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We got broadband! November 12, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in home, misc.

We finally got streamyx for the house! They finally got ports here (the new housing area).

How this will change me :
1) I will work from home more, probably twice a week at least
2) I don’t have to stay up in the office to read blogs or to blog, I can do it at home now!
3) There’ll probably more ‘rows’ with daddy, on who get to use the line more….. errr, maybe we should look at getting a router or a hub.

It won’t be good news to Zara, as mummy will try to sneak to the study to log on more often….



1. maria aka twinsmom - November 12, 2005

yoyoyo…definately not a good news to our kid :P.
hah! you better get a hub or router than, I tell you… you and hubby sure fight for the line wan, we gone through that hahaha…

2. Jason - November 12, 2005

Haha! Another FTWM will succumbs into the dark side of the streamyx and bloging virus.

Becareful, avoid working from home, else you might end up like Auntie Suzette. Ok?

Heh, oh, you are so gonna lack of sleep…

3. The Diva - November 12, 2005

So get a wireless router lor. Everybody can use the broadband at the same time, and the speed doesn’t suffer.

4. jazzmint - November 12, 2005

hehe congrats congrats…welcome to the broadband community. To save money, use ICS lorr..or else get a wifi-router, can surf even in toilet hehehe

5. Allyfeel - November 13, 2005

Cool! Then we could read more of mama’s great story.

Ya..wireless is so cool, can serve anywhere, yea…even toilet…:P haha

6. King's wife - November 13, 2005

wah, wah, wah..now can blog during weekends also lah…

7. shoppingmum - November 13, 2005

Congra! Telekom has been calling me up if we’d like to change to streamyx, I’m still thinking about it…

8. Helen - November 13, 2005

Go and get a router lar… Congrats!! More blogging adventures from Zara’s Mama!! lol

9. Jefferene - November 13, 2005

aiya..so ngam wan! I just got my streamyx few days back but I took the RM44/60 hours package since I didn’t online much at home.

10. Loc Kee - November 13, 2005

envy envy…. me stil in progress of allyping… take soooooooo long :

11. Zara's Mama - November 14, 2005

yeah, I kept asking her to sleep, so I can sneak into the study. πŸ˜›

hope not.. but.. normally this hour I’m already asleep.. die man!

the diva,
when we start a fight, we’ll go straight to buy ourselves a router. Wireless? probably not yet.

aiyo, you so high tech one. Must get you to help when we do get one.

no more story already, now is day to day reporting. πŸ˜›

king’s wife,
yeah…. scarry.

if you are addicted to blogging, better get. πŸ˜›

like I said to allyfeel, no more stories already, only dayly event blogging now.

and I cannot be vulgar in my blog, so have to be si-si mun-mun talk about Zara only. πŸ˜›

oh, got 44/60hrs package, 60hrs/week or month?

loc kee,
we also waited almost 1/2 year. Yours what problem?

12. shiaulin - November 14, 2005

dunno wanna congrats u anot, cos

1. ur attention to Zara will be drifted.
2. less sleep.
3. hubby will start to complaint u not caring anymore.
4. anything happen on u, u will first think of blog it out instead of telling ur family.
5. if bring work back home the worst decision.

aiyo.. sorry for ζ³Όε†·ζ°΄ lar cos me facing all these problem too mah.. so now i have to control not to blog so often too. but of cos good that u can blog more about zara lar.. πŸ˜‰

13. Jefferene - November 14, 2005

RM44/60hours per month.

Have to wait 1/2 year to get the line? Mine was activated within 7 days after the application.

Lockee stay at Kepong right, should be no problem mah.

14. Loc Kee - November 14, 2005

haha at first me oso think no pobem.

then they said my house is 5.9km from the connection point. where they oli serve within 5Km radious… :

15. Fannie - November 14, 2005

Agnes, I am currently using a wireless router…

Really good wor…can bring my laptop everywhere…except toilet lah…hahahah…

16. Zara's Mama - November 15, 2005

You are not ζ³Όε†·ζ°΄, you are telling the truth.
already I’m trying to get her to sleep early early, so I can go & use the pc. πŸ˜›

60hr/month, wa, cannot la for us. We heavy user, esp if need to work fr home.

loc kee,
so now you have slowly wait loh.

we’ll see how it goes, if we need router.

17. Rani - January 17, 2006

yeah broadband is a necessity nowadays. Get a wireless router, and a laptop / palmtop. so you can work and follow your baby wherever she is. That’s what i do. the problem is that my baby would want to play with the laptop as well

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