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Christmas Tree November 28, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

We went to One Utama to shop for some masak-masak(cooking set toy) for Zara on Saturday.

On our way to ToysRus, we went past this shop with 2 huge Christmas trees. I thought it was a good time to introduce Christmas to Zara, so I walked her to one of the trees, and pointed to her, “Zara, look, Christmas tree”. She looked at it, scanned the tree from bottom to top, and then frowned and went hiding behind my back.

Daddy squatted down and tried to bring her near the tree again, but Zara was just clinging on to my clothes, hiding her face behind me (peeking occasionally though).

“Zara scared scared?” I asked her, she patted her chest (indicating she’s afraid). I tried to tell her that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and pointed to her all the familiar ornaments like stars, bears, balls etc to her. However, she just refused to go near the tree, and kept patting her chest. We thought maybe the tree is too big, and she got frightened by the size, and didn’t pursue.

After ToysRus, we went to Jusco to look for a tree for our house. We were glad to find a 4ft tree with ornaments going for RM49.90. Since we’re such al-cheapos We thought it was a good buy, and quickly grabbed one.

On Sunday, Daddy set the tree up, and placed it in the living room, next to the TV. Every time when Zara wanted to get near the TV console (to reach for her own VCDs), she avoided the path nearer to the tree. Sometimes, she would throw glances at the tree and pat her chest.

I wonder why she’s afraid of the tree! Not so afraid that she would cry, but enough to make her want to avoid it. However, this really suits us, we don’t have to worry about her pulling the ornaments or the tree down! *grin*



1. Egghead - November 29, 2005

you are right… my son already started pulling down ornaments from tree ๐Ÿ˜›

2. blurblur - November 29, 2005

Zara is so cute..but I guess very soon she’ll be taking a step closer to the xmas tree..kids are all curious mah..:))

Then you’ll be trying hard to steer her away from the xmas tree..hehe..:)

3. mom2ashley - November 29, 2005

maybe cause it’s big and dark and dark in colour – you know what i mean? perhaps you could add more ornaments on them?? when I was a kid, I used to be afraid of those feather dusters! the feathers on them gave me the creeps! maybe the xmas tree gives zara the creeps too?

4. Baby Smooches - November 29, 2005

as a kid, I used to get scared of one gigantic tree which looked like a big tall monster with huge hands waving at you.
Zara could have seen the tree in a different perspective.

5. Allyfeel - November 29, 2005

I think those things are new to them, that’s why they behave like that.

BB also scared of a lot of things, but after showing more frequent, he got used to it and not scared anymore.

6. Helen - November 29, 2005

Have u and hubby put x’mas lights on the tree?? I think the pretty blinking lights will help ease Zara’s fear.. lol

7. Twin - November 29, 2005

i think its normal for a toddler to feel that way. occasionally, denisha will tell me she’s scared of this and that but i think they will grow out of it. on the other hand, my son darien, he doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. maybe not yet … hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

8. maria aka twinsmom - November 29, 2005

nevermind she will use to it, annabelle also afraid of x’mas tree before, now? she will be very happy if I get a x’mas tree at home.

9. Zara's Mama - November 29, 2005

LLS is the brave one huh? no fear of the tree.

yeah, I guess soon. She’s already walking closer already.. just gingerly.

Hah, you were afraid of feather duster?? Not b’cos your parents used to threaten you they’ll use it on you if you don’t listen? ๐Ÿ˜›
We’re trying to put on more cheerful items, to let her know that the tree is a ‘friendly’ thing, not something to be afraid of.

baby smooches,
yeah, probably. And those twinkling lights must have looked like the monsters’ eyes.

i hope so. Sometimes introducing the fearful items to her repeatedly helped, but at times, it makes her even more fearful. Hope the tree is not one of the latter.

yeah, will put the lights up soon too. Not sure she’ll be more afraid or less afraid.. let’s see. ๐Ÿ˜›

Darien is a boy ma.. supposed to be braver.

are you going to put one up?

10. jazzmint - November 30, 2005

hehe..i guess it’s the size of it that scares them. Hubby bought a gym ball at home, and Faythe just wouldn’t let us go when we walk near the ball, no doubt she has played smaller version of the ball. Weird ๐Ÿ™‚

11. maria aka twinsmom - November 30, 2005

my house no place lor…and daddy not allow too, we got a ็ฅ–ๅ…ˆ็‰Œ in our house, so…cannot…nvm, SIL’s house got.

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