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Another Addition to Our Family December 24, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration.

This the seasons to have babies.. fa lalalala lalala la.

Not me though, although I’m working on it.

My eldest sister has just given birth to a baby girl this morning. She was supposed to go for a scheduled Cesarean on 28th December, because she still wanted to go for our family big Christmas dinner before her slim down 15kg within one month diet confinement. The little baby however, have her own plans.

My sister had a bloody show (this is not swearing, but a pregnancy term) this morning, and so she admitted herself. The Dr confirmed that she was in labour and hence performed a c-sect on her. Baby was two and half weeks early.

King’s Wife and I together with the kids met up to do some very last minute shopping in 1 Utama. We started as early as 10:30am, and thought we’ll go over to visit my sister after lunch. By the time we’re done, it was 4pm, and our shopping filled up 1 supermarket trolley and Zara’s stroller (Zara just had to walk). We even met with the famous blogger, Peter Tan before we left (and I went up to say ‘Hi’ to him, and he looks good in his short crew cut).

By the time we arrived at the hospital, it was about 5:30pm. My sister seemed to be doing very well as she’s still very energetic although she was confined to her bed.

My little niece looks very much like my brother-in-law (actually they are not legally married, but then he’s her lifetime partner, so I guess it’s the same as in-laws?). She has very sharp features, pointed chin, big eyes, prominant double eye lids (actually our family trade mark too, but too bad Zara didn’t inherit this from me, but has Daddy’s eyes), and a perky nose.

Zara was more gentle this time compared to the last time we visited my friend and her new born baby. I told her she’s now a che-che (Chinese: big sister) so she has to ‘sayang’ (Malay: stroke gently and lovingly) the baby; not sure if she understood the che-che part, but she just lightly patted the baby’s body.

My sis’ baby was very alert, the whole time we were there, she was glancing around with her eyes wide opened. She also sneaked her hand out from her tight swaddle, and started putting her fingers in her mouth to suck. She has lots of saliva too for a new born, on a few occasions, she was choking on her own saliva, and even left a wet patch on her basinet. Such a cutie she is! Here are 2 of her photos :

My sister is also trying to breast feed her baby although she’s having some problem (she has inverted nipple which makes suckling very difficult for the baby). The nurses in the hospital are very helpful, and will be helping her nurse using a nipple shield. Hope the little baby will cooperate and suck!

The next few days, besides going for our Christmas Eve family dinner, we’ll also probably spend a lot of time in the hospital visiting my sis and the little one.



1. Jason - December 24, 2005

Congratulations to your sister!

2. Fannie - December 24, 2005

beautiful baby…

3. blurblur - December 24, 2005

Congrats to your sis!

Yeah, what a beautiful babay…:)

4. JoeC - December 24, 2005

ahhh, welcome!

Have a lovely, fun and cozy festive weekend there! Cheers!

5. Samm - December 24, 2005

“Tis the season to have babies, fa la la la la, la la la la” I just love babies. Well, i’ll get to see mine soon in July. Hope you get yours too ….work on it this weekend, dont just gorge yourself silly with all that turkey…

6. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - December 24, 2005

wow.. kinda’ forgotten the fragile state of a newborn. such a beautiful baby… CONGRAT to your sis.

btw, i remember the get-away vacation… the stout & the happy nite that led to lil Zara… u can always go for ‘take 2’ 🙂

7. L B - December 24, 2005

Gonna be a cutie!!!

Merry Christmas, Niece’s Auntie 🙂

8. Allyfeel - December 25, 2005

Congrats to your sis and family. What a nice looking and decent baby. º 很有气质呢。

9. Vyvy - December 25, 2005

rosy rosy! with long little fingers. Pretty!

10. shiaulin - December 25, 2005

Congrats to ur sis!! looking forward to hear ur good news 😉

11. shiaulin - December 25, 2005

This post has been removed by the author.

12. Zara's Mama - December 26, 2005

Jason, Fannie, Blurblur, JoeC,

aisay man, this is the wrong season for me la. That time of the month. Do what also won’t have results one.

Two Little Fellas,
we’re still working on it. Hubby is still taking his stout whether he needs to ‘work’ or not.. aigh..

thank you. She may grow up to be wearing ice berg clothes.

Thanks. I think so too.

yeah, that was what I thought too. Like a pianist fingers.

me ah.. soon la.. soon la.

13. chanelwong - December 28, 2005

Wish your sis all the best in her breastfeeding. Breastfeeding with inverted nipple is a challenge.. Ask her to avoid using too much nipple shield, once nipple is out, take off the shield. If not, she will end up using the shield for the whole breastfeeding time like me…..

14. Peter - December 29, 2005

Famous blogger? You must have mistaken me for another person… but it was nice meeting you. Just so you know, I am your blog reader too, although this is my second time commenting here.

15. Twin - December 29, 2005

congrats!!! jolly jolly jolly

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