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How it all started November 6, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, myself, trying.

Zara is coming to 1year old, and it’s really a great joy having her.

As a ‘special’ for her coming one year old birthday, instead of writing about her birth story, I’ll write about how we ‘got’ Zara.

We tried many years to have a baby, and almost gave up hope. Here is how it all went, our 6 7 part journey to discovering and treating infertility and finally having Zara.

Since this is long ‘story’, I’ll post 1 part per day on top of my regular post (if there’s anything interesting happening).

Do read on if it interest you.



1. Dinah Law - November 7, 2005

this should be interesting 😉 i’ll be keeping tabs.

2. Loc Kee - November 7, 2005

yeah here goes the long 20episodes HKdrama…

but remember to mention the IMPORTANTpart wo…. neh the Making leh… hehe :p

3. Sue - November 7, 2005

me very pat kua… will be waiting anxiously for your updates!

4. blurblur - November 7, 2005

I’ll “chase” all of it…:)

5. Egghead - November 7, 2005

puhleeeezeee don’t miss out the details (especially those on the bed one)!!!

6. Jesslyn - November 7, 2005

look likes Zara same age with my Lyon le…Lyon born on 22/11/04, believe Zara born on 21/11/04, betuk tak? yes, pretty soon, Lyon will be 1 year old…

7. Twin - November 7, 2005

eh Darien is 1 month older than Zara.

8. Zara's Mama - November 7, 2005

This post has been removed by the author.

9. Zara's Mama - November 7, 2005

Dinah, Sue, Blurblur,

Loc Kee, egghead,
I’m not from Laubeh Inc ler, I cannot write laubeihuet stuff, or else all your Laubeh Inc readers will come here already.

Is that right? Wow.

Yeah. ~1month older.

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