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King’s Wife MIA – Announcement November 2, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

If you read King’s Wife’s blog, and she reads yours, you would have noticed she’d been very quiet the last few days.

This is because she’s down with fever and throat infection since Monday because she’d been giving too many bjs in one of her yoga pose.

She’s getting better now, and should be making an appearance soon.

By the way, if you wonder, why is King’s Wife called King’s Wife, let me let you in on the secret.

King’s Wife is my sister-in-law. Which mean she’s married to my brother, the King. We called him King because:
– he’s the only son in our family of 4. You can imagine how precious he is to my parents, and he always got away with a lot of things as a son.
– He’s a director in some company, and therefore revered by his subordinates (not sure if they loved him).
– Being a SAHM, King’s Wife has to ‘fook-si’ (服侍 – ‘provide service to’) her ATM kao-kao (sufficiently) or else will not get allowance to go shopping for another handbag.
– Normally, anything King says, we have to agree or abide although I don’t give a hoot.

A friend even dedicated a poem to King’s wife. You can see, although she’s married to the King, she’s really not the Queen like Yee Ching or the Queen that this fella will eventually get (the shake leg do nothing but have all the ‘servants’ running around her type), and hence her title.

Hope you get well soon King’s Wife!


1. King's wife - November 2, 2005

Oi! what handbags ah???

2. Helen - November 2, 2005

Zara’s mama,

If your brother is the king, would that make you the princess? Waaaa, lucky you get along with your SIL. I bet king’s wife must had her moments of doubt to be married to a man with 3 sisters!! U know lar… public perception the sisters in laws usually very terror one… furthermore 3 wor!!! lol

3. Mother Superior - November 5, 2005

Talking about royalty, in my family, my husband’s the King, kids are the princesses, and me – the slave, picking up after everone of them!!! My kids always laugh when I say that to them.

4. Lin Peh - November 6, 2005

You all still live in ancient ah ? My place is democrazy wan. Father is Prmime minister/Finance Minister. Mother is Deputy PM/Home Minister (can issue ISA to whoever including finance minister during economic crisis). Brother is defense minister (everyday looking for people to gaduh and ask everyone to wash dishes calling it Nasional Serbis) sister is foreign minister (always hang around with ang mor for dunno what reason). Me….just a rakyat who must sing National Anthem in the orgyrina tune !

5. Egghead - November 7, 2005

LOL!! my wife’s gonna kill me if she read this 😛

6. Zara's Mama - November 7, 2005

King’s wife,
YOU KNOW which HANDBAGS I’m talking about. *roll eye*

I’m not a princess and King’s wife not the queen.
You’ll be surprise hor, we get along better with King’s wife than King. Because King is quite stuck up one.

Mother superior,
Aiyo, so poor thing.

Lin peh,
In other words, you are the slave la, like Mother superior.

Why ah? Why she’s going to kill you? *innocent look*

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