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Very Busy Weekend January 9, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

(Please do help me with my quizez if you know the answers)

We were very busy with one of Daddy’s best friends’ wedding over the weekend (quiz : Can you still consider someone a best friend if he had been dating a girl for 1 1/2 years, planning his wedding, and you were informed only 1 1/2 months before the wedding about this girl?).The wedding dinner was on Saturday, and the ‘receiving’ of the bride (ζŽ₯ζ–°ε¨˜, Chip sun liong) was on Sunday.

During the wedding dinner, Zara was a bit clingy because she was abruptly waken from her nap when we arrived at the restaurant. She wasn’t a good sport like the night before.

On Sunday morning we remained behind in the groom’s house when Daddy followed the groom to ‘receive’ the bride. Zara managed to squeeze in half an hour of nap while we were waiting for the bride and groom’s return. It’s amazing what some sleep can do to a toddler. She was in better spirit right after that and for the rest of the event.

Here are some moments captured (Most photos were taken by Daddy, and he has this thing about taking photos in black and white, as you can see) :

She was very scared of the yam seng (Chinese: toasting) session.. way too loud!!.

Paying attention to Aunty Wai Mun talking.

Clinging to mummy most of the time.

Checking out the bride’s bouquet

Mesmerised by the flash from the official photographer’s camera

My best friend (who informed me about all the dates she went on; and told me when she was planning for her wedding, showed me her gown before the wedding, even though we lived few thousands of miles apart. Quiz : Is this the difference between a man’s and a woman’s best friend?) is back from NYC. The next 2 days, we’ll be going to Malacca to visit her. A short holiday for the family.



1. yl - January 9, 2006

women are from venus, men are from mars. ermmmmm mars is further away from earth compared to venus?? πŸ˜›

2. Mama BoK - January 9, 2006

Ya.. men and women relate differently.. so yes.. still best friend. .but just different..!

3. Egghead - January 9, 2006

men normally talk about sports, money and other women except their partners (if the first two topics ran out) πŸ˜›

4. seetmui - January 9, 2006

well, my case was worst… my ex classmate did not even tell me she is getting married, we were quite close last time… and she told my other classmates the day before she is getting married… and that was nearly 11pm ++++++++
and it is a ‘she’…
i suppose we cannot judge whether is a guy or girl thing… i think it is more to the individual thinking… upbringing at that moment… maybe at that moment she only wants to concentrate her whole life to her hubby? (my ex classmate la)… and forget the rest of world… hehe…

5. mom2ashley - January 9, 2006

answer to quiz number 1 – errr…No.

6. sambal-belacan - January 9, 2006

hi – i’ve been an avid reader of your blog for a while. keep up the good work, and Zara is very cute (especially when she tries to speak!).

answer to your quiz #1 – NO
answer to your quiz #2 – there is a difference between men and women (ie men won’t be talking abt their wedding tuxedos or shoes or how excited abt the wedding they are…) BUT definately would have introduced the girlfriend to the best friend…fishy fishy…

7. Helen - January 9, 2006

I agree with mama bok. Men and women simply have different perception when it comes to friendship. You felt strange your hubby was not told by his bestfriend seeing a girl, I bet when u bring it up to your hubby, he couldn’t care less!! LOL

Same thing with my hubby also. He has a childhood friend who is now staying in JB. Whenever he comes back to Ipoh, he might or might not look up my hubby. Sometimes he dun even call to let my hubby know he’s back in town. (I know he’s busy with his MIL and all, but just one phone call only what!!??) If he is my fren, I’ll definitely diu him like hell…..My hubby?? Tidak apa attitude… Grrr Grrr

8. jazzmint - January 9, 2006

aiks, me also went for wedding dinner this weekend :).

guys more secretive mah…girls more open to each other πŸ˜›

9. Jesslyn - January 9, 2006

receiving bride later than dinner? so weird hor!
Restaurant fully booked?
Zara so good ha, can mix ard, my Lyon sure cry if see stranger!

10. blurblur - January 9, 2006

Guys consider their best friend as someone whom can talk about cars, soccer and tech gadgets..while we girls are different, our best friend should be someone we can talk about anything under the sun..who knows our most inner secrets….:)

11. geetha - January 9, 2006

Guys share different stuffs, unless they need advice on the personal matters. Otherwise, they will keep it silent. But women are just get to excited or emotional, and have to sahre with somebody before the burst.. wthether its bout something good or bad…

12. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - January 9, 2006

it does occur to me that it’s strange that your hubby’s best friend never mentioned his girlfriend if they (your hubby and best friend) are meeting up regularly prior to the wedding.
hw, if your hubby still consider him his best friend- then, you should respect his decision… it’s his best friend after all.

Zara looks not quite her jolly self in the photos…

13. Irene - January 9, 2006

#1 – I think not. They should now officialy be considered “just friends.” Hahaha

14. Jefferene - January 9, 2006

So good Zara is sociable. My girl is very shy and scared of strangers. She didn’t even allow my parent to carry her when she was younger. Now better, at least she is willing to carry by my parent now.

Just curious, how to define BEST friend? What criteria to make up a BEST friend?

15. L B - January 9, 2006

A Best friend is still a best friend, no matter what – bad, good, indifferent – until you realize you no longer care any more.

16. Tracy - January 9, 2006

I thought best frens should be sharing and caring one leh. As for ur hubby’s best fren, I don’t consider him as a ‘best’ fren but just any other fren. What does he think ur hubby is? Last minute only mention about the girl to ur hubby. If I, I’ll just send my angpow to him and will not attend his dinner (hee, hee, kidding only, not dat ‘siu hei’ lar).

I guess dat’s the difference between men and women. Men will talk about everything but not their partners and women will talk about everything including their partners. I’m sure our hubbies do not talk about us with their frens.

17. sesame - January 9, 2006

Somehow doesn’t quite make a good friend huh? I mean if best friend, then at least would know he has a girlfriend long before this. Some guys are funny. Won’t tell pple about their girlfriends for fear of appearing too wimpy.

But guys won’t say too much about the details either. Unlike the girls. I think they’re uncomfortable about sharing their life generally.

18. JoMel - January 9, 2006

I think black & white wedding photos are so cool. Makes the bride look kinda … classic?

19. King's wife - January 9, 2006

wow!! she certainly looks very different when she came for the popiah party!
Then again, she is the bride…

20. The Diva - January 10, 2006

Girl’s best friends: talk to each other at least once or twice per week on the phone. Exchange email more often. Recently, when a close gf got married, she called me and some other gfs to help choose the gown. She wasn’t even my best gf (my best gf is too far away in UK)…

Man’s best friends: I don’t know really… Hubs best friends call him only when they are arranging a big drinking party or when their wives had given birth and to invite us to the babies full month celebrations. That’s the only time we hear from them…

BTW: That’s a lovely pic of you and Zara… πŸ™‚

21. 1+2mom - January 10, 2006

#1 – No.
#2 – women like to talk secret but men wont.
I like the kids clinging with mommy, so lovely.

22. shoppingmum - January 10, 2006

Hubby has a friend who did the same thing too. We’re “shocked” to receive his wedding invitation as none of us heard of him “pat toh” for years. Well, maybe guys only discuss about having girlfriends when they’re younger, after 30s they’ll rather talk about other things.

23. Twin - January 11, 2006

well i think best friends should know important things about each other. Even for a guy!

24. Allyfeel - January 11, 2006

Well, perhaps there are best friends when they were young. πŸ™‚ But I meet up with my best friends at least once a month and chat about happenings in life.

Perhaps that’s the different between man and women.

Yum seng is too loud for little one. bb used to have bad dream after those yum seng session.

25. Zara's Mama - January 11, 2006


Yeah, men are from mars and women are from venus, we relate to things differently.

But in this case, even hubby was quite shock that this friend whom he met quite regularly didn’t even mention anything about his girl friend.

It was a shocker to all of us. Daddy was even asking if he should boycot him and not attend his wedding. Well, you know men, they are all talk and no action. He in the end went and even did his photography throughout the wedding.

Well, maybe this guy is a geniune and typical Mars species, where besides cars, gadget, TCS no personal topic should be touched on.

For me, if my own best (girl) friend is doing this to me, I’ll be very very pissed! But then, I still will go and attend her wedding and celebrate the occasion with her. πŸ˜›

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