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Tanjung Jara Moments February 4, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in trips, Zaria.

Zara had a great time in Tanjung Jara. This is the 2nd time she went on a beach holiday, when we went to Penang in August 2005, she was much younger and wasn’t talking and walking yet. This time round, I think she enjoyed it more since she’s more aware of her surrounding. Daddy and myself could also enjoy ourselves as we have so many people taking turns to keep an eye on Zara who’s constantly on the move especially during meal times.

Some moments with photos.

Fish Feeding
There were lots of ponds with fishes surrounding the main restaurant. Fish food was given by the resort, and kids can help to feed the fishes. After letting her feed the fish once, at every meal time, Zara would walk to the reception area shouting, “Wis! Mum mum! Wis!” Her way of asking fish food from the hotel staff. She would then sit at the side of the pond, happily throwing fish pellets to the fishes, sometimes submerging her hand into the pond to feel the fish nibbling her.

Sea and Sand
Initially she was very uncomfortable walking at the beach. She didn’t like the feel of the sand and was very afraid of the fierce east coast waves. However, on the last day of our stay, while we were walking at the beach, she actually dragged us out to the shore, and enjoyed the waves lapping at her feet.

Dinner time entertainment
We were entertained by a trio of musicians every night while dining. Zara really enjoyed their presence. She would go near the cello and try to strum the string, or she would join in by dancing. It was like she was part of the team.

Daddy took the girls for a trishaw ride, and then we rented some bicycles. We cycled around the resort, with Zara taking a ride in Daddy’s (it came with a child seat). It was really nice, especially when we rode on the path next to the beach, where we got lots of cool breeze. Zara very soon fell asleep, still clinging on to the child seat, on the moving bicycle.

She really liked the pool. She was either in her neck float or was just playing in the jacuzzi or the baby pool assisted. Even on a gloomy day, she still wanted to stay in the pool despite the chill.

Nothing beats checking out a new environment. The unfamiliar feel of the bed sheet, the height of the bed, the steps and walls around, a fallen leave or coconut, the canopy of trees, the bridges and the ponds. There was so much to explore for Zara. Of course, there’s so much chasing to do as well for the adults.

The Finale
We had this special steam boat dinner arranged at the pool side on our last day, very romantic setting, although the food sucked! You could hear waves lapping, and get lots of sea breeze. Too bad it was a cloudy day and no stars can be spotted. (Can you spot King’s Wife in this photo)

Our next holiday?? Bali probably. Oh, I just can’t wait!



1. 1+2mom - February 4, 2006

wow!!What a great holiday!!!Look like Zara so enjoy this trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Children like beach so much and they like play with the sand.

2. Jefferene - February 4, 2006

So nice the photos, I like the one Zara sleeping soundly like an angel.

Zara has very pretty eyes!

3. L B - February 4, 2006

KIng’s wife at the rear in the green tshirt, looking for her pendant..

4. Jesslyn - February 4, 2006

Wah, I wanna go for holiday too!!!

I always think that Lyon is too small to go for holiday, but now see Zara enjoy so much of the trip, I think is time to bring Lyon for holiday too!!

5. yl - February 4, 2006

i can imagine the fish in the pond getting so fat after being well fed by Zara!! i like the shot of her sleeping angelically on the bicycle child seat as well!!

6. Sue - February 4, 2006

Such a nice holiday! And Zara really enjoyed herself ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Zara's Mama - February 4, 2006

Yeah, sea and beach is a good plc to bring the kids.

Thanks.. that photo is nice huh?
Btw, Yee Ching has very nice complexion.. see her face feel like ‘cubit’.

Wow, spot on!

I think it’s never too young to go for a holiday. It’s more like is the parents READY to jaga the kid while holidaying. ๐Ÿ˜›

And Zara is not the only one feeding the fish.. Other kids too.. I think all of them will be overfed and too fat!

Yes it was nice, and yes Zara loved it (I think).

8. mom2ashley - February 4, 2006

puts me back into the hoiday mood! we’re going to bali in aug! with ashley.

9. Cocka Doodle - February 4, 2006

Based on Seng Kor’s poem, Penny-Part Deux, I think I know which one is King’s wife.
Zara seems to be having a whale of a time. Good for her.

10. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - February 4, 2006

your admirably captured moments have just kicked in some senses to my lazy bum…boy, what have i been missing this few years. I better start planning for our first family vacation.

the more i look at Zara, the more i feel amaze how she has grown so much.

11. jazzmint - February 4, 2006

wah wah..seems like it was a great holiday for all…

u let her feed the fish, not worry that she will fall off?

she looks very cool with the bandana ๐Ÿ™‚

12. mama Bok - February 4, 2006

Glad you had a great time..!!
Lovely pictures..!

13. Ah Pek - February 4, 2006

wahai, your one really “happy” new year lah.

14. Fannie - February 4, 2006

wow…what great fun!

I am anxiously waiting for mine to happen at the third quarter of this year!

Which one is King’s Wife?

15. L B - February 4, 2006

But I don’t see the lotus seeds ๐Ÿ™‚ The hair was the dead giveaway on KIng’s wife. Recognized that miles away!

16. Zara's Mama - February 5, 2006

aah.. you are going in Aug. Ashley would be year +.. which is good.. Get ready for the chasing though.
We booked ours for May already.

cocka doodle,
all of you sure you can see King’s Wife.. amist the blur?
Yeah, Zara had a swell time.

two little fellas,
But your house comes with full facilities, every day is a holiday for your kids.. ๐Ÿ˜›
Anyway, you SHOULD plan a holiday with them.
Yeah, Zara has grown so much, very soon she’ll outgrown her babyness and cuteness. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We are always nearby her, just in case she fell into the pond, we can catch her. But I told her it’s dangerous already.. she didn’t attempt to climb in to the pool, not sure she understood me.
Cute hor, the bandana?

mama bok,
Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜› It was a good break.

ah pek,
Happy start.. Not sure the whole year will be happy or not.. hopefully la.. (keeping my fingers crossed)

Aaah.. 3rd quarter! Ethyl will be bigger and even more interested in everything. Good time to bring her for a holiday.
King’s Wife is the one standing up scooping some rice.. but could hardly see her la. If I posted her photo here, she would kill me.

Lotus and other seeds all burried in my belly.. *evil grin*
Yeah, King’s Wife legendary hair. ๐Ÿ˜›

17. Mama BoK - February 5, 2006

Hey…Zara’s Mummy,
Whats your email addy..??

18. Zara's Mama - February 5, 2006

This post has been removed by the author.

19. Mama BoK - February 5, 2006

Got it thanks..!!

20. Helen - February 5, 2006

All of you must had a swell time there!! How come I didn’t see u in your sexy swimsuit….??? (got one sexy man with Zara, so, I won’t complain…:-P)

King’s wife?? Why all blurry faces?? Aiyah… I’ll go search if my software can make the pic clear once again!! lol

21. The Diva - February 5, 2006

Wonderful holiday with beautiful pictures. The beach looks yummy.

Errr…. isn’t the neck float uncomfortable?

22. Zara's Mama - February 5, 2006

Mama bok,
Good. I haven’t checked my hotmail mail box yet.. you must have sent me your pw. Thanks.

You are the only sane one who didn’t say you spotted her.. ๐Ÿ˜›
Me in sexy swimsuit, eat like pig, sleep like pig.. body also like pig la.. You don’t want to see a swine in a swim suit right?

The Diva,
The float is comfortable, or else Zara wouldn’t have worn it (she’s so fussy).
And yes, the beach is nice.. East coast boasts better beaches than the west.

23. Mother Superior - February 6, 2006

Very nice pictures. I like the beach pictures in particular. Somehow, it makes feel like I’m at the beach too!

On LB’s spot on, I think it’s King’s wife’s hair that is so recognisable.

24. blurblur - February 6, 2006

The last pic was really romantic leh..blur blur like that..:P

Bet you had a great time! I’m still waiting for my long overdue holidays that hubby promised leh…*neck long long*..

25. geetha - February 6, 2006

Looks like you guys had a great holiday. Good for you.

Hmmm, now I feel like going on a holiday..

26. sesame - February 6, 2006

Zara looks very cool with that head gear! She’s also very good, sitting by herself feeding the fish and not trying to get inside the water or anything. I was a bit worried looking at that pix. Think I’m too over protective sometimes.

27. Avril - February 6, 2006

Heyhey I think I saw you at Giant Subang on Saturday! Am i right?

28. Allyfeel - February 6, 2006

Hey, that was one cool holiday. It’s such hmm..wonderful expereince to have the father’s brought them for trishaw and bicycle ride.

Zara looks so pretty in the photo where she fell asleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

29. Irene - February 6, 2006

What bliss! So much fun! I like the fish story.

30. shoppingmum - February 6, 2006

You’re really good at taking Zara’s photos! It seems like a nice place for kids, maybe I’ll suggest to hubby if we decide to go on a holiday.

31. Zara's Mama - February 6, 2006

Mother Superior,
You sure you can sport King’s Wife?
Beach holidays are always nice for the kids, and photos turned out very well too with natural light.

When your hubby brings you and Damien for holiday, he’ll do a big bang one.. maybe bring you far far far away leh. ๐Ÿ˜›

You should.. as long as you are ready to handle two boistrous boys. ๐Ÿ˜›
My eldest sis who brought her 1 mth old there came back and said NO MORE HOLIDAY WITH THE BABY, b’cos to her, that’s not holiday, but work.. But I really don’t mind bringing Zara..

Actually we were normally next to her when she sat near the pond feeding the fishes, but for some photos, we just left her alone there, but very close by to catch her if she did plan to dive into the pond. ๐Ÿ˜›

No.. I wasn’t any where near Subang on the weekend.

Yeah, I thought that sleeping photo was cute.. Shots like that are hard to come by. ๐Ÿ˜›

Thanks.. it was fun! Just like your recent snow boarding trip.

All beach side holidays are nice for kids ler. But when with kids, we need to make sure the hotel is cleaner and better that’s all. You should go before the 2nd one come by.

32. Twin - February 7, 2006

nice holiday .. tanjung jara is a nice resort. Zara must have enjoyed this long break.

33. Anonymous - October 4, 2006

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34. mom2ashley's sister - July 25, 2008

thanks for this post! I was contemplating if I should take our 19th month old aaron there for a break…. now I will!!!!

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