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Too Sociable? January 7, 2006

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

We went for Daddy’s company dinner in Mum’s Place at Mutiara D’sara yesterday night. The whole upper floor of the restaurant was allocated for the event. It was an informal affair, and dinner was buffet style.

Zara was so well behaved the whole time. There were candles litted up every where and she was very facinated by the flickerring flame. I warned her that it’s VERY HOT HOT, and if she touched it it’ll be VERY PAIN PAIN. A few times when she wanted to touch it, I pointed my finger at her, and she quickly withdrew her hand.

Zara last met some of Daddy’s colleagues 5months back, so I don’t believe she has any recollection of the earlier encounter.

She said Hi to most of them (she would raise her hand and then said “Haai”) and shook their hands (if they asked). She let them hold her hands to walk with her or carry her. She was very fond of this particular girl who is Daddy’s colleague’s daugther. Zara was running to the little girl all the time, puting her hands on the little girl’s lap and just looked and smiled at her.

The whole dinner, she was walking here and there without any reservations, laughed when people laughed (we called it her politician’s laugh). We just let her roam (since it was an enclosed area) but watched closely to make sure she didn’t do anything dangerous, or bump into any sharp edges.

At one point, one of Daddy’s colleague just picked her up very suddenly, and I expected her to look my way for help and cry, but she didn’t even cry or fuss, but just stared at her for a while, and then relaxed.

Even though the event stretched way beyond Zara’s bed time, she was still a sport. When the older kids played musical chair, she was dancing to the music. When some one won the game and got a round of applause, she clapped and laughed along as well.

When it was time to go home, she said good bye to everyone in her sweetest voice (her “ba-bye” is one of the sweetest sounding words she can say) and blew them flying kissess. She also almost hugged every one; and with the little girl she liked, the hug lingerred a little longer.

On one hand I’m proud of her for being so sociable and so easy to adapt to new environment and people. On the other hand I’m a bit worried if she’s too sociable for her own good.



1. jazzmint - January 7, 2006

wow..she looks more like a 3yo to me..socialising with everyone

2. King's wife - January 7, 2006

why no photos?
forgot camera?

3. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - January 7, 2006

Zara is so well behaved. i wish my 2 little fellas can for once let mummy & daddy had a decent meal outside.

4. The Diva - January 7, 2006

Ophelia used to be like that too when she was Zara’s age. Somehow along the way, she stopped being sociable and became very clingy in the presence of strangers. I think kids become more discriminating with strangers as they grow up…

5. maria aka twinsmom - January 8, 2006

she drunk already liao right in the dinner? LOL…
so cute.

good lar, mu twins anti-social, when people talk to them, they stare away not enough, some more use hand push people *sigh*….

6. Zara's Mama - January 8, 2006

Politician in the making huh?

King’s Wife,
Daddy very shy to take out the big gigantic camera.

The Diva,
Oh, is that right? Then I shouldn’t be worrying too much then? I like her to be sociable, but selectively… hmm.. not easy for the kid huh?

Breast Milk Drunk!
Got good got bad being not so sociable loh. I think to find a balance is good, but not easy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Btw, in Milwaukee last time, they were ok wut. And when we went to your house they were also ok. When we talked to them, they still replied.

7. Zara's Mama - January 8, 2006

Two Little Fellas,
Oh, even when she ‘listens’ we still need to take turns to eat and watch after her every time we go out. No decent meal together too for a long time..
Maybe I should start getting the maid to come along?? ๐Ÿ˜

8. le petite moi* - January 8, 2006

i’m too lazy to read but it seems like your parents are teaching the wrong way to learn how to speak girl!!! tell them NO NO to double usage of words!!! [some docs have said that if you were to teach them this way it’s bad cuz they’ll they learn broken english] cheers girl! ;o)

9. sesame - January 8, 2006

Hey Zara’s Mum, don’t worry too much. It’s good that Zara is happy with company. A positive sign I would say. I think you’re worried cos she might just end up being friendly with bad hats right? If you’re keeping a watchful eye, then no problem. She might also change when she grows up.

10. Selba - January 8, 2006

I like children that are sociable ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t really like those timid children/get scare and cry a lot when they see other people.

11. L B - January 8, 2006

Ditto, selba… but with Zara, I think we can bring her to the Maldives, no sweat!!

12. michelle - January 8, 2006

Bravo Zara, met any cute baby boys there?

Emily met one yesterday while I was having lunch in a mall, children just clique without introduction, it is just amazing.

13. Irene - January 8, 2006

Well done, Zara! Hailey’s somewhat like that. She likes strangers, but gets shy around the relatives, including both sets of grandfathers. (Slaps head).

14. mom2ashley - January 8, 2006

same here…so far, ashley’s also very sociable and is ok with anyone carrying her….just last night, we were out for dinner and the “si tao po” of the place requested to carry ashley ! she carried her and played with her for a good 20minutes and ashley was ok..which makes me worried though…

15. Zara's Mama - January 9, 2006

le petite moi*,
In this case, I’m the parent. Oops.


Me too actually. Can’t stand those cry-non-stop, nobody-can-touch-me kids.

Yes, and LB after having earth shattering sex, can baby sit her. Thanks.

She prefers older kids than toddlers or babies. Funny.

Aik.. how come? Thought should be more warm towards relatives?

Oops. Ashley is the same as Zara then.. Sociable and easy to bring out.. but we just have to be a bit watchful.

16. Egghead - January 9, 2006

my son is also quite socialble like Zara… but when he gets restless after passing his sleeping time… he will be show his dark side… LOL!

maybe you should bring Zara to more of such “large-crowd-event” ๐Ÿ™‚

17. Helen - January 9, 2006

I prefer to have a sociable child any day!! Lucky you!! lol

I think it’s OK as long as you teach her all the precautions around strangers when she is older. At the time being, just rejoice in the fact you’ll have no trouble bringing Zara to functions liao!! lol

18. blurblur - January 9, 2006

Be glad that she’s a sociable child!:) Damien is like a “koala bear” in such events, he takes a longer while to warm up lah..

19. geetha - January 9, 2006

Champion also like Zara. He will be too busy for us if there are other kids around. He just love mixing around and getting to know other kids.

20. 1+2mom - January 10, 2006

My son is ok but he wont let ppl carry him so as my gals.

21. Allyfeel - January 11, 2006

I think sociable is good. My mil used to teach bb to beware of strangers. haha…but I think my little one ignored.

22. Zara's Mama - January 11, 2006

LLS becomes Darth Vader after he passed bed time?

Yeah.. should enjoy rather than moan hor?

I imagine Damien to be more sociable leh? See his big bright smile?

No wonder he’s your champion! Champion in get to know people. ๐Ÿ˜›

yeah loh, I also thought she won’t let people carry her at least, but she didn’t seem to mind also.

BB bochap? So still very friendly even to strangers?

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