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Christmas Wish – Another Tag December 16, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

The original tag was in Chinese, I’ll just make it more ‘general’ and translate it to English (anyway, it’s a simple tag, not much text to translate).

To Tag :
– State who tagged you;
– List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
– State the gift you wish to get;
– Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

Santa Claus : Maria a.k.a. Twinsmum (what goes around comes around, this tag came from her. What more, I just found out we were school mates!)

The present I would like my Santa Claus to give :
1) an amethyst and rose quartz necklace, just like the one I got or
2) an amethyst and rose quartz bracelet just like this (one bracelet is never enough)
*ahem, 酱, Maria?*

I would like the below friends to join the fun :
Seng Kor, no tag is complete without you
King’s Wife, I know you still have lots of ‘bags’ to wish for
Helen, as I’d said, what goes around comes around
TwoLittleFellas, you are new in this game, who else can I ‘bully’ 😛
l b, whoever is your Santa Clause will definitely be broke
Mother Superior, another holiday?


1. L B - December 16, 2005

Waaaa, today is a good day! I kena virgin tagged.. ThankQ!! *bows low and offers a pretty number for this weekend – 5899*
Of course, that Santa is gonna be so broke, so maybe I’ll need to have a back-up Santa, just in case, ya?

2. Masked Mom - December 16, 2005

Thanks for visiting me.

Your daughter’s gorgeous! And, brilliant and funny too from the sounds of it.

3. Little Miss - December 16, 2005

cute little baby! and I love her name! stop by anytime!

; )

4. Helen - December 17, 2005

LOL… My pleasure. You know me fatt hau one… would simply loved to be tagged….

Now go start straight away!! lol

5. TWO LITTLE FELLAS - December 17, 2005

wow.1st reaction- how do i do the link and stuff? manageable at the end but definitely can do better. thks for the experience.

6. maria aka twinsmom - December 18, 2005

*pretend can’t read English* 吓?你讲什么?哈哈哈…

7. louyau-mike - December 19, 2005

Hey … first time visit here … i am bookmarking u … will drop by more next time! See u soon!

8. Zara's Mama - December 19, 2005

will buy 5899, if I strike, will give you 1 airticket to come back for some hawker food.

masked mum, little miss,

Saw your post already.. 😛

two little fellas,
you’ll get the hank of things very fast. Don’t worry.

eh.. our school English all very good one ok, you don’t pretend huh??!

Hi, and I’d also visited you.

9. Anonymous - September 24, 2006

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10. Anonymous - September 24, 2006
11. Anonymous - September 24, 2006

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