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How Old Are You Tag February 17, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc, myself.

Egghead, and Fantasyflier tagged me on this to find out which era I was from, here is the content of the tag

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most
~ Danny Chan (陈百强)

2. Name a cartoon of the old old days
~ Smurf!!

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
~ Liu Wen Zheng (刘文正)

4. Band of the old days
~ Anzenchitai (安全地带).
~ When I started listening to English songs, I just love Depeche Mode (still do).

5.TV Series of the old days
~ 星星知我心 (Xin Xin Zhi Wo Xing – some sob stories), 网中人(Man In the Net – Chow Yuen Fat debut!). Used to watch with my mum, dabbing our tears occassionally, and sometimes she got so carried away, she totally forgotten about preparing dinner!

6. Actress of Old Days
~ Cherie Chung Chor-Hong (钟楚红)

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
~ I remembered the beggers out fit, the shoulder pads, but I don’t really miss them, I think they were ugly (although back then, I too wore them to be fashionable).

8. Movie of Old Days
~ An Autumn’s Tale (秋天的童话)

9. Music Video of Old Days
~ Must be Micheal Jackson’s Thriller, I guess. MTV wasn’t popular for Chinese songs yet.

10. Coolest Song of Old Days
~ That’s What Friends Are For (Elton John and Friends)

Come to think of it, I was so Chinese huh? In fact, I was so Chinese that my siblings teased me and called me a communist (They were all sent to English schools while I went to a Chinese school).

I’ll have to list 3 people to pass this tag on (you are not obligated, just do it if you feel like it).
Twin (must be very young huh you, even though you have 2 kids?)
Mr Cocka Doodle (which cockeral era did you come from)
YL (you must be very very young)

Normally I will tag Helen but I’ll spare her so that she can concentrate on finding out the true identity of this man.



1. may - February 17, 2006

wahhh… you’re the 3rd person (that I’ve come across doing this meme) who mentioned Michael Jackson’s Thriller. heheheh! It’s a pretty funky MTV, I must say…

2. sesame - February 17, 2006

Hey, I like Danny Chan the singer (I cannot see the Chinese characters so not sure if it’s the same person). I like Cherie Chung too! But if I were to name an old actress, I would name Zhen Zhen of the 70s. (my favourite)

3. L B - February 17, 2006

No Agnes Chan?

4. Peter - February 17, 2006

Those good old days…

5. fantasyflier - February 17, 2006

Hey whatever happen to Cherie? I think I can learn more chinese from you Z! I a bit ang moh kang tang (English Potato) be ny sifu can? please please?

6. maria @ twinsmom - February 17, 2006

gosh… we have the similarity — being called communist, because of chinese educated.

7. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - February 17, 2006

i think it’s great to know chinese characters…at least you can read chinese newspapers and all those paparazzi magazines…

8. Zara's Mama - February 17, 2006

It was the only big budget MTV during those time. 😦

Yes, that’s the same person. Poor him huh? Die at such a young age. Wow, who’s Zhen Zhen? You caught me there. 😦

Wow, Agnes’ Chan was my uncle’s time woh? When I was 5 or 6, he used to play her record when I went to visit him.

Yes, good old days..

Haha, can.. but.. my husband is also learning (he’s also banana), but I’m not his teacher b’cos he said I’m too fierce and no patience.. *GROWL*

You also kena? Your siblings are English educated?

9. domestic rat - February 18, 2006

At first I thought you were referring to the Korean 秋天的童话, the one that sent every breathing female weeping for hours.

10. L B - February 18, 2006

er, well, I was about 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 too…… maybe 11..

11. Helen - February 18, 2006

LOL.. I know everyone you mentioned, so, I guess we are from the same era. Hmm that make us about 25 or 26?? **sshhhhh**

Yeah, I love Cherrie Chung . Danny Chan sang the saddest songs. I was with a bf in KL during that era and he would play Danny over and over again. lol Whenever I hear Danny’s song on the radio, I will automatically think of my old bf. Hope he is well. I know he now has a shop in Campbell… one of these days I think I’ll just pop over and give him a surprise. (the last i heard, he’s still single)lol

On second thought, maybe I ought to lose some weight before i face him. Don’t want to spoil the beautiful memory I left behind, right??

Depeche Mode?? I remember this song I like called People Are People…Oh, by the way, you left out Duran Duran and Boy George!!

12. Kampungkai - February 18, 2006

wah, super-duper old school wey. I’m definitely not from the 60-80s. me 1984 boy, only know New Kids On The Block at that time hahaha! memories does give us a good laugh…

13. jazzmint - February 18, 2006

wah..i’m a fan of danny chan too..infact still has the mp3 kekeke…

man in the net!! that was the first series i watch on tv3 kakaka

14. e*ember - February 18, 2006

I’m also from the same era. I can identify everything you mentioned. Men in the Net was a classic one. I love Depeche Mode too. Those were the days ….

15. Egghead - February 18, 2006

thought you said you were not gonna do it? 😛
glad you did it though 🙂

16. Zara's Mama - February 18, 2006

Two Little Fellas,
The sad thing is, my Chinese has deteriorated so much reading and Chinese is very stranuous for me. But it sure help to speak to the Taiwanese and the Chinese colleagues. They immediately warm towards you when you speak Mandarin.

Domestic Cat,
Haha.. I’d actually never watched any Korean series before. Wow, a series that made all females who watched it cry? Maybe I should try and get a copy and watch huh?

Doing some maths there huh? 11 is not too bad. 😛

Yeah.. 25, 26 loh, about there.
Maybe you shld tell me how he looks like, your ex. I can go check out for you, see if loosing weight is worthwhile. For all you know, he looks like King Kong now, except maybe he’s botak. LOL
Boy George and Duran Duran didn’t really appeal to me, but I like Spandau Ballet though, my bro’s (the King) influence.

Wah.. ‘sai meng’ huh?

But you are very very much younger than me woh. How come?

haha, you too in the same era. We all started with Men In the Net huh? Look at the variety they have now today.. I can’t even catch up.

Kena tagged twice, mah do loh.

17. The Diva - February 18, 2006

We still watch smurfs here! Ophelia loves smurfette.

18. Helen - February 18, 2006

Waaa, your brother King likes Spandau Ballet?? So man-ngai lar! No wonder can ‘kau’ king’s wife lar!

19. Cocka Doodle - February 18, 2006

ZMM, I guai-guai do your tag ledi.

20. Samm - February 19, 2006

Cherrie Chung ah, i used to have magazine cutouts of her pasted on my textbook covers, lol.

21. Siao Cha Bor - February 20, 2006

aiyo, i kena tagged and the virus came from lilian which came from you ….sob sob*

22. blurblur - February 20, 2006

I love smurf too..i even collected tiny figurines of smurf back then…hehehe…and Cherie Chung..those were the days….:))

23. Sabrina - February 20, 2006

Hehe..I love smurf cartoon, esp Papa smurf. I used to have the soft toy of Smurfet.

24. Contented Mum - February 20, 2006

Ha, same sob sob tv series that we watch! Must be same era lah, you miss Liu Wen Zhen huh, me too!!

25. Zara's Mama - February 20, 2006

The Diva,
you get that on TV? I’m envious.

Haha, you have to ask King Wife how she kena ‘kau-ed’ by the King loh.

Kwai… ah boy kwai..

Haha, you are Cherrie Chung wanabe ah?

Siao Char Bor,
Huh? You sure came from me or not? This virus propagating like nobody’s business..

Still have those figurines to pass on to Damien?

Yah, Papa smurf, the brainy one.. I wish they would show them again though.

Contented Mum,
Yes.. but later part in his career, he became so plum ler.. but still handsome la.

26. Allyfeel - February 21, 2006

I really miss 陈百强. I love his singing and voice.

Hahaha…me, mum and all siblings sobbed so much when we watched 星星知我心.

Hey, guess we are form the same era. 🙂

27. geetha - February 21, 2006

For me, this would be a tough tag..

one thing similar.. the Smurfs..
Hmmm, nothing like that anymore.. so sad.

28. Twin - February 27, 2006

zara’s mama: young? thank you for the compliment but no … i’m 31 this year. btw, i still owe you a tag. will get to it soon. 🙂

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