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Jojo January 12, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

One of Zara’s favourite book was about Jojo a baby who likes to play with his food instead of eating it. Every time when Zara misbehaves, we’ll ask her if she’s yai-yai (Chinese: naughty in a mild form) like Jojo. Actually Jojo isn’t really naughty, just playful, but it was appropriate to use this to teach Zara.

A few days ago
Tuyam told me this conversation took place when she was looking after Zara, and Zara was throwing her toys in a tantrum.
Tuyam : You naughty huh? You Jojo?
Zara : Za-ah!
Tuyam : You not Zara, you naughty, you Jojo!
Zara : *pointed to her chest* Za-ah!
Tuyam : You Jojo!
Zara : *kicked her legs, about to cry, pointed to her chest* Za-ah!
Tuyam : Ok Ok, you Zara, not Jojo.

This morning
I was changing to my work clothes and Daddy was in the shower. Zara walked into the bathroom, and started tapping the shower screen.

Me: (while adjusting my clothes) Zara, what are you doing?
No response from the bathroom, so I went to check on her, guess what I saw? Zara had her hands in the toilet bowl playing with the water! *YUCKS*
Me: *rushed to her and slapped her hands*
Zara, yai yai!
Mummy told you cannot touch that!
It’s big people’s potty!
The poo poo goes in there!!
Very dirty!
Zara touched it, get germs, then stomach PAIN PAIN!
(Had to say the above phrase by phrase, so she could understand)
Zara: *clapped her hands* beat!
Me: *scooped her up* Yeah, mummy beat beat Zara because Zara yai-yai!
Zara: *stared at me* (I think she knows she’s at fault)
Me: *brought her to the sink* Now your hands are dirty, must wash hands!
Zara obediently let me wash her hands. After cleaning her up, I brought her out of the room.
Zara : *pointed to her mini library* Jojo! *clapped her hands* Beat!
Me: Yes! Zara yai yai like Jojo lo, that’s why mummy beat beat! Next time don’t be yai-yai any more ok?

Not sure if she understood my ‘long lacture’ in the bathroom and will not pull that stunt again, but she definitely knows how to relate to Jojo.



1. Egghead - January 12, 2006

so smart ah little Zara… so complex dialog also can understand!

2. Twin - January 12, 2006

hehe .. darien also played in the toilet bowl once … yucks! daddy and i were totally freaked out.

3. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - January 12, 2006

funny that there is this magnetic attraction btw kids and toilet bowl.
lil Zara understanding and communication level is impressive notwithstanding the limited words.

4. geetha - January 12, 2006

Champion also tried to touch the water in the bowl. Luckiyly I caught him before that. Eeewww!

She’s good. She can understand what mummy is telling her.

Best of all, she can understand the story in her book. Champion has not got the patience to listen to a story in a book.

5. Cherry - January 12, 2006

My cousin’s daughter once went to the toilet bowl and scooped out some water. She ran to her mother and said…

“Mummy look..water to drink!”

Her mum’s reaction…

“Aiyo…my mother daughter so stupid wannnn!”

Hehhe..at least Zara didn’t attempt to drink the water. Don’t worry. Kids are just inquisitive. She’s really smart for her age. Knows when people are scolding her and she can pronounce her name too!

6. Zara's Mama - January 12, 2006

don’t know she understand or not.. but she knows she’s been naughty loh.

yeah.. toilet bowl is so yukky!

two little fellas,
I think anything forbidden is attractive to them.
I think Zara’s understanding is quite good too, sometimes not sure if she understood us, but she shows she does.

Nightly bed time reading does help. She seems to understand ‘concepts’ very well..

Ew.. drinking the toilet bowl water would be HORRIBLE!

7. L B - January 12, 2006

Forbidden Fruit Syndrome? Sorry, in this frame of mind recently ๐Ÿ™‚

8. The Diva - January 12, 2006

Hahaha… if you give her anymore lectures, she will learn how to “lecture” and “lecture” you back soon (in babytalk language of course)….

9. Mama BoK - January 13, 2006

Ewwwkk..!! but children are curious eh..??

10. Milly - January 13, 2006

i found out that zara is very clever, she cn understand what u say, n she can talk too…

compare with the baby that my aunty babysit, now aredi 1 years old n 5 month, stil cannot talk, n dun understand anything we talk lar!!

praise zara!!

11. Sabrina - January 13, 2006

I guess she can understand our facial expressions and also wat we are doing to her. She’s a smart girl

12. blurblur - January 13, 2006

Clever Zara!

Kids are fast, when there is a moment of silence, we better check out what they are up to! :))

13. mom2ashley - January 13, 2006

hahah! it’s really so great that she is able to relate to jojo…

14. Contented Mum - January 13, 2006

Clever Zara,know that she is Zara,not jojo!
Actually the little one can understand quite well what you talk to her about. Is just that their memory is too short to keep all the “note”, so history will repeat again. Better close your bathroom door or toilet bowl!

15. Helen - January 13, 2006

Jojo must be new..lol My time was Amelia Jane. Pretty tame compared to today’s standard eh?? lol

16. jazzmint - January 13, 2006

Wah good lah, at least she can relate it to the book she reads..Faythe is very far from that still

17. sesame - January 13, 2006

Kids these days are really more intelligent. Haha…and soon, when she can talk more, she’ll be repeating after you and telling you stuff you’ve told her.

18. shiaulin - January 13, 2006

i tell u what, next time u will hear she say: “Jojo naughty, Za-ah beat beat!”


19. Allyfeel - January 13, 2006

Such a cute and smart girl.:)

I did the same lecture thingy to bb when he touched the water in toilet bowl minus the jojo. After that he never dip his hand in it anymore but play around it outside sparying water. hahaha!

20. Zara's Mama - January 13, 2006

get the forbidden fruit out of your mind please! ๐Ÿ˜›

The Diva,
Yea, I’m sure when she has enough vocabulary, she’ll start lecturing me back.

Mama Bok,
Yeah, sometimes too curious for their own good!

Thank you..

Yeah, I think they can tell from our tone of voice, facial expression what we’re saying even though they may not know exactly what we said.

Yeah. Now we’re trying to potty train her, and the book we have is about a girl named Ashley.. Soon we’ll be using Ashley to get her to be good and use the potty. ๐Ÿ˜›

Contented mum,
you are right. They have short memory, and needs us to jolt them sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜›

But I guess it’s easier for a 1yr old to say Jojo than Amelia Jane? ๐Ÿ˜›

Read to Faythe more often.. She’ll surprise you one day.
Zara too sometimes surprises us, we never taught her certain things, but she was absorbing things we read and told her.

Now she’s already started to be a parrot, repeating after the words we said, although sometimes not knowing what they meant.

Yeah yeah. Or maybe she will say Mummy Jojo, Za-ah beat beat.. x-(

Ah.. so lecturing does work huh? Good to know that. ๐Ÿ˜›

21. Sue - January 14, 2006

Wow, your girl sure speaks well already, last bloggers meet she wasn’t speaking as much ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see you guys again ^_^

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