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Announcement – The Photo is not Zara’s November 18, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

Saw some of your comments, who thought the messy eater photo featured in my yesterday post was Zara.

I had to ‘announce’ here, THAT IS NOT HER, although they look rather alike. Someone sent me that photo, and I thought it looked like the mess Zara created after dinner (many many times exaggerated). So I used it.

I won’t be able to tolerate such mess, if that was her, I would have faint spell after each meal.



1. Egghead - November 18, 2005


2. Helen - November 18, 2005

LOL… I know it’s not Zara!! At first glance I thought it was, then suddenly I said to myself, this looked like a boy wor??!!

When are u starting to take pics with your new camera???

3. jazzmint - November 18, 2005

wow hahaha…that could give my hubby an idea if he sees it!!

4. maria aka twinsmom - November 19, 2005

yee? I know that is not your Zara wor, not look a like what.

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