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New Year New Template January 21, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, misc.

So we’re supposed to buy new clothes for ourselves for Chinese New Year.

Since I eat full nothing to do (Chinese: too much time in my hands) the blog template is the ‘clothing’ to our blog, I thought I’ll spruce it up and give it a new look too.

After all, some of these itchy backsides people, like LB (going for the minimalist look, but in the beginning was giving maximum firewalling to his site anxiety among his readers); Ah Pek (now the romantic poet); Seng Kor (his blog now has his portrait, mask removed); have already upgraded theirs.

I made some changes to this template, and Viola! New Year, new clothes!

PS! Do I still need to give this guy credit since the template no longer looks like the original?



1. michelle - January 21, 2006

Nice Banner!!

2. 1+2mom - January 21, 2006

So nice and so many Zara’s photos πŸ˜›

3. sesame - January 21, 2006

Hey, this is neat! I like the header images of Zara and the 1st and last pix.

For credits, it really depends on yourself. Like for me, I gave the original template credit, by indicating that theme is adapted from the template. It’s up to you. (the guy cannot do anything if we don’t give credits right?)

4. Samm - January 21, 2006

Hmmm, new template ah…. i like. all pink and girly. And so many pics of Zara too as the banner.

5. Mama Bok - January 21, 2006

Love your new template..!!

6. L B - January 21, 2006

Waaaaaa, no wonder mo senn mo hay wan last few days!!! Waaaa, looks good, great! I sokong!! Best best – at least also good to know not only my backside itchy!!! LOL… no firewall problems even!! Aiyoh, mana ada thrill? Gimme some firewall experiences la.. πŸ™‚ Really nice look, clean too! Love the banner.. much better than before!
* * * * * stars..

7. Ah Pek - January 21, 2006

sui sui leh!

8. JoMel - January 21, 2006

I like this template, so sweet. Wei, you fatt hao too ah??? πŸ˜‰

9. maria aka twinsmom - January 21, 2006

it is good and healthy to change the blog theme once or twice a year, ε…»ηœΌε˜›.

10. mom2ashley - January 21, 2006

looks refreshing

11. kelly - January 21, 2006

New year, new template, good for you! Ha ha I have a blogger friend who changes her template every few days πŸ™‚

12. pearlvanoyster - January 21, 2006

love the new look to ur blog

13. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - January 21, 2006

i’m lovin it! the banner is stunning…the layout is so refreshing…

14. jazzmint - January 22, 2006

wah nice nice…i like the sweet colours and of course the banner of zara’s photos up there πŸ™‚

15. wHOisBaBy - January 22, 2006

cantik-nya. so many pretty pictures of baby zara as the banner.

16. King's wife - January 22, 2006

I like your blog’s new dress!
I also feel fatt hao already. Want to do for me?? *big grin*
AND do your tag homework. Thk you.

17. Helen - January 22, 2006

Love the pretty romantic pinkish look!! lol Wow, with your ‘new year clothing’ your blog now looks like 18/22 …. lol

18. Zara's Mama - January 22, 2006

Thank you all! Glad you like it.

Thanks for the tip on giving credit.

The experiance with yours gave me some worry. I tested and retested in a test blog before ‘daring’ to import over to this..

Change once, already took me like 30hrs.. Cannot change every few days.. *faint*

King’s Wife, can do the tag.. and help you with a default template.. I can’t do modification for you.. too long hours and too much headache!

18/22? Good la.. Luckily I didn’t make it to blink blink blink blink.. then you’ll say like aunty blog. LOL

19. 93~94 - January 22, 2006

nice, sweet, clear template.The best have Zara picture as bannaer

20. Fannie - January 22, 2006

hahah…Nice nice…

I’m in a midst of changing my header and some other stuff as well…can’t get a nice looking template leh…

This is a good try! πŸ™‚

21. seng kor - January 22, 2006

my mask still stays.. ok..

22. Helen - January 22, 2006

Keh Keh keh… not aunty blog… now more like siu lui blog. lol

BTW, if u want Seng Kor to take off mask, you better sponsor him his dental fees…

23. Cocka Doodle - January 22, 2006

Yep, nice and soothing on the eyes, ZMM. Cute pix of Zara too.

24. The Diva - January 22, 2006

very nice indeed!

25. The Diva - January 22, 2006

I tagged you leh… do lah, it’s quite fun! πŸ™‚

26. planning a wedding on a small budget - January 23, 2006

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

27. Milly - January 23, 2006

wah..few days din update here…become so beautiful liao!! really new year look!!

ncie nice

28. Egghead - January 23, 2006

really really nice leh!!
I wished I had the time to change mine 😦

29. geetha - January 23, 2006

Nice header you’ve got. Really depicts… all about Zara! πŸ™‚

30. Zara's Mama - January 23, 2006

Thanks again..

Sengkor, you did take off your mask wut.. the kingkong in the jamban is without the mask mah.. that’s you wut.. Don’t lie, I see you everyday, you look like that ok?

31. e*ember - January 23, 2006

I really like your new template. It’s refreshing, and pretty. I love the pics of Zara on the header too.

32. Allyfeel - January 24, 2006

New template for new year? Whao…Cool and nice!!! πŸ™‚

Aiyooo, now my hand itchy already but I am just too lazy to change mine.

33. blurblur - January 24, 2006

I’m late…but this is very nice! I love Zara’s photos…:))

34. yvy - January 26, 2006

WAH!!! you all so dahsyat huh? become techy now. πŸ™‚ nice nice. i love the header part where zara’s pix all in a row liddat. SO NICe! πŸ™‚

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