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Car Seat Upgrade November 24, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, notable, Zara.

Zara’s car seat is long overdue for an upgrade. Although she has not reached the weight limit of her infant carrier (9Kg), she has already exceeded the height limit (72cm) quite a few months back.

Even though we’d bought her a front facing car seat during the mega sales in August, we didn’t replace it immediately because the infant carrier is very portable (easy to install into my car on weekdays, and move to Daddy’s car on weekends) and has a canopy (good for transporting her in and out of the car during rainy days and shield her on sunny days) .

We set ourselves a target, when she turned One, we’ll do the upgrade. Finally, yesterday night, Daddy installed the new car seat into my car (after 30mins of struggling and some swearing).

This morning, when it was time to leave the house, I told Zara “Come on, lets go, we’re going to Ah Kim’s house already” She automatically wobbled towards her infant carrier and wanted to climb into it. We told her, “Zara now big girl already, che-che (big sister) already, no more baby, must sit in BIG car seat now”. It was like a ceremony, 3 of us (Daddy, maid, myself), fussed over her and placed her into her new car seat. And thank God she likes it, and didn’t complain.

Now, while driving to work, she’ll be seated behind me, instead of next to me (like she did when she was in her infant career). I can’t hold her hand or stroke her face while driving any more…. *sob sob*.

Just for the records, this is her in the Infant Carrier in August.
And today, the big girl has been upgraded to her spacious car seat.

Why do I feel as though I’m going to marry her off soon?? *Sensible me talking : I have to get a grip of myself!*


1. Sue - November 24, 2005

wow, nice maxi cosi :))

can still put in the front seat mah, my car seat also about the same size and i can transfer it among the family cars easily πŸ™‚

2. Mei - November 24, 2005

the word you’re looking for is “peaceloverock”

3. King's wife - November 24, 2005

you come my house tonight, let me slap you…then u will really get a grip of yourself!!!

she suddenly looks so tiny in the new seat. cannot put in front seat meh?

4. Zara's Mama - November 24, 2005

I always have this fear that my windscreen may get hit by little stones and break esp driving so frequently on NKVE tailing lorries. Tht’s why dare not put the front facing car seat in front.

thanks.. for a while, I thought what it was. πŸ˜›

king’s wife,
slapped myself already.. u don’t need to slap (todlers’ trick).
See comment for Sue regarding puting the seat in front.

5. maria aka twinsmom - November 24, 2005

whao…really big big girl liao :D. this new car seat seems like can last her till 3-4 years old?
my girls wan due to change lor…:(, need to buy two tim…$$$ fly away…

6. mom2ashley - November 25, 2005

hahahah! marry her off…
I guess it’s the fact that she is actually growing so fast before your eyes that you naturally feel a sense of loss….

7. blurblur - November 25, 2005

Zara got upgraded from a normal car seat to “premium luxury” car seat…hehe..:)

Yeah, she look so tiny in her new car seat:)relax, relax, you stil have another 25years before you marry her off…:P

8. jazzmint - November 25, 2005

hehe wah nice car seat..She looks more comfy in the new one :). Faythe is also due and I’ve yet to change the seat, bad Mommy!!!

9. Fannie - November 25, 2005

Zara looks so grown up! πŸ™‚

We are still “nursing” from our “sense of loss” yah? *sigh*

I’m trying very hard not to feel upset cos it’s a good thing that my gal is growing up! So is yours, Agnes!

Let’s embrace each other and be a stonger Mommy for pur gals! πŸ™‚

10. Msau - November 25, 2005

Is Zara OK with the new seat position ah? I mean she no bising while sitting at the back without see u meh?
SQ still sit beside me lah..I’m worry she bisinf I fI put her at the back ler..but soon I gotta change it liao..aiyah..2nd 1 coming soon mah…

11. Egghead - November 25, 2005

is like an upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class liao… cool!

12. Jason - November 25, 2005

Yaloh… Her chair is even more comfortable and high class than the chair I am using while sitting in front of the computer – plastic chair RM20. -___-“

13. Twin - November 25, 2005

babies have to be comfortable while travelling if not all kinds of nonsense will happen. I upgraded them while they are 7 months old. They have outgrown the old britax carrier. Head almost jutting out. And their much happier in the new seat .. more comfortable. I put the car seat in front as well. One front one back. have to get 3 seats altogether .. sigh .. 1 each permanently in my car and hubby’s car. And one to take out and leave at the babysitters. Troublesome but no choice .. if not buy another one. Crazy … these things are not cheap and in the end .. what are we to do with 4 carseats. πŸ™‚

14. Anonymous - November 25, 2005

buy a small rearview mirror so u can keep track of her activities behind

15. ky - November 25, 2005

Waahhh…! Expansive brand leh :p But I believe in investing in a good comfortable car seat. Can last, safe, and most importantly, the child will automatically let you buckle up, once he/she learnt that sitting in there is as comfy as sitting on mommy’s lap πŸ™‚

16. Zara's Mama - November 25, 2005

yeah, the car seat can last her till 4yrs old.. not sure if she still wants to sit on it by then or not. 😐

That’s exactly how I feel.. it’s like she’s growing up so fast, soon, will see her walk down the aisle kind of feeling.

For now, still look ‘premium’. After few eating session, long distant travel, will look shabby already.

Like me, make sure by 1 yr old you must change her.

*hug hug*
Yeah she looks big in the new car seat.

So far not yet bising, because her kakak sit with her at the back, and I kept turning my head behind to see if she’s ok.

Yeah.. but as she grow bigger, Business class also cannot fit her already. 😐

You big boy already ma. No need car seat. So cheap seat will do.

Wow, 3 car seat for 2 kids? Why don’t you just get 2, since already need to move here move there for the other one, just move 2 then?
These seats are not cheap, no point getting so many.

Yeah, I kept looking back at her by turning my head as well as from the rear view mirror.

We bought the cheapest of Maxi Cosi at a very good discount.. 20% off.. So it’s not too bad.
I hope she’s comfy too, too bad I can’t try it for her. πŸ˜›

17. Helen - November 25, 2005

Zara seating on her throne. Driver mama drive carefully…. where is the back seat LCD for me to watch Barney??? Better ask daddy to start installing soon…. LOL

18. Lin Peh - November 25, 2005

Eevrything ok la cause your hubby still let u put baby seat in the car ! LOL !

19. Milly - November 25, 2005

fuiyoh…big gal liao wor…!!

20. Zara's Mama - November 25, 2005

luckily you are not my daugther. I bet I’ll have to entertain you with a DVD player, DSLR, and all other techie gimmicks.

Of course everything ok. And btw, thanks for not puting your 冰火九重倩 here.. REMEMBER this is a FAMILY/PARENTING blog. *phew*

yeah.. big big girl..

21. Anonymous - November 26, 2005

ur car rearview mirror is to look @ cars behind. wanna share lookin at Zara is difficult. get a spare stick on type specially for Zara. safer.

22. Lin Peh - November 26, 2005

Zara’s mama: Don’t worry…if I were to put anything here…I will make it very family..let me think….what about 9 Scoops of Very Special Ice Cream? (sweat leh?) LOL!

23. The Diva - November 28, 2005

We’re using the same model of car seat. Ophelia’s 110cm tall and 15kgs now, and the seat is still very comfortable for her. It’s a very good investment.

24. byrdie - November 28, 2005

we bought maxi-cosi when natalie was born… cos we wanted a car seat than she can sit in from baby till 3yrs.

i like maxi cosi. stable.

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26. JRFBNPYL - January 9, 2006

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27. geVpVlpn - January 10, 2006

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