and put the phone to the ear (imitating her mommy)and talk gibberish again.

21. Samm - February 21, 2006

Gordon still lazy to talk. But he can call me “mama”, and say a few words like rice, mum-mum, cake, tee (TV), dog, ter (water), etc. It’s fun hearing them learn.

22. kiasi - February 21, 2006

Yupp yupp. I think they are expert in mimicking too.

23. Greenapple - February 21, 2006

seems like you have a smart girl out there! =)

24. L B - February 21, 2006

Waa, this Cocka raised me by 1 mule! Cannot!! I up Cocka: 2 camels, 1 mule, and 2 chicken pies..

25. jazzmint - February 22, 2006

hehe she’s sure learning fast :)……

26. Cocka Doodle - February 22, 2006

Am still maintaining my stake at 2 camels and 1 mule; because LB’s 2 half-eaten pies don’t count. ๐Ÿ™‚

27. e*ember - February 22, 2006

Kids learn fast, and they grow fast too. Sometimes, I wish I can capture all those precious moments before they go away fast. It’s good that you wrote them well, so at least you can still look back and recall the moments.

The Moh Toh Toh is cute. The Ah Tu too.

28. wHOisBaBy - February 22, 2006

Children grow up very fast. Capture all the moments while you can. Especially at this learning age, they are fun to be with. Well, not forgetting they required a lot of work and responsibility from the parents too. ๐Ÿ™‚

29. ky - February 22, 2006

You must be very happy, with Zara’s surprises for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Think Zara was really enjoying the weekend stay!

30. Allyfeel - February 23, 2006

Oh ya, we will never know what retain in their memory. Have you seen Zara laugh while she sleeps? hahaha… Moh to to…

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